Saturday, November 27, 2021

What's Been Going on With Patriots.Win, aka "The_Donald Without Reddit"

 For those that follow Reddit (and why the Hell are you wasting your time doing that?) a couple of years ago they banned a wad of forums ("subreddits") that Reddit (and I know it's stylized "reddit", but screw Steve Huffman) found objection for a number of reasons, and this was a site that hosted r/nazi, r/coontown, and r/picsofdeadkids (all real and banned subreddits). The Chapo Trap House subreddit (which was not loved by the hosts of the podcast it was an alleged fansite of) vanished the same day as r/The_Donald, except the the Trumpist website had already fled to, a freestanding subreddit built off the "top level domain" .win, which is for gambling websites and off-track betting. Because of the January 6th Capitol riot, they changed URLs to and they are operating there still. became, and it has the following message:

The author of that  was Jody Williams, an ex-US Army guy with a buzzcut who has been called a "traitor" by The_Donald faithful. He was co-ordinating with the redditors as far back as 2019; they knew they had been on thin ice since 2017, and they were looking for an escape route. is that escape.

Above: What the front page looked like on the morning of 11-27-21. Notice that the "top stories" are all designed to rile the intended audience.
Below: Trump "snark dancing" photo, screenshot taken March 5, 2022.

There are now sub-sites to the Patriots.Win main page. Here is their alleged comedy page (03-09-22):

There is a question as to how many of the old moderators of The_Donald are still involved with this "new" website. Below is a list of the moderator of from March 5, 2022.

And here is a copypaste of a list from 2018 made by the writer of The_Donald's moderators. All of the names in bold match the above list:

Mods as of 10-23-18:

shadowman3001 (523828) 1 year ago full permissions

US2A (336062) 1 year ago full permissions

sublimeinslime (312268) 1 year ago full permissions

zettapede (43723) 1 year ago access, config, flair, mail, posts, wiki

thunderbert80 (1883442) 1 year ago access, config, flair, mail, posts, wiki

Ivaginaryfriend (1655523) 1 year ago full permissions

mivvan (416777) 1 year ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

Katfish29 (106304) 1 year ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

lalicat (86252) 1 year ago access, config, flair, mail, posts, wiki

SportzStar (22529) 1 year ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

D4rkd3str0yer (125461) 1 year ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

Sanotsuto (7356) 1 year ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

bh506407 (47785) 1 year ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

pm_me_yo_doggos (63683) 1 year ago access, config, flair, mail, posts, wiki

CovfefeBucks (37436) 1 year ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

DrWeeGee (1755095) 1 year ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

DanWofSoc (438616) 1 year ago access, config, flair, mail, posts, wiki

BotForceOne (1) 1 year ago access, flair, posts, wiki

AutoModerator (1778) 1 year ago posts, wiki

joshhawley2018 (56243) 7 months ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

-F-B-I- (29664) 7 months ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

nimblecalifornian (18239) 7 months ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

pray_for_kekistan (129334) 7 months ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

Foss_is_Boss (155674) 4 months ago access, flair, mail, posts, wiki

That's four out of twenty-four that are a direct match from four years ago. Doggos and pm_me_yo_doggos are probably the same person, and I'm sure that a lot of the others are there as well. Two of the people on our 2018 list (joshhawley2018 and shadowman3001) were mentioned in a 2019 DailyDot article trying to replace the banned The_Donald subreddit with a formerly-private subreddit called Mr_Trump which had gone dormant. That subreddit was later banned, which meant that the users in question just joined team if they weren't running it already.

Why should we care?

Well, a part of social media website became the public interface for a political campaign, and then the administration that followed it, a portion that because a hangout for the most radicalized members of a political party. The media claims that this portion of the social media website became the target for a Russian troll farm ahead of the election in 2016. Mother Jones ran an article in 2020 how the moderators of that portion gamed Reddit's rules and were able to stave off being banned for years. The story of The_Donald and Patriots.Win shows the power of the Internet, at least the propaganda/disinformation uses of it, which are frankly terrifying.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Non-Wikipedia: Thanksgiving TV Specials

The overlooked Fall holiday, Thanksgiving. Here is a collection of some of the lame nonsense they put on the televisual airwaves to celebrate this bit of Americana.

