Friday, March 23, 2018

The State of Play: Pushing through Torpid Seas of Molasses

So where are we? Wikipediocracy's last blog post was two weeks from Christmas, 2017. Meanwhile I've cranked out six posts in the three months, but I can get away with that because this blog goes outside of WikiLand, and it has to, because not a lot is happening inside Wikipedia. The one page that gets the most use by me is the pointless Wikimedia "global ban list", because James "Buffet Master" Alexander has been throwing editors out at an irregular rate of one or two almost every month since Spring of 2017, which means that whomever is still editing Wikipedia is living in fear of being thrown out for sockpuppeting or being annoying to the shrinking number of Big Wheels involved with The Project, even though it seems like most of the active editors are sockpuppeting (much like how Citizen's Band operators are using illegal "export model" radios and talking to each other in narrowband FM mode using fifty watts of power* - the illegal/banned modes or methods have become the norm because policing is half-assed.)

The real problem within Wikipeda-criticism is that you have to either never have been a member (like yours truly) or you don't want back in for the criticism to be serious. It was made quite clear that Wikipediocracy is unwilling to aim at real criticism when William "Monty" Burns was in the group photo of Wikiconference USA 2016, front row far right. And it's getting harder even if you are serious in your criticism of Jimbo Wales' zoo because Wikipedia is slowing down faster and faster from editor loss, indiscriminate 'bot use, and idiotic unwillingness to let experts (especially biologists) come in and fill all those red columns of obscure viruses, or just hire a squad of copyeditors to rework numerous articles into readability. None of that will happen - it will all just slowly stop and lock down and the 'bots will be running around to stop article vandalism from script kiddies who will be using Wikipedia as a testing ground to leave "markers" behind after they break into the locked site. And the entropy comes back around to this very blog, because we will be stuck writing about Wikipedia as history due to all the material we have on the place. I can do that for a while, but sooner or later people will stop looking at this blog (even though our most looked-at post is the one on Jon Schillaci, Wikipedia's fleeing child molester.) We are just riding the wave until the board hits the beach.

If you are interested in Russia, check out The Russian Reader and Sean's Russia Blog. The former is more "life on the streets" the latter is now mostly a site to link together Sean Guillory's interviews with academics on Russian and Soviet history, Russian culture, etc. Don't mention Guillory to the St. Petersberger who runs TRR; it's just easier if you don't.


* American legal CB is four watts and AM or Single-Side Band (Upper or Lower) mode; all CB is channelized, with the US doing forty channels and some other countries (Germany) doing up to eighty channels. FM is for Europe and Asia; Australia and some other Asian states use a small chunk of the UHF business radio band for CB. The FCC stuck it at four watts (with a ten to twelve watt "swing" depending on how loud the operator is talking) because eleven meters is one of those frequency bands that can occasionally "skip" thanks to tropospheric ducting and you can be heard hundreds to thousands of miles away. The "export" transceivers used to be fifteen to twenty watts but the output transistors can now easily run fifty watts, negating the need for a low-end linear amplifier. Such an amplifier can blast out anywhere from twenty to a thousand watts, depending on how big a check the CB'er cuts to the radio store clerk the day the amplifier is bought.

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Internet Relay Chat logs of en.Wikipedia, part 1 of 10,000

The following is a collection of en.Wikipedia IRC logs from 2008 to 2012. These have been sitting in a dead laptop until now, and we will be copypasting them into blogposts probably for years.

The first weekend (June 6, 2008 to June 9, 2008)

Session Start: Fri Jun 06 07:50:42 2008
Session Ident: #Wikipedia-en
[07:50] * Now talking in #Wikipedia-en
[07:50] * Topic is 'Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Status: Up | Please observe [[m:IRC guidelines]] | To get op attention, join #wikimedia-ops or type !op followed by your request. | For an admin *in an emergency*, type !admin before a request. | No public logging. | SUL now enabled for all users! Info at [[Special:MergeAccount]] | Board elections are now open.  See [[Special:BoardVote]] to vote. '
[07:50] * Set by Rjd0060 on Mon Jun 02 17:40:20
[07:51] <lulz> good morning :)
[07:54] * Mm40 ( Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host) )
[07:55] * SwirlBoy39 (n=Swirl@unaffiliated/swirlboy39) has joined #wikipedia-en
[07:56] * lulz snuggles SwirlBoy39
[07:57] * Paintman (n=chatzill@wikipedia/Paintman) has left #wikipedia-en
[07:57] * SwirlBoy39 hugs lulz
[07:57] <SwirlBoy39> brb
[07:57] * charles___ (n=chatzill@ Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[07:58] * AzaTht (n=azatoth@wikipedia/AzaToth) has joined #wikipedia-en
[07:58] * Soxred93 (n=Soxred93@unaffiliated/soxred93) has joined #wikipedia-en
[07:59] * lulz snuggles AzaTht
[07:59] * lulz snuggles Soxred93
[07:59] * carlitos (n=chatzill@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:01] * arcimboldo_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:01] * TheLetterE changes topic to 'Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Status: Network maintenance @ 12:00 UTC | Please observe [[m:IRC guidelines]] | To get op attention, join #wikimedia-ops or type !op followed by your request. | For an admin *in an emergency*, type !admin before a request. | No public logging. | SUL now enabled for all users! Info at [[Special:MergeAccount]] | Board elections are now open.  See [[Special:BoardVote]] to vote. '
[08:02] * lulz snuggles TheLetterE
[08:02] <TheLetterE> :)
[08:03] <SwirlBoy39> [AGK|away]: Are you going to close AN? It's been a while
[08:04] <SwirlBoy39> Are any admins here?
[08:04] * TheLetterE is
[08:04] * JamieS93 ( Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) )
[08:04] * lulz is not but he would like to be someday
[08:05] <SwirlBoy39> TheLetterE: Can you close this? It has been 8 hours --
[08:05] <carlitos> [[Harry Potter]]
[08:06] * lulz supports a unban too
[08:06] <TheLetterE> SwirlBoy39: I'd leave that up to another experienced admin, but I will pass it onto the admins channel.
[08:06] <SwirlBoy39> lulz: You have to endorse then
[08:07] <SwirlBoy39> Aw, ok TheLetterE
[08:07] <lulz> can't atm
[08:07] <lulz> it's down
[08:07] <lulz> :P
[08:07] <TheLetterE> SwirlBoy39: WP:CANVASS :P
[08:07] * lulz does a pelvic thrust to topic
[08:07] <lulz> how long it's down for maintenance?
[08:08] <TheLetterE> a few minutes
[08:08] <TheLetterE> we hope
[08:08] <TheLetterE> good luck to the devs :)
[08:08] * lulz predicts a insane amount of vandalism
[08:08] <TheLetterE>
[08:09] * Cirt (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/cirt) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:09] <lulz> Birthday suit yourselves
[08:09] <Cirt> hello
[08:09] <Cirt> is anyone able to load Wikipedia atm?
[08:09] <TheLetterE> Cirt: Hey,
[08:09] * pm27 ( Quit (Connection timed out )
[08:09] * pm18 is now known as pm27
[08:09] <lulz> Cirt, nope
[08:09] <lulz> down
[08:09] <Cirt> :(
[08:09] <Cirt> weird timing
[08:09] <Cirt> I JUST finished an article
[08:09] <Cirt> wanted to nom for DYK
[08:09] <Cirt> but ...
[08:09] <Cirt> down
[08:09] <Cirt> :(
[08:09] <TheLetterE> :P
[08:09] <TheLetterE> shouldnt be too long mate
[08:09] <TheLetterE> :)
[08:10] <Cirt> but it is not 12:00 UTC ?
[08:10] <TheLetterE> it is...
[08:10] <TheLetterE> 12:10UTC
[08:10] <Cirt> oh
[08:10] <TheLetterE> they are just a bit late, but oh well :P
[08:10] <Cirt> :(
[08:10] * ejmeza (n=ejmeza@wikipedia/ejmeza) Quit ("Leaving." )
[08:10] <Cirt> ah
[08:11] <Cirt> hrmpf
[08:11] * ejmeza (n=ejmeza@wikipedia/ejmeza) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:12] <SwirlBoy39> TheLetterE: sorry :(
[08:13] <Cirt> any idea how long this was suppposed to take?
[08:13] <TheLetterE> 10-20 minutes
[08:13] <TheLetterE> id say
[08:13] <Cirt> k
[08:13] <Cirt> guess ill be back lata then
[08:13] <Cirt> thx TheLetterE !
[08:13] <Cirt> :)
[08:13] <TheLetterE> no problems, bye for now ;)
[08:13] * Cirt (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/cirt) Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.82 [Firefox]" )
[08:14] <TheLetterE> and beginning to come back up now :)
[08:14] * Crazy_Louco (n=boloduro@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:14] <giggy> yay
[08:14] <TheLetterE> but only some have returned at this time
[08:14] <TheLetterE> upload just went down
[08:15] <TheLetterE> so i think they are still going...
[08:15] <giggy> :( still down
[08:16] * p858snake (n=p858snak@unaffiliated/p858snake) Quit ("User Has Disconnected From The Server." )
[08:17] * carlitos (n=chatzill@ Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[08:17] <lulz> say it, don't spray it cheese dick
[08:17] * TreborR (n=treborro@wikipedia/Trebor) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:17] <TheLetterE> lulz: ?
[08:17] * Crazy_Louco (n=boloduro@ Quit (Client Quit )
[08:17] <lulz> kidding
[08:18] <TheLetterE> enwiki has returned, dont know the full status though
[08:19] * carlitos (n=chatzill@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:20] * TheIslander|away (n=WikiIsla@unaffiliated/theislander) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:20] <giggy> still up and down
[08:20] <giggy> well, down for now
[08:20] <giggy> heya TheIslander|away, and luck with the Commons rename?
[08:21] <TheLetterE> yeah, mark has noted a reboot is coming shortly
[08:21] * lulz is now known as Cream
[08:22] <TheIslander|away> Heh, none :(. I'm being shot at from a load of different angles, and it appears that I will have to change my name.
[08:22] <SwirlBoy39> TheLetterE: any experienced admins now?
[08:22] * TheIslander|away is now known as TheIslander
[08:22] <TheLetterE> SwirlBoy39: not sure, but someone is sure to come around sometime soon
[08:22] <SwirlBoy39> TheLetterE: I hope so :)
[08:22] <giggy> TheIslander, :( you could always go back to TheIslander
[08:23] <TheIslander> True. Bearing in mind that throughout this 'episode' I've been refered to as enIslander, I'm almost thinking of changing to that :P
[08:23] <giggy> heh
[08:24] <TheIslander> ANyway, off for now - just popping in to see source of wikimedia errors... bye :)
[08:24] * TheIslander is now known as TheIslander|away
[08:25] * SteveCrossin ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:25] <Cream> there's drama in Ottawa atm
[08:25] <Cream> oh hai SteveCrossin <3
[08:25] <SteveCrossin> hi
[08:25] <SteveCrossin> dammit
[08:25] <TheLetterE> maintenance seems finished now
[08:25] * SwirlBoy39 attempts to wait patiently
[08:26] * SteveCrossin ( Quit (Client Quit )
[08:26] <Cream> wtf
[08:26] <SwirlBoy39> Is wikipedia down?
[08:26] <Avruch> nah, still down
[08:26] <Cream> new Huggle
[08:27] * JamieS93_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:27] * JamieS93_ is now known as JamieS93
[08:27] <Crimedog> Huggle = Editcount fairy :)
[08:27] <Cream> I agree
[08:28] <Cream> set it to all edits as non minor
[08:28] <Cream> then watch editcount rise
[08:28] <Crimedog> Vandal reverts should not be minor
[08:28] * Soxred93_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:29] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:29] <Juliancolton> Is Wikipedia acting weird for anybody?
[08:30] * Soxred93 (n=Soxred93@unaffiliated/soxred93) Quit (No route to host )
[08:30] <Huntster> Juliancolton, server maintenance.
[08:30] <Juliancolton> Ah
[08:30] <TheLetterE> it seems to be off and on at the moment
[08:30] <TheLetterE> it seems up now
[08:30] <Juliancolton> It's up now, but the pages are blank
[08:30] * Mark_Ryan (n=mark@wikipedia/Mark) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:30] <Huntster> yes, going through the global motions...toolserver in middle of restart now, I believe.
[08:30] <giggy> back up it seems
[08:31] <Cream> anyone remember 3½ floppy dicks?
[08:31] <Cream> disks
[08:31] <Cream> :P
[08:31] <Huntster> give it another 15 minutes, everything should be in order.
[08:31] <Huntster> Cream, bwahaha.
[08:31] <Huntster> but yes.
[08:31] <Juliancolton> Alright
[08:32] <Cream> my memory's fuzzier than Wikipedia's current status
[08:32] * Orderinchaos (i=7bc8c287@wikipedia/Orderinchaos) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:33] * sceptre (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/sceptre) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:34] * Cream snuggles sceptre
[08:34] <SynergeticMag> Huntster: what to play a game?
[08:34] <SynergeticMag>
[08:35] <sceptre> :o
[08:35] <sceptre> i sees a giggy
[08:35] * sceptre huggles
[08:35] * Juliancolton huggles sceptre
[08:35] * SynergeticMag stabs Juliancolton
[08:35] <giggy> sceptre, :O
[08:36] * Juliancolton hooks the maggot onto a fishing hook and drowns it in a lake
[08:36] <SynergeticMag> at least i'd be eaten!
[08:36] * SwirlBoy39 looks at TheLetterE
[08:37] * Juliancolton huggles SwirlBoy39
[08:37] * Cream is now known as SnuggleBear
[08:37] <TheLetterE> SwirlBoy39: one of the crats have noted thery will look over it shortly
[08:37] <Huntster> SynergeticMag, lmao, glad those are MfD.
[08:37] * SwirlBoy39 huggles Juliancolton
[08:37] * Juliancolton huggles SnuggleBear
[08:38] <SwirlBoy39> May I ask who The?
[08:38] <SwirlBoy39> TheLetterE: *
[08:38] <SynergeticMag> i'm not :( i just shot the stormtrooper
[08:38] <TheLetterE> SwirlBoy39: there is two there, not sure which one
[08:38] * stwalkerster (n=stwalker@wikipedia/Stwalkerster) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:39] * TheLetterE changes topic to 'Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Status: Up | Please observe [[m:IRC guidelines]] | To get op attention, join #wikimedia-ops or type !op followed by your request. | For an admin *in an emergency*, type !admin before a request. | No public logging. | SUL now enabled for all users! Info at [[Special:MergeAccount]] | Board elections are now open.  See [[Special:BoardVote]] to vote. '
[08:39] <TheLetterE> All done :)
[08:39] * Juliancolton huggles TheLetterE
[08:40] * SnuggleBear is now known as Cream
[08:41] * Manticore (i=Janitor@wikia/Manticore) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:43] <sceptre> great...
[08:44] <sceptre> you take a massive problem to RFAR and they want you to lynch :(
[08:44] <SynergeticMag> ID?
[08:44] <giggy> yep
[08:44] <giggy> sceptre, you gonna bother with it?
[08:44] <SynergeticMag> i hate ID
[08:45] <sceptre> giggy: I'm going to keep at it until some smack is laid down
[08:45] <Cream> Any admin? I need a page deleted
[08:45] <giggy> sceptre, fo shizzle
[08:45] <SynergeticMag> it's got to be the worst pro christian ideal to suport
[08:45] <sceptre> giggy: they went over the line in your RFA
[08:45] <giggy> :O
[08:45] <giggy> o rly?
[08:45] <giggy> :P
[08:46] <SynergeticMag> sceptre: explain to me where that line was?
[08:46] <SynergeticMag> set*
[08:46] * SwirlBoy39 (n=Swirl@unaffiliated/swirlboy39) Quit ("I'll brb -- just a sec" )
[08:46] <sceptre> SynergeticMag: well, they called LaraLove and giggy racists
[08:47] <SynergeticMag> not really....
[08:47] <SynergeticMag> as far as i recall, OM said it was because he couldn't "recognize racist code words"
[08:47] <TheLetterE> hmm i'm going to head out. night all :)
[08:47] <SynergeticMag> not the same thing as calling someone a racist
[08:48] <Juliancolton> TheLetterE: 'morning :P
[08:48] <SynergeticMag> bye TheLetterE
[08:48] <Cream> Any admin?
[08:48] <TheLetterE> cya giggy
[08:48] <TheLetterE> Cream: if its quick, yes...
[08:48] <giggy> bye TheLetterE !
[08:48] <Cream> Yes
[08:48] <Cream> a quick delete
[08:49] <TheLetterE> sure, link please and a reason if not already CSD'd
[08:49] <SynergeticMag> main page
[08:49] <sceptre> SynergeticMag: well, if not for that, they definitely ruined the undertow's reputation
[08:49] <TheLetterE> Cream, got it. thanks
[08:49] <TheLetterE> will do now
[08:49] <SynergeticMag> they brought the undertow into giggy;s rfa?
[08:49] <sceptre> yeah
[08:49] * SynergeticMag looks back into it
[08:49] <giggy> SynergeticMag, you obviously weren't watching very hard :P
[08:50] <SynergeticMag> well, i made a statement, then when i got back from work, it was blanked
[08:50] * Martinp23 (i=martinp2@freenode/staff/wikimedia.martinp23) Quit (Remote closed the connection )
[08:50] <TheLetterE> Cream: Done.
[08:50] * ejmeza (n=ejmeza@wikipedia/ejmeza) Quit ("Leaving." )
[08:50] <TheLetterE> im out, bye :)
[08:51] * TheLetterE (n=TheLette@wikimedia/E) Quit ("User:E" )
[08:51] * Martinp23 (i=martinp2@freenode/staff/wikimedia.martinp23) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:51] * pm22 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:52] * majorly_away is now known as Majorly
[08:53] * Juliancolton questions Majorly's Majorlyness
[08:53] * SwirlBoy39 (n=Swirl@unaffiliated/swirlboy39) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:53] * Ryanposs (n=Ryanposs@wikipedia/Ryan-Postlethwaite) has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:54] * Veinor|ZzZ is now known as Veinor|away
[08:54] <Cream> brb
[08:54] <Cream> calling work
[08:54] <SwirlBoy39> Ryanposs: Hey!
[08:54] <Ryanposs> hello SwirlBoy39
[08:55] <SwirlBoy39> Ryanposs: Look:
[08:55] <giggy> :O Ryanposs
[08:55] <carlitos> Hi all
[08:56] <carlitos> does someone know if we have an image like this
[08:56] <SwirlBoy39> carlitos: ya
[08:56] <carlitos> but showing the Spanish language
[08:56] <Ryanposs> giggy: what are you :Oing at?
[08:56] <SwirlBoy39> carlitos: no, sorry
[08:57] <giggy> Ryanposs, why, your sexiness, of coures.
[08:57] <giggy> and my spelling
[08:57] <SynergeticMag> i guess i did miss a bit of that rfa
[08:57] <Ryanposs> Ah, thought so
[08:57] <Ryanposs> it couldn't be anything else really
[08:57] <SwirlBoy39> :O
[08:57] <SwirlBoy39> O_o
[08:57] <SynergeticMag> maybe that jean jacket
[08:57] <SynergeticMag> unless my eyes are just blurred
[08:58] <SwirlBoy39> Ryanposs: Can you close my AN please?
[08:58] <Ryanposs> SwirlBoy39: I'm going to close your unban discussion
[08:58] <SwirlBoy39> Ryanposs: K thanks
[08:58] <Ryanposs> There's no clear consensus to unban you so I'm going to have to block you
[08:58] * Farosdaughter (i=83fb8683@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikipedia-en
[08:58] <Ryanposs> sorry mate
[08:58] <SwirlBoy39> HUH?
[08:59] <Ryanposs> Try again in 3 months
[08:59] <Ryanposs> I'll give you the appeal myself
[08:59] <SwirlBoy39> wait, PM
[08:59] <Juliancolton> He's kidding I think
[08:59] <Ryanposs> I won't tag your userpage as banned though
[08:59] <SwirlBoy39> :O
[08:59] <SwirlBoy39> :'(
[08:59] <SwirlBoy39> All that work.
[08:59] * giggy is surprised he hasn't appeared on yet
[09:00] <SwirlBoy39> Ryanposs: Serious?
[09:00] <Ryanposs> Well, unfortunately the community doesn't think you should be unbanned
[09:00] <SwirlBoy39> its all endorses!
[09:00] <SynergeticMag> i don't like that NoSept stuff
[09:00] <SynergeticMag> i got bothered to add an rfa to one of those
[09:00] <Juliancolton> SwirlBoy39: How can you edit if you're banned?
[09:00] <Ryanposs> It's not all endorse - you're clearly overexagerating it because you want to be unbanned
[09:00] * Soxred93_ ( Quit ("XCHat ftw" )
[09:00] <SynergeticMag> the unsuccessful one should be sufficient
[09:00] <SwirlBoy39> wtf is going on?
[09:01] <SwirlBoy39> it says!
[09:01] <Ryanposs> SwirlBoy39: Right, I'm about to close and block
[09:01] <Ryanposs> Discussion closed....
[09:01] <SwirlBoy39> No!
[09:01] <Ryanposs> and blocked.
[09:01] * SynergeticMag sips coffee
[09:01] <SwirlBoy39> Ryanposs: Nice. :P
[09:02] <Juliancolton> :P
[09:02] * Reedy (n=Reedy@wikimedia/Reedy) Quit ("Leaving" )
[09:02] <SwirlBoy39> scare me to death *grumbles*
[09:03] * Reedy (n=Reedy@wikimedia/Reedy) has joined #wikipedia-en
[09:03] <SwirlBoy39> [AGK|away]: Your friends are cruel.
[09:03] <Juliancolton> SwirlBoy39: Who told you he was kidding? Hmm...
[09:03] <SwirlBoy39> ????????
[09:04] <Juliancolton> "8:59 <Juliancolton> He's kidding I think "
[09:04] <Ryanposs> SwirlBoy39: I've closed it now
[09:04] * SwirlBoy39 looks
[09:05] * giggy gives Ryanposs the barnstar of zing
[09:05] <SwirlBoy39> Ryanposs: No you haven't...
[09:06] * SwirlBoy39 wheels over Ryanposs 's foot for being a meanie :P
[09:06] <Ryanposs> SwirlBoy39: I have closed it!
[09:06] <Ryanposs>
[09:07] <SwirlBoy39> OMG
[09:07] <SwirlBoy39> It's OVER!
[09:07] <SwirlBoy39> I'm FREE
[09:07] * pm27 ( Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) )
[09:07] <Cream> zomg
[09:07] * Juliancolton huggles SwirlBoy39
[09:07] * pm22 is now known as pm27
[09:07] * SwirlBoy39 happy dances
[09:07] <Cream> okay chumps and chumpettes
[09:07] <Ryanposs> SwirlBoy39: Don't do anything silly now though
[09:08] * SwirlBoy39 grabs Juliancolton and dances
[09:08] <Juliancolton> zOMG don't vandalize now
[09:08] <SwirlBoy39> Ryanposs: I wanna DANCE!
[09:08] * SwirlBoy39 dances
[09:08] <Ryanposs> Well dance on IRC, not on-wiki
[09:08] <SwirlBoy39> deal
[09:09] * Cream offers SwirlBoy39 a pole
[09:09] * Ryanposs creams cream
[09:09] <SwirlBoy39> Ryanposs: can I removed the {{banned user}} temp?
[09:09] <Juliancolton> O.O
[09:09] <Ryanposs> SwirlBoy39: where from?
[09:09] <SwirlBoy39> g2g
[09:09] <SwirlBoy39> Bugman94
[09:09] * SwirlBoy39 (n=Swirl@unaffiliated/swirlboy39) Quit ("I'll brb -- just a sec" )
[09:10] * Majorly (n=Majorly@wikimedia/Majorly) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[09:10] <Ryanposs> I'm still thiking about it
[09:10] * Phoenixwi (n=chatzill@wikipedia/Phoenix-wiki) has joined #wikipedia-en
[09:10] * Cream snuggles Ryanposs
[09:10] * Majorly (n=Majorly@wikimedia/Majorly) has joined #wikipedia-en
[09:10] * BlueLint ( Quit
[09:11] <Cream> okay
[09:11] <Phoenixwi> WP:N is the biggest load of crap I ever saw...take a look at AFD today
[09:11] <Cream> i'm out
[09:11] <Cream> have a good day
[09:12] <Ryanposs> Phoenixwi: Take it to MfD then and see how far you get
[09:12] <Phoenixwi> hey Majorly
Session Close: Fri Jun 06 09:12:28 2008

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[09:12] SpamTunes stopped.

[09:12] * Disconnected
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[22:26] * Set by NotASpy on Fri Jun 06 21:29:46
[22:26] <TenPoundHammer> lol
[22:26] * Juliancolton lulz
[22:26] <TenPoundHammer> I never page blanked
[22:26] <Gracenotes> or a request of page deletion by author *_*
[22:26] <lulz> oh hai Juliancolton
[22:27] * lulz is now known as Cream
[22:27] <Juliancolton> hai
[22:27] <Cream> Amazing fireworks tonight
[22:27] <Cream> with a explosive grand finale
[22:27] <ChyranandChloe> just reminding you - after you subscribe it to your watch list - it can get tempting
[22:27] <ChyranandChloe> after a few months of course
[22:27] <ChyranandChloe> but that's when I've given up
[22:29] <TenPoundHammer> lol
[22:29] <Cream> There was fog, so it rendered the fireworks more mysterious
[22:29] <Cream> kinda like a nebulae
[22:30] <TenPoundHammer> Cream: Why fireworks tonight?
[22:30] <Cream> well, there's a partnership between a town and a cruise company
[22:31] <TenPoundHammer> ?
[22:31] <Cream> so tonight there was a corporative cruise with supper and fireworks
[22:31] <Cream> and i was sitting on the hill
[22:31] <Cream> looking at fireworks
[22:31] <TenPoundHammer> ah
[22:31] * ChyranandChloe ( Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[22:31] * animum (n=magnusan@wikimedia/Animum) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:31] * sceptre is now known as Sceptre
[22:31] <Cream> and fucking with people with my green laz0r pointer
[22:32] <TenPoundHammer> lol
[22:32] <Juliancolton> TenPoundHammer: Is this AfD worthy?
[22:32] <Cream> some kids tried to annoy me with a red one
[22:32] <Cream> i retaliated with my green
[22:33] * Rdsmith4 (n=Rdsmith4@wikipedia/Rdsmith4) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:33] * ffm|away is now known as ffm
[22:33] <TenPoundHammer> Juliancolton: Yes.
[22:33] <Juliancolton> Ok
[22:33] <TenPoundHammer> I did it already Juliancolton
[22:33] <Juliancolton> I CSD'd it, but it was never deleted somehow
[22:33] <Juliancolton> Thanks
[22:34] <TenPoundHammer> it was deleted back on may 10
[22:34] <Juliancolton> Ooh, ok
[22:35] <Warpath> !CU O_O
[22:35] * Rjd|away is now known as Rjd0060
[22:36] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ Quit (" O bai" )
[22:36] * Prodego (n=Prodego@unaffiliated/prodego) Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[22:37] * ZacCom ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:38] * Cream tries to predict the t-storm
[22:38] <Cream> no hi to Warpath
[22:38] <Cream> hai to Rjd0060
[22:39] * Cream snuggles TenPoundHammer
[22:39] * Cream snuggles animum
[22:39] * Cream huggles Sceptre
[22:39] * Cream doesn't snuggle Warpath
[22:39] * Cream snuggles Rjd0060
[22:39] <Gracenotes> critical success
[22:39] * TenPoundHammer snuggles Cream back
[22:39] * Cream snuggles Gracenotes
[22:40] * Cestmoi (n=cestmoi@wikia/cest-moi) Quit ("Sb > Please, don't say MIERDA4PLUS." )
[22:40] * FastLizard4 vaporizes Cream
[22:40] * FastLizard4 is now known as FastLizard4|away
[22:40] * Cream snuggles FastLizard4|away
[22:40] * ZacCom ( Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox 3.0/2008051206]" )
[22:41] <Rjd0060> sorry Cream ; was reading some scrollback :) Hello
[22:42] <TenPoundHammer> lol
[22:42] * Misza13_ (i=misza@wikimedia/Misza13) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:44] * Misza13 (i=misza@wikimedia/Misza13) Quit (Connection reset by peer )
[22:44] * ffm is now known as ffm|sleep
[22:45] <Sceptre> Gracenotes: silly you
[22:45] <Sceptre> it's "Huge Success!"
[22:46] <TenPoundHammer> lol
[22:46] <Gracenotes> I contend its status as a critical success. the masses did not appreciate it, but the intellectuals among us savored every character.
[22:51] <animum> Eureka?
[22:55] <Sceptre> I love 24
[22:56] <Sceptre> "Why is Bauer on Flight 520?" / "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into, you little asskisser"
[22:58] * arunram (n=ar8189@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:58] <Macy> Finally, I'm done with my script
[22:59] * Alexfusco5 (n=Alex@wikimedia/Alexfusco5) Quit ("I am now going offline. Ping me when I'm back online :D" )
[22:59] * Andre ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:59] <Macy> for now, bye to everyone
[22:59] <Cream> zomg‽‽‽‽‽
[22:59] <Cream> Bye bye‽‽‽‽‽
[22:59] * Macy (i=Macys123@unaffiliated/macy) has left #wikipedia-en (":)" )
[22:59] <RyRy5> Cream: Are you ready for the renovation I was waiting for?
[23:02] * Malinaccier (n=malinacc@unaffiliated/malinaccier) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) )
[23:03] * Andre (n=Andrew@wikipedia/Andrevan) Quit (Client Quit )
[23:04] * FastLizard4|away throws a ✈✈✈✈ at Cream
[23:04] * VanTucky (n=admin@unaffiliated/vantucky) Quit ("leaving" )
[23:04] * FastLizard4|away is now known as FastLizard4|Food
[23:05] <Cream> RyRy5, yup
[23:05] <Cream> go ahead
[23:06] <DeadEyeArrow> eh dhmo went back to giggy?
[23:07] * giggy nods
[23:07] * arunram (n=ar8189@ has left #wikipedia-en
[23:07] <DeadEyeArrow> cool, liked it better
[23:08] * _sj_ (n=sj@wikipedia/sj) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[23:08] * giggy too :D
[23:09] * animum huggles giggy giggily.
[23:10] * giggy eats animum
[23:10] * animum is eaten.
[23:11] * NotASpy (n=chatzill@wikimedia/Heligoland) Quit (Connection timed out )
[23:11] * Kerotan (n=chatzill@wikipedia/Kerotan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:11] * Warpath (i=VRS@wikimedia/Cometstyles) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host) )
[23:12] <Avruch> can someone familiar with the miszabot archiving look at my talkpage and tell me what I am doing wrong? ;p
[23:12] <Cream> Avruch, get ClueBotIII
[23:13] <Avruch> pfft, I just want to get the template with the counter working right ;)
[23:17] <animum> ClueBot III = awesome
[23:17] * Not_the_NSA (n=R@wikipedia/R) has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:17] * Malinaccier ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:20] <Avruch> cluebot doesn't increment the pages 'tho does it?
[23:20] <ViciousGu> Hey dudes
[23:20] <animum> 86 users currently use ClueBot III.
[23:20] <ViciousGu> Did you hear about my Wikipedia picture taking trip at various consulates?
[23:20] <RyRy5> Cream: I'll do it a little later
[23:21] <ViciousGu> I often go on picture-taking trips to post stuff on Wikipedia
[23:21] * Tinkleheimer ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[23:22] <Tinkleheimer> Whee!
[23:23] <Tinkleheimer> Well'ello!
[23:24] <animum> Hello, Tinkleheimer. :-)
[23:24] <Tinkleheimer> Hi animum :)
[23:25] * RyRy5 (i=44e0e7fd@gateway/web/ajax/ Quit (" ajax IRC Client" )
[23:28] <Cream> okay
[23:28] <Cream> nite <3
[23:28] <Tinkleheimer> GNight!
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[19:49] * Set by NotASpy on Fri Jun 06 21:29:46
[19:50] <Wizardman> heh
[19:50] <lulz> missed me?
[19:50] <Wizardman> there's abother 2k or so baseball players to write articles about
[19:51] * lulz is now known as Cream
[19:54] * Jetro ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:55] * JC|Away (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ Quit (" ajax IRC Client" )
[19:56] * nn123645 ( Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox 3.0/2008052906]" )
[19:57] * SwirlBoy39 (n=Swirl@unaffiliated/swirlboy39) Quit ("I'll brb -- just a sec" )
[19:57] * SwirlBoy39 (n=Swirl@unaffiliated/swirlboy39) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:58] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:59] * DerHexer (n=DerHexer@wikipedia/DerHexer) Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox 3.0b4/2008030714]" )
[19:59] <Juliancolton> Wizardman, what was that article again?
[19:59] * TheLetterE (n=TheLette@wikimedia/E) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) )
[19:59] <Wizardman>
[19:59] <Wizardman> I'm gonna go nom it now
[20:00] <Wizardman> No opposes in the last FAC, but not enough eyes so it failed
[20:00] <Juliancolton> :(
[20:00] * Cream snuggles Juliancolton
[20:00] <Juliancolton> :s
[20:00] * Juliancolton *huggles* Cream
[20:00] <Wizardman> taking it straight to FAC and skipping GAN was a smart move thogh
[20:00] <Wizardman> Helped the article grow
[20:01] * Smiythe (n=Elijia@unaffiliated/smythe) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:01] <Juliancolton> That's what I might do with an article I'm working on
[20:01] <Gracenotes> hm, someone blocked me on YouTube for commenting that a quote they cited was a falsified quote D:
[20:01] * FunPika ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:01] * Tinkleheimer ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:02] * Smythe (n=Elijia@unaffiliated/smythe) Quit (Connection timed out )
[20:03] * SonicAD ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:03] <Gracenotes> DRAHMAS :O
[20:03] <Wizardman> Julian: put it at fac, so when you're done looking at it just comment there :)
[20:04] <VanTucky> I'm tired of people thinking GA is some form of copyediting tool prior to FAC
[20:04] <VanTucky> if you think it's really FA-class, just don't do GA
[20:04] <VanTucky> GA is for articles that could never be FA, for whatever reason
[20:04] <Wizardman> That's what I do now
[20:05] <Wizardman> failed FA, passed GA, now I'm trying FA again
[20:05] <VanTucky> now I like that approach
[20:05] <VanTucky> if you fail FA, definitely take it to GA
[20:06] <VanTucky> they're working on a reform of GA right now too, so we'll see how that turns out
[20:06] <VanTucky> I haven't reviewed in like a month
[20:06] * FastLizard4 (n=FastLiza@wikipedia/FastLizard4) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:06] <Wizardman> I only review subjects I understand
[20:06] <Juliancolton> Wizardman: Alright
[20:06] <Wizardman> unfortunately, that's not a lot
[20:06] <Juliancolton> VanTucky: Agree
[20:06] * Macy (i=Macys123@unaffiliated/macy) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:06] * Soxred93 (n=Soxred93@unaffiliated/soxred93) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:07] * Krator (n=Krator@wikipedia/krator) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[20:08] * MZMcBusy (n=MZMcBrid@wikipedia/MZMcBride) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:08] * Juliancolton thinks they shouldn't have messed with GAN
[20:09] <Wizardman> Since I have an FAC up, I should do the right thing and review some other FACs
[20:09] <Juliancolton> [[Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/New York State Route 28]] ;)
[20:09] * VanTucky (n=admin@unaffiliated/vantucky) Quit ("leaving" )
[20:11] * east718|away (i=reality@wikipedia/east718) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[20:11] * east718|away (i=reality@wikipedia/east718) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:11] * Shanel (n=Shanel@wikimedia/Shanel) Quit (Connection timed out )
[20:14] <Wizardman> I'll go finish a list of 3000+ people while I wait
[20:14] <Lubaf> I can has flesh of teh living?
[20:15] <Wizardman> wait..
[20:15] <Wizardman> 1787 players. I exaggerated
[20:15] * Tiptoety is now known as Tiptoety|away
[20:15] * cimon (n=cimon@wikipedia/Cimon-avaro) has left #wikipedia-en
[20:18] * SwirlBoy39_ (n=Swirl@unaffiliated/swirlboy39) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:18] Clones detected from unaffiliated/swirlboy39: 8 SwirlBoy39 SwirlBoy39_
[20:18] * SwirlBoy39 (n=Swirl@unaffiliated/swirlboy39) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[20:18] * SwirlBoy39_ is now known as SwirlBoy39
[20:19] * Maximr (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/maximr2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:19] * quanticle (i=quanticl@wikipedia/Quanticle) Quit ("Leaving" )
[20:24] <Juliancolton> Wizardman: I left some comments
[20:24] * Cestmoi (n=cestmoi@wikia/cest-moi) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:24] * Soxred93 (n=Soxred93@unaffiliated/soxred93) Quit ("XCHat ftw" )
[20:25] <Wizardman> alright
[20:25] * Ashfire908 (n=ahampe@wikipedia/Andrew-Hampe) has joined #Wikipedia-EN
[20:25] <Juliancolton> Pretty good article you got there
[20:26] <Wizardman> thanks
[20:26] <Wizardman> I'll look through the comments in abotu 30 minutes. In the middle of a large edit righ tnow
[20:27] <Juliancolton> Ok
[20:29] * SS_Oceanic ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:29] * SS_Oceanic is now known as BoL
[20:30] * Jetro ( Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) )
[20:30] * quanticle (i=quanticl@wikipedia/Quanticle) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:31] * Krimpet (n=francine@unaffiliated/krimpet) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:31] * ffm (n=firefoxm@unaffiliated/ffm) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) )
[20:31] * FunPika ( Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[20:32] <Not_the_NSA> Anyone know how to find a cube root on a TI calculator?
[20:32] * Tiptoety|away (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/tiptoety) Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[20:32] <Prodego> yes
[20:32] <Freya> raise to 1/3rd
[20:32] <Freya> like x^(1/3)
[20:32] <Prodego> math, 3rd root
[20:32] <Prodego> or you can do that
[20:32] * MZMcBusy is now known as MZMcBride
[20:33] * SwirlBoy39 is now known as VERIFY
[20:33] * NotASpy (n=chatzill@wikimedia/Heligoland) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[20:33] * NotASpy_ (n=chatzill@wikimedia/Heligoland) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:33] * Gwen_Gale_ ( Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[20:33] * VERIFY is now known as swirlboy39
[20:33] * Rdsmith4 (n=Rdsmith4@wikipedia/Rdsmith4) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:33] * swirlboy39 is now known as SwirlBoy39
[20:34] * NotASpy_ is now known as NotASpy
[20:34] * animum (n=magnusan@wikimedia/Animum) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:39] * Az1568 (n=1568@wikimedia/Az1568) Quit ("bbl" )
[20:40] * Rlevse (n=chatzill@wikipedia/Rlevse) Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[20:44] <Tinkleheimer> Are there any En-Oversighters on?
[20:44] <Majorly> probably not
[20:44] <Majorly> oversighters don't tend to come on ic
[20:44] <Majorly> irc
[20:45] <MZMcBride> Tinkleheimer: E-mail User:Oversight.
[20:45] <MZMcBride> They're incredibly quick usually.
[20:46] * TenPoundHammer yawns
[20:46] <Tinkleheimer> I sent in a request last night
[20:47] <Tinkleheimer> And it appears that diffs are still there.
[20:47] <NotASpy> what e-mail address did you use ?
[20:47] <BoL> hey Tinkleheimer
[20:48] <Tinkleheimer> Whichever one was on the Requests for Oversight page
[20:48] <Tinkleheimer> I clicked the link to do Wiki-email
[20:48] <MZMcBride> Tinkleheimer: That usually means that the oversight was declined.
[20:48] <MZMcBride> A lot of requests are.
[20:50] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ Quit (" ajax IRC Client" )
[20:50] * CIreland (n=chatzill@adsl-87-102-66-229.karoo.KCOM.COM) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:50] <Wizardman> heh
[20:51] <Wizardman> he leaves just as i come back to reviews the cmts he left
[20:54] * Cestmoi (n=cestmoi@wikia/cest-moi) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[20:55] * Prodego (n=Prodego@unaffiliated/prodego) Quit ("Prodego's brain explodes" )
[20:55] * Cestmoi (n=cestmoi@wikia/cest-moi) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:55] * Chetblong|away is now known as Chetblong
[20:57] * ProperNoun ( Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) )
[20:57] * giggy (n=Alex@Wikipedia/Giggy) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:58] * JamieS93 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:58] <Tinkleheimer> Whee!
[20:58] * Soxred93 (n=Soxred93@unaffiliated/soxred93) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:59] * aoefjoihj ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:59] <TenPoundHammer> whee?
[21:00] * Chetblong stares at the channel
[21:00] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:00] * animum slaps Chetblong.
[21:00] <Chetblong> :O
[21:00] * Chetblong glomps An
[21:00] <Chetblong> O_O
[21:00] <FastLizard4> Fun commands in all operating systems:
[21:00] * Chetblong glomps animum
[21:01] <FastLizard4> 1. Linux: ``sudo rm -rf /''
[21:01] * ffm (n=firefoxm@unaffiliated/ffm) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:01] * JamieS93 looks at the previously-more-silent channel
[21:01] <FastLizard4> 2. Linus: ``sudo sh -c;cat /dev/urandom > /dev/kmem &''
[21:01] <FastLizard4> *Linux
[21:01] <animum> 3. Windows:  Try to install linux.
[21:01] <FastLizard4> 3. Windows: ``attrib C:\WINDOWS\*.* -h -s -a
[21:01] <animum> *Linux
[21:01] <Chetblong> hehe
[21:01] <FastLizard4> 3b. deltree C:\WINDOWS
[21:02] <FastLizard4> much fun ensues
[21:02] <Chetblong> lol
[21:02] <animum> Lol
[21:03] <JamieS93> lollol
[21:03] * delldot ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:03] <animum> Or better yet, delete user32.dll :-p
[21:03] * ProperNoun ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:03] <FastLizard4> no
[21:03] <FastLizard4> delete rundll32.exer
[21:03] <FastLizard4> *rundll32.exe
[21:03] <FastLizard4> better yet
[21:04] <FastLizard4> just delete C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 :P
[21:04] <Lubaf> [[Wikipedia:Write articles in Yodaspeak you should not, yes]]: I see a great need.
[21:04] <Krimpet> Windows locks all running executable files...
[21:04] <Crimedog> but Linux will let you
[21:04] <Krimpet> deleting the Windows folder would start to work until it hits an executable in use, and it'd stop.
[21:04] <FastLizard4> Linux is smpler
[21:05] <Krimpet> Crimedog: yep
[21:05] <Crimedog> I see some celeberties here
[21:08] <Wizardman> how do I link to wiktionary definition in a wikipedia article
[21:08] <Wizardman> ?
[21:09] <east718|away> Wizardman > {{wt}}
[21:09] <Wizardman> thanks
[21:10] <Wizardman> uh.. i don't think it worked.
[21:10] <Soxred93> C:\ cd install_linux
[21:10] <Wizardman> or i screwed it up
[21:10] <Soxred93> C:\ make
[21:10] <Soxred93> C:\ make install
[21:10] * ffm (n=firefoxm@unaffiliated/ffm) Quit ("leaving" )
[21:10] <Soxred93> Invalid syntax
[21:11] <Soxred93> (then comes a BSoD)
[21:11] <Wizardman> lemme rephrase my question.
[21:11] <Wizardman> Let's say a sentence in the article says "The glass in the jar is brown" How would i make "jar" link to the entry on wiktionary?
[21:11] * ChanServ sets mode: +o dircbot
[21:11] * dircbot sets mode: -ob dircbot %Ziggy_Sawdust!*@*
[21:11] * Macy (i=Macys123@unaffiliated/macy) Quit ("Rapido... Rapido... PRESTO!" )
[21:11] <east718|away> lol
[21:11] <east718|away> [[wikt:foo]]
[21:12] * Macy (i=Macys123@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:12] * Lubaf ( Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[21:12] <Crimedog> or [[wikt:foo|foo]]
[21:12] <Wizardman> there we go. thanks
[21:13] * giggy (n=Alex@Wikipedia/Giggy) Quit ("zOMG" )
[21:13] * Betacommand (n=info@unaffiliated/betacommand) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[21:13] * Maximr (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/maximr2) Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[21:14] * CIreland (n=chatzill@adsl-87-102-66-229.karoo.KCOM.COM) Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[21:15] <Krimpet> Wizardman: [[wikt:jar|]]
[21:15] <Krimpet> oh, beaten. :p
[21:15] <Crimedog> Does the pipe by itself expand to the linked word?
[21:15] <Krimpet> my wikilink script expanded the examples above, so I didn't see em. <_<
[21:16] <Krimpet> Crimedog:
[21:16] <Krimpet> it does, along with several other handy things. :)
[21:16] * DarkoNeko ( Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) )
[21:17] * aoefjoihj is now known as DarkoNeko
[21:17] * Alexfusco5 (n=Alex@wikimedia/Alexfusco5) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:17] * Optigan13 (n=Optigan1@unaffiliated/optigan13) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:18] <Crimedog> I assume "pipe" in this context is a misnomer
[21:19] <Crimedog> feature must have been designed by unix shell geeks
[21:19] <MZMcBride> |
[21:19] <MZMcBride> Pipe.
[21:19] <MZMcBride> Or vertical bar.
[21:20] * Wizardman_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:20] * Warpath (i=VRS@wikimedia/Cometstyles) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[21:20] * JamieS93_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:20] * Predator (i=VRS@wikimedia/Cometstyles) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:20] <Crimedog> Ot was | called "pipe" before it was used to direct the output of a program as the imput to another
[21:21] * Miranda (n=Miranda@wikimedia/Miranda) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:21] <Miranda> what's the warning for hoax?
[21:21] * Wizardman (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/wizardman) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[21:21] * Wizardman_ is now known as Wizardman
[21:21] <MZMcBride> Miranda: {{uw-hoax}} ?
[21:22] <Miranda> thanks
[21:22] * Predator is now known as Warpath
[21:22] <Crimedog> tempted to make {{uw-Steaming-pile-of-shit}}
[21:23] * JamieS93_ ( Quit (Client Quit )
[21:23] <MBisanz> I couldve sworn I deleted that MZM
[21:23] * JamieS93_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:23] * Chetblong is now known as Chetblong|away
[21:23] <TenPoundHammer> lol
[21:24] <Crimedog> Hi hammer
[21:24] <TenPoundHammer> ?
[21:24] <Crimedog> He has a 10lb hammer but they wont give him a mop :(
[21:25] <TenPoundHammer> I know
[21:25] * Optigan13 (n=Optigan1@unaffiliated/optigan13) has left #wikipedia-en
[21:25] <Wizardman> not my fault :/
[21:25] <TenPoundHammer> that's cause my articles keep whacking other people with their tails
[21:26] <Crimedog> Actually, I think the mop/janitor metaphor is BS
[21:27] * JamieS93_ ( Quit (Client Quit )
[21:27] * JamieS93 ( Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host) )
[21:27] * JamieS93_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:27] * JamieS93_ is now known as JamieS93
[21:28] <TenPoundHammer> crimedog: o rly?
[21:28] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ Quit (" ajax IRC Client" )
[21:28] <Crimedog> CZ got it right by calling them constables
[21:28] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:29] * Master_son (n=Master_s@wikimedia/Master-son) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:29] <Krimpet> it'd be nice if the "janitor" thing were true in practice. sadly, it's just become one rung in a bloated bureaucracy. :/
[21:30] <Crimedog> Im sorry, if you can push a button to keep me from editing then you ain't np fracking janitor
[21:30] * FastLizard4 is now known as FastLizard4|away
[21:31] <MBisanz> apparently I did delate {{Hoaxblock}}
[21:31] <Crimedog> RFA "voters" don't act like they're electing janitors. More like they're picking the Pope
[21:32] <MBisanz> the pope only requires a 67% vote
[21:32] <TenPoundHammer> MBisanz: what was {{hoaxblock}} for?
[21:32] <MBisanz> we demand high standards of our RFA candidates
[21:32] * Shanel (n=Shanel@wikimedia/Shanel) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:32] <MBisanz> poorly formed version of {{us-hoax}}
[21:33] <MBisanz> {{uw-hoax}}
[21:33] <TenPoundHammer> ?
[21:33] <Crimedog> How was the percentage decided anyway, was it always the same?
[21:33] <MBisanz> Crimedog, I think its always been around 75%
[21:34] * Master_son is now known as mson|brb
[21:34] <MBisanz> TPH, it was non-standard, I took it to TFD, and it was deleted
[21:34] <TenPoundHammer> ah
[21:34] <TenPoundHammer> non standard how?
[21:36] * MBisanz gets on soapbox
[21:36] <MBisanz> clears throat
[21:37] * NotASpy (n=chatzill@wikimedia/Heligoland) Quit (Connection timed out )
[21:37] <MZMcBride>  /clear
[21:37] <MBisanz> {{MIPblock}} is one of the remaining non-standard blocking templates
[21:37] <MBisanz> you'll note it does not describe how to request unblock
[21:38] <MBisanz> its not used in the current UTM warning scheme
[21:38] <MBisanz> and is unmaintained
[21:38] <MBisanz> I like everything ot be standardized
[21:38] <MBisanz> which is why i'm now TfDing that template
[21:39] * SwirlBoy39 (n=Swirl@unaffiliated/swirlboy39) Quit ("I'll brb -- just a sec" )
[21:39] <MZMcBride> Some people describe that as OCD...
[21:39] * MBisanz stares at MZMcBride's deletion log
[21:39] * Gracenotes wonders who those "some people" are
[21:40] <MBisanz> Hello kettle, my name is pot
[21:40] <MZMcBride> I've been deleting user pages all day.
[21:40] * JohnReaves (n=JohnReav@wikimedia/John-Reaves) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:42] * quanticle (i=quanticl@wikipedia/Quanticle) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[21:42] * quanticle (i=quanticl@wikipedia/Quanticle) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:43] <MBisanz> and MZMcBride, before we tlak about OCD, I am running a bot atm to stnadardize all non-free image tags
[21:43] * Smiythe (n=Elijia@unaffiliated/smythe) Quit ("Leaving" )
[21:43] * JamieS93 ( Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.82 [Firefox]" )
[21:43] <MZMcBride> Though your spelling certainly doesn't suggest OCD...
[21:44] <DarkoNeko> MBisanz > you standadize all them with {{deletion}} ? :)
[21:44] <MBisanz> yes DarkNeko
[21:44] * SwirlBoy39 (n=Swirl@unaffiliated/swirlboy39) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:44] <DarkoNeko> you're missing an o ._.
[21:44] <MZMcBride> Heh.
[21:45] <Gracenotes> #REDIRECT [[Template:Db-exists]]
[21:45] <MBisanz> I've also become rather adept at using {{softredirect}} to evade deletionbot MZMcBride
[21:45] <MZMcBride> I cleaned up {{softredirect}} at some point.
[21:46] <MZMcBride> It used to be really ugly.
[21:46] <MZMcBride> And I bet I use it more than you. ;)
[21:46] <Soxred93> Boy, this is bittersweet. I feel honored to have spoken to Grawp (or a wannabe)
[21:46] <MBisanz> I bet my purpose is more inane than yours
[21:47] <DarkoNeko> Soxred93 i'd feel soiled, kinda
[21:47] <quanticle> Krimpet: Are you there?
[21:47] <MZMcBride> Hahaha. Probably.
[21:47] <Krimpet> quanticle: yep
[21:47] <Gracenotes> :.
[21:47] <DarkoNeko> wait, not the right word
[21:47] <quanticle> Krimpet: In libIRC, what is the handler for /me actions?
[21:47] <DarkoNeko> "dirty"
[21:48] <quanticle> Soxred93: Posting in epic thread?
[21:48] <Crimedog> Soft redirects only work on other wikimedia projects right?
[21:48] <Soxred93> ?
[21:49] <Gracenotes> soft redirects in the technical sense of the term work for anything on our interwiki map.
[21:49] <MZMcBride> What?
[21:49] <Gracenotes> say what?
[21:49] <MZMcBride> "Soft redirects" don't do anything. That's the point.
[21:49] <Crimedog> So you can soft redirect to meatball
[21:49] <TenPoundHammer> lol
[21:49] <Gracenotes> MZMcBride: by which I mean #REDIRECTs which display as redirects but are merely links
[21:49] <Gracenotes> soft redirects in the template sense of the term can probably go anywhere.
[21:49] <quanticle> Crimedog: meatball?
[21:49] * CWii ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:50] * Mm40 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:50] <Krimpet> quanticle: on_action I think
[21:50] <CWii> hey KrimpBotII
[21:50] <MZMcBride> Gracenotes: If someone uses #REDIRECT [[]] to try to go off-site, it's converted to {{softredirect}}.
[21:50] <CWii> wait KrimpBotII ???
[21:50] <Crimedog> meatball, a nom wikimedia wiki but in the interwiki table
[21:50] <MZMcBride> Because it shows up in broken redirects queries, which is annoying.
[21:50] <Crimedog> er non
[21:50] <CWii> Krimpet, ...... ;-)
[21:50] <MZMcBride> Crimedog: Use [[Template:Softredirect]].
[21:50] <Krimpet> CWii: ?
[21:50] * Smiythe (n=Elijia@unaffiliated/smythe) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:50] <TenPoundHammer> hey, can someone help please
[21:51] <CWii> Krimpet, what's KrimpBotII
[21:51] <MZMcBride> TenPoundHammer: Hm?
[21:51] <Gracenotes> MZMcBride: by a bot?
[21:51] <TenPoundHammer> MZMcBride:
[21:51] <MZMcBride> Gracenotes: By me, usually.
[21:51] <Gracenotes> same thing? :)
[21:51] <MZMcBride> Nope, I do it manually. :)
[21:51] <Crimedog> Has it been AFDd before?
[21:52] <TenPoundHammer> Crimedog: Yes, seven times
[21:52] <Gracenotes> not to mention one or two RFARs
[21:53] <Crimedog> Were any fo the outcomes clean keeps?
[21:53] <TenPoundHammer> Crimedog, lemme check
[21:53] <east718|away> several articles in the allegations of apartheid family were deleted and forbidden from recreation by arbcom. ^_^
[21:53] <quanticle> Krimpet: Thank you, it is indeed on_action
[21:53] <TenPoundHammer> east718|away: O rly?
[21:54] <TenPoundHammer> east718|away: you wanna tell him that?
[21:54] <Gracenotes> Crimedog: basically, those in favor of deleting that main article created other allegations of apartheid articles and voted keep on their AFDs to make a POINT
[21:54] <MBisanz> why am I surprised a bcat made such a horrific template.
[21:54] <east718|away> TenPoundHammer > less violent wars have been fought than the one over allegations...
[21:54] <Gracenotes> a bit of a simplification, I guess, but at least that's what the charges against them were. I'd tend to agree.
[21:55] <Gracenotes> MBisanz: that template is insulting to those who do not have intelligence. I demand we delete it immediately!
[21:55] <DarkoNeko> usually, something offend more the intelligence than the stupidity
[21:56] <east718|away> is pretty ._.
[21:56] <DarkoNeko> ouch
[21:56] <Crimedog> Kind of sounds like the title of the articles themselfs suggest OR
[21:56] <DarkoNeko> abuse of red, bad for the eyes
[21:56] <DarkoNeko> ah wait, that's the one lower :)
[21:57] <MBisanz> I created the BITEiest block template ever last night
[21:57] <east718|away> MBisanz goaded some poor nub admin into /actually using/ the "no user page" one on somebody. :p
[21:57] <TenPoundHammer> lol
[21:57] <Not_the_NSA> MBisanz: link?
[21:57] <Not_the_NSA> east718|away: lol
[21:57] * Monobi (n=monobi@about/philosophy/monobi) has left #wikipedia-en ("= pkill -9" )
[21:57] * Monobi (n=monobi@about/philosophy/monobi) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:57] <Mm40> 'ello MOnobi
[21:57] <MBisanz> [[User:MBisanz/MESSAGES#BITE Ban]]
[21:57] * Mm40 huggles Monobi
[21:57] <DarkoNeko> n'iway, I like theses templates :) I want the sames :o
[21:58] <DarkoNeko> wikipetan desu !
[21:58] <east718|away> damned /to/ memory? /me suggests MBisanz read the article...
[21:58] * Pilotguy is now known as Pilotguy_aw
[21:58] * KrimpBotII (i=krimpet@unaffiliated/krimpet/bot/krimpbot) Quit (Remote closed the connection )
[21:58] <MBisanz> i had to futz the latin a bit
[21:59] * KrimpBotII (i=krimpet@unaffiliated/krimpet/bot/krimpbot) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:59] * MZMcBride stabs MBisanz.
[21:59] <MBisanz> fine i'll fix the grammar
[22:00] * Cream snuggles MZMcBride
[22:00] * Cream snuggles MBisanz
[22:00] * Cream snuggles east718|away
[22:00] * Cream snuggles TenPoundHammer
[22:00] * Cream snuggles Monobi
[22:00] * Cream snuggles Mm40
[22:00] * Cream snuggles DarkoNeko
[22:00] * MZMcBride stares.
[22:00] * Cream snuggles CWii
[22:00] * Mm40 huggles Cream
[22:00] <MBisanz> better east? {{User:MBisanz/PermaBan}}
[22:00] <Monobi> Krimpet, why is your bot here
[22:01] <Cream> who wants another huggle?
[22:01] <TenPoundHammer> Cream: My otters
[22:01] <Mm40> me
[22:01] <CWii> Down with the bot!
[22:01] <Krimpet> Monobi: ferreting out logbots.
[22:01] * Mm40 huggles Cream
[22:01] * Mm40 huggles Cream
[22:01] * Juliancolton feels left out :(
[22:01] <Monobi> Ok
[22:01] <Krimpet> it only talks in -ops. :)
[22:01] <Mm40> g'nite everyone
[22:01] <Not_the_NSA> MBisanz: is destroying Wikipedia a valid means administrators can use so that the user never edits Wikipedia again? O_o
[22:01] <Krimpet> (KrimpBotII != KrimpBot, btw.)
[22:01] * Mm40 huggles Juliancolton
[22:01] * Cream huggles KrimpBotII
[22:01] <Juliancolton> :)
[22:01] * Cream huggles Krimpet
[22:01] * Cream huggles Juliancolton
[22:01] <TenPoundHammer> Cream: what about my otters?
[22:01] <MBisanz> apparently you did not read the documentation for Special:Nuke
[22:01] * Cream huggles TenPoundHammer's otters
[22:02] <TenPoundHammer> there we  go
[22:02] * Mm40 huggles TenPoundHammer's otters
[22:02] <TenPoundHammer> lol
[22:02] <MBisanz> I really ought to embed a clear pixel in that template to make sure I catch anyone substing it real
[22:02] * TenPoundHammer 's otters feel loved
[22:02] <Mm40> TPH, where did the otters come from?
[22:02] <TenPoundHammer> Mm40: Inside joke
[22:02] <Mm40> Wikiotters?
[22:02] * KrimpBotII (i=krimpet@unaffiliated/krimpet/bot/krimpbot) Quit (Remote closed the connection )
[22:02] <Mm40> I saw that link on your page
[22:02] * Juliancolton huggles TenPoundHammer's otters and steel their clams when they're not looking
[22:02] <Mm40> heh
[22:02] <TenPoundHammer> Mm40: Actually my otter thing predates [[WP:OTTER]]
[22:02] <Juliancolton> *steals
[22:03] * Furry_Fury ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:03] <TenPoundHammer> Mm40: Barkjon got the idea for [[WP:OTTER]] from me
[22:03] <Mm40> O RLY?
[22:03] <TenPoundHammer> ya rly
[22:03] <DarkoNeko> it's, like 4AM :)
[22:03] <Furry_Fury> FastLizard4|away>    It will have an effect on everyone who visits the page with the timer
[22:03] <Furry_Fury> what effect?
[22:04] * KrimpBotII (i=krimpet@unaffiliated/krimpet/bot/krimpbot) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:04] <Furry_Fury> it is a timestamp
[22:04] <FastLizard4|away> Furry_Fury: Wasting server cycles
[22:04] * DarkoNeko ( Quit ("- <- ma vie, mon oeuvre, mes poulpes... -_-" )
[22:04] <TenPoundHammer> ?
[22:05] <Furry_Fury> it only uses a cycle when people cclick the link to refresh it
[22:05] <Furry_Fury> if if they are doing that then its useful
[22:05] <Furry_Fury> which gives it a purpose
[22:06] <Crimedog> Hammer: Before us, was it common to refer to anything Isreal did as "aparthaid"?
[22:06] <Cream> Furry_Fury, are you  a furry?
[22:06] <Furry_Fury> a what?
[22:07] * mson|brb is now known as Master_son
[22:07] <MZMcBride> Can someone welcome please?
[22:07] <east718|away> MZMcBride > haven't built a compassion core for MZMcBot yet?
[22:07] <Cream> done
[22:07] <MZMcBride> east718|away: I hate users. No need to make new ones feel welcome. :)
[22:08] <Furry_Fury> so the only reasnon im getiign to not use it is becuase if people like it they will use it...
[22:08] <TenPoundHammer> Cream: 0.o
[22:08] <MZMcBride> But other people seem to enjoy doing it. And it'll fix a broken redirect. So...
[22:08] <east718|away> using semi-automated tools and templates to welcome people seems quite insincere. ^_^
[22:08] * Smythe (n=Elijia@unaffiliated/smythe) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:08] Clones detected from unaffiliated/smythe: 8 Smiythe Smythe
[22:09] * Mm40 ( Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[22:09] <Furry_Fury> this is absurd...
[22:10] <Crimedog> I still need to get use to tab completion in nicknames. In the old days it was common to truncate long nicks when addressing someone
[22:10] <Furry_Fury> why cant anyone give me a vaid reason why not to do it?
[22:10] * Alexfusco5 (n=Alex@wikimedia/Alexfusco5) Quit ("I am now going offline. Ping me when I'm back online :D" )
[22:10] <Crimedog> the old clients didnt highlight your nick when addr4esses
[22:10] <Crimedog> er addressed
[22:11] <MZMcBride> east718|away: Furry_Fury is looking for a reason he shouldn't add countdown timers to articles.
[22:11] <Macy> Cestmoi: /join #wikipedia-sex
[22:11] <TenPoundHammer> Macy: WTF?
[22:11] <Furry_Fury> its is a timestamp...
[22:11] <Macy> O_O , wrong IRC channel
[22:11] <Cestmoi> Macy: WHAT?!
[22:12] <Crimedog> is there also #wikipedia-drugs and #wikipedia-rocknroll?
[22:12] <TenPoundHammer> lol
[22:12] <Wizardman> haha
[22:12] <Macy> Cestmoi is here, no wrong channel :)
[22:12] <Furry_Fury> if you look at the code you would see that..
[22:12] <Furry_Fury> code:
[22:12] <Furry_Fury> {{#time: j "days" G "hours" i "min" s "sec" |17 June 2008  -{{#time:j}} days -{{#time:G}} hours -{{#time:i}} min -{{#time:s}} sec +7 hours}}
[22:13] <MZMcBride> Where did that code come from?
[22:13] <Furry_Fury> there are no expressions
[22:13] <Furry_Fury> i wrote it
[22:13] <MZMcBride> Did you?
[22:13] <Furry_Fury> it displayes the time between todays date the the given date
[22:13] <MZMcBride> I understand how countdown timers work.
[22:13] <east718|away> Furry_Fury > don't you have a bit of COI?
[22:14] <Furry_Fury> that was settled when the gave me a vaild reason...
[22:14] <Furry_Fury> ive been using wiki for what ? 2 weeks?
[22:15] * PhilKC (i=PhilKC@freenode/staff/philkc) Quit (Client Quit )
[22:15] <Crimedog> Why not have the timer play the theme from mission impossible or final jeopardy
[22:15] * TreborR (n=treborro@wikipedia/Trebor) Quit
[22:15] <Crimedog> this article will self destruct in 7 days, good luck Jimbo
[22:15] <quanticle> Crimedog: Are you still using ircII or something?
[22:15] <east718|away> Furry_Fury > well, i have a rather lax interpretation of the conflict of interest policies. but implying that you work for insomniac certainly casts a shadow of doubt.
[22:16] <Crimedog> No, chatzilla right now but I cut my teath on ircii and epic
[22:16] <Furry_Fury> i dont work for insominac
[22:16] <Furry_Fury> i work with them
[22:16] <MZMcBride> You still have a conflict of interest.
[22:16] <Furry_Fury> i was chosen to help devloper their new site
[22:16] <MZMcBride> And we don't put countdown timers in articles.
[22:16] <MZMcBride> Do I really need to write that down somewhere?
[22:16] <quanticle> Furry_Fury: Are you affiliated with the subject matter of the article in any way, shape, or form?
[22:17] <east718|away> You should then either follow NPOV to the letter or stay away from all Insomniac articles.
[22:17] <quanticle> Furry_Fury: If you are, then there's COI
[22:17] * east718|away must admit that gave him a good lol.
[22:18] * Not_the_NSA (n=R@wikipedia/R) Quit ("<non-political quit message here> <Vote for wimt or Clinton here>" )
[22:18] <Furry_Fury> and that was setteled
[22:18] <Furry_Fury>
[22:18] <Crimedog> quanticle: I just havent been using modern windows clients long enough to get use to the new features
[22:18] <quanticle> Furry_Fury: "But going to forums isn't for everyone." <-- If the information is so useful, why don't you create your own wiki on Wikia or something?
[22:18] <east718|away> "If he attempts to remove this article from the talk page however, he *will* have an edit war"
[22:19] <east718|away> okay, fam.
[22:19] <Furry_Fury> the talk page is specifily made to talk about coi
[22:20] * SwirlBoy39 is now known as dysentery
[22:20] <east718|away> well, i respect you for being all open about it
[22:20] <east718|away> the sneaky people are the real problem
[22:20] * Chetblong|away is now known as Chetblong
[22:21] <Furry_Fury> i am perfect willing to have it permanly remove once i get a reason
[22:21] <Crimedog> brb
[22:21] * MZMcBride (n=MZMcBrid@wikipedia/MZMcBride) has left #wikipedia-en
[22:21] * Crimedog ( Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[22:21] <Furry_Fury> somone gi ve me a reason why it has a negative effect on the article
[22:22] <TenPoundHammer> ugh, help here
[22:22] <east718|away> well, a countdown timer is just plain silly. it may come as a shock to new people and those that haven't been properly encultured, but we don't really work based on what the arbitrarily designed rules say.
[22:22] <CWii> good night
[22:22] <Gracenotes> it dilutes Wikipedia's reliability in case an event does not occur
[22:22] <Furry_Fury> and why that outweights the benifit of haveing it there
[22:22] <Furry_Fury> its in 8 freaking days...
[22:22] * Cream is now known as Invisible_Cat
[22:22] * dysentery is now known as SwirlBoy39
[22:22] <Furry_Fury> im not making this 5 months in advance...
[22:22] <east718|away> Wikipedia's most bitter wars have been fought over less. ;-)
[22:23] * Juliancolton doesn't remember bitter wars
[22:23] <Furry_Fury> unless Armageddon comes i dont see how it can be inaccurate...
[22:24] <Furry_Fury> and im using the date already given in the article
[22:24] * PhilKC (i=PhilKC@freenode/staff/philkc) has joined #Wikipedia-En
[22:24] * Mahlzahn__ (n=Mahlzahn@pc-amer1.Amerikanistik.Uni-Mainz.DE) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:24] <Furry_Fury> so and none seem to say that is invilad..
[22:25] * Yume-no-Neko (n=wikipedi@ Quit (Success )
[22:25] * animum (n=magnusan@wikimedia/Animum) Quit ("G'night" )
[22:25] * ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) Quit ( )
[22:25] <Gracenotes> goodbye ChanServ
[22:25] * Crimedog (i=ritzlart@gateway/shell/ has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:25] <CWii> OH NOES!
[22:26] <Macy> where's ChanServ?
[22:26] * ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:26] * sets mode: +o ChanServ
[22:26] <CWii> wb ChanServ
[22:26] <Krimpet> speak o' the devil.
[22:26] <Wizardman> wb
[22:26] * Juliancolton huggles ChanServ
[22:26] * PhilKC (i=PhilKC@freenode/staff/philkc) Quit (Remote closed the connection )
[22:26] <Furry_Fury> so can anyone give a a reason that actually applies?
[22:26] <CWii> " ChanServ has kicked On from #wikipedia (Banned: persistent_disruptor_and_troll_over_bans_on_WP__(banned_for_sockpuppetry_and_vandalism)_added_on_5-18-08_by_bum)"
[22:26] <CWii> XD
[22:26] * PhilKC (i=PhilKC@freenode/staff/philkc) has joined #Wikipedia-En
[22:27] <Furry_Fury> why is is bad to have countdown...
[22:27] * JohnReaves (n=JohnReav@wikimedia/John-Reaves) Quit
[22:27] [Crimedog:#wikipedia-en PING]
[22:27] * Mahlzahn_ (n=Mahlzahn@pc-amer1.Amerikanistik.Uni-Mainz.DE) Quit (Connection reset by peer )
[22:28] <east718|away> Crimedog > ...
[22:28] <Gracenotes> Furry_Fury: WP's role as an encyclopedia, perhaps. We are a website, but we're also a database of encyclopedic content. giving content temporal features like that is unnecessary
[22:28] <Furry_Fury> unnecessary...
[22:28] <Furry_Fury> ok..
[22:29] <Gracenotes> also a matter of preferences is involved. if people find it aesthetically displeasing, then their subjective perception of it does matter a bit...
[22:29] <Furry_Fury> now what makes that more unnecessary that the rest of the article..
[22:30] <Furry_Fury> a facts are not opinions...
[22:30] <Gracenotes> well, it's not actually content. it's redundant. another problem might be that for anonymous users, since they would view an old timestamp whenever they visited a page
[22:30] <Furry_Fury> i added a refresh button
[22:30] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ Quit (" Obai" )
[22:30] <Furry_Fury> they click it... it refreshs
[22:31] <TenPoundHammer> Furry_Fury: Which article?
[22:31] <Gracenotes> how will that work? anonymous users can't purge pages.
[22:31] * giggy (n=Alex@Wikipedia/Giggy) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:31] <Furry_Fury> Gracenotes>    how will that work? anonymous users can't purge pages.
[22:31] <Gracenotes> except in a POST request, which a simple click won't do
[22:31] <Furry_Fury> there u might have an arugment
[22:32] <Furry_Fury> there is my first actual reason..
[22:32] <Furry_Fury> for non users the refresh button wont work..
[22:32] <Furry_Fury> thus creating inaccurate data
[22:32] <Gracenotes> they could cause the cache to become invalidated with a null edit
[22:32] <Gracenotes> but I'm not sure they're know how to do that...
[22:34] <Furry_Fury> so the pruge wont work unless they have a wiki account
[22:34] <Furry_Fury> that is indeed a problem..
[22:34] <Monobi> PURGE :-O
[22:35] <Furry_Fury> so i cant type... big whoop...
Session Close: Sun Jun 08 22:35:21 2008

Session Start: Mon Jun 09 17:14:24 2008
Session Ident: #Wikipedia-en
[17:14] * Now talking in #Wikipedia-en
[17:14] * Topic is 'Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Status: Up | Please observe [[m:IRC guidelines]] | To get op attention, join #wikimedia-ops or type !op followed by your request. | For an admin *in an emergency*, type !admin before a request. | No public logging. | SUL now enabled for all users! Info at [[Special:MergeAccount]] | Board elections are now open.  See [[Special:BoardVote]] to vote. '
[17:14] * Set by NotASpy on Fri Jun 06 21:29:46
[17:14] <CWii> hi gfngr
[17:14] <gfngr> Why does wikipedia not have an article for every pokemon
[17:14] <gfngr> ?
[17:14] <CWii> hey lucasbfr

[17:14] <Nowknownas> Fancruft
[17:14] <CWii> gfngr, notability
[17:14] <ffm> gfngr: Because they arn't [[WP:NOTE]].
[17:14] <CWii> hi gfngr
[17:14] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ Quit (" ajax IRC Client" )
[17:14] <ffm> gfngr: See also [[WP:POKE]].
[17:14] <gfngr> HI CWoo
[17:14] * lulz is now known as lol
[17:15] <CWii> lol meant lol
[17:15] <Tinkleheimer> *waits*
[17:15] <lol> oh hai CWii
[17:15] <lol> oh hai Nowknownas
[17:15] <lol> oh hai NotASpy
[17:15] * ffm thinks we need a [[WP:BCOACH]]
[17:15] <MBisanz> Tinkleheimer I'd like to see you beat
[17:15] <Nowknownas> Hey lol
[17:15] <NotASpy> lol Hey
[17:15] <gfngr> I know but you have articles for everythig else that is even less notable.
[17:15] <CWii> gfngr, like?
[17:16] * Rlevse (n=chatzill@wikipedia/Rlevse) Quit (Client Quit )
[17:16] <gfngr> Uh Gamers
[17:16] <MBisanz> ffn I proposed that
[17:16] <gfngr> wtf
[17:16] <MBisanz> but sadly it was not taken up
[17:16] <Tinkleheimer> Haha that is kind of awesome
[17:16] <MBisanz> WP:BOR was however
[17:16] <CWii> gfngr, they could be notable
[17:16] * lol is now known as Cream
[17:17] <ffm> gfngr: That's waht we call the pokemon test.
[17:17] <ffm> gfngr: Also [[WP:OTHERCRAPEXISTS]]
[17:17] <gfngr>
[17:17] * DarkoNeko (n=udontcar@wikipedia/darkoneko) Quit ("- <- ma vie, mon oeuvre, mes poulpes... -_-" )
[17:17] * Cream reads unclassified canadian reports
[17:17] <gfngr> WTF
[17:17] * Scetoaux ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:17] <ffm> gfngr: Again, WP:OTHERCRAPEXISTS
[17:17] * rory096 (n=NotATarp@wikipedia/Rory096) Quit (Connection timed out )
[17:17] <CWii> gfngr, lok aguring here isn't getting you anything
[17:17] <tombom> Wow, the whole system of RfA is now ruined. Great job Dlohcierekim. Great job. Beam 20:48, 9 June 2008 (UTC)
[17:17] <tombom> hahaha
[17:17] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:18] <CWii> stop while you're ahead
[17:18] <ffm> gfngr: [[WP:NOTE]] requires that it be mentioned in another source.
[17:18] <Nowknownas> gfngr: Please stop with the wtfing
[17:18] <CWii> look not lok*
[17:18] <ffm> gfngr: NOTE is not inherited.
[17:18] <tombom> beam is really kind of amazing in his rather unusual standards
