Tuesday, January 17, 2023

"Long Term Abuse: JarlaxleArtemis/Grawp" : Burying the Past (where Names were Named)

This one came from the back room about one of Wikipedia's back rooms, which en.Wikipedia buried before I could write about it. It looks like this today:

But you can see what it looked like via the Wayback Machine here.

Buried near the bottom was this:

You saw that right, Grawp's real name was dropped by Tim Starling and David Gerard in 2005, and they were too cack-handed to hide it behind asterisks. Pure idiocy.

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  1. Remember that this was very early. At the time, the Wiki-Shits were in open warfare with a number of extreme trolls like Grawp and Willy On Wheels, who were using bad features of WP software to vandalize it.

    This was also an early example of checkuser being used as a weapon to silence a critic, as well as displaying their massive hypocrisy about "doxxing".