Garfield's Thanksgiving (1989). This appeared on CBS the same year the Saturday morning Garfield and Friends show premiered. Lorenzo Music was still voicing the title character, with Thom Huge continuing to voice Jon Arbuckle, Garfield's "owner." Gregg Berger, who had been voicing Odie the dog since 1984 (Garfield in the Rough, the "let's go camping" special), also voices him here. It says a lot that the Garfield Thanksgiving special came out after Halloween and Christmas.  

The Hoboken Chicken Emergency (1984). This is a VHS rip from a PBS tape, The Hoboken Chicken Emergency have never appeared on DVD or BluRay. Peter Billingsley from A Christmas Story (1983) plays Arthur Bobowicz, a kid sent out to get a Thanksgiving turkey in Hoboken, NJ. He comes back with a 266-pound (121 kg.) chicken named Henrietta. She escapes and hijinks ensue. Benny Baker, Hamiliton Camp, Dick van Patton, and Gabe Kaplan star in this 58 minute epic.

Like with It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, you cannot watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) in any complete form on YouTube because the Schultz people went to Apple+. So there are bits and pieces left in Google's video wasteland.

Not really a Thanksgiving special but shot during the Bicentennial Thanksgiving of 1976 at Bill Grahan's Winterland Ballroom, The Last Waltz (1978) is The Band (Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Robbie Robertson, and Levon Helm) giving their "final" performance with guests Van Morrison, Bob Dylan (ex-employer), Ronnie Hawkins (ex-employer), Joni Mitchell, Dr. John, Muddy Waters, Ringo Starr, Ronnie Wood, and many others. They gave the audience a turkey dinner and then the acts hit the stage. Martin Scorsese and Van Morrison were possibly coked out of their minds.


That's all I have for this holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving in spite of all of it.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Twitter Is a Sick Joke.

If you are na├»ve enough, you might think that Twitter, unlike en.Wikipedia is run decently. Wrong. Twitter is just like YouTube is run by 'bots and scripts so your comments now get yanked off YouTube if you stick in a URL to demonstrate a point. The social media sector of the Internet is extremely automated in 2021 (as it has been since at least 2010?) so if you cross an unwritten line at Beardo Jack Dorsey's shitheap, they lock your account.

Above, Exhibit A. Really watch from 4:46 to 14:21, which explains just how shitty Twitter is, how the site is no longer growing, how most people do not post their little thoughts, all the crappy ads, etc. The rest of the video (beond the "White nonsense" section) is an excruciating rundown of Ellis' worst tweets over the last decade or so and how the self-appointed Thought Police reacted. It should be understood that this material is collected at Kiwi Farms' board thread on Ellis where the gangstalkers of the site probably masturbate over the screenshots, because the userbase of that website are subhuman garbage who should be destroyed with flamethrowers like ice buildup on the eaves of an Arctic base.

Above, Exhibit B. The 'bots may be good enough now to recognize symbols and certain faces, and thus this photo might be considered "hate speech" in the updated terms-of-service. If you have a burner account, try to Tweet it and see what happens. Do Stalin or Pol Pot and see what happens as well. If you are a Twitter user, you are up against machines playing "buttinski", machines that are not intelligent as we know intelligence, yet trying to manage human affairs in an online space.

Above, Exhibit C. This is an example of the 'bots telling you that you tripped one of their stupid keywords. If you cross the line of the unwritten list of words, terms, or whatever, they zap you. You can waste two weeks trying to talk to an actual human, or take the punishment. This is how Twitter keeps the drama going. And yes, this person was nailed for using the term "cracker ass cracker", which should show how idiotic the 'bots are, they cannot distinguish comedy from dead seriousness.

Solution: Avoid Twitter if you can. We know very well that the number of actual posting users is far tinier than the idiots just watching these microposts sail past. It's not worth your time, even if you need some sort of Algonquin Round Table to spill jokes out at. The whole place is rigged to get your goat, and the number of soulless, heartless ecapees from Breibart or Prisonplanet is staggering. Just don't start.

"So why did you write this?" somebody will ask. Pretty much there has been little put online about Twitter the website itself. As with en.Wikipedia, the entire thing needs to be examined, both as a website and a social phenomenon, if not for the present, then at least for the future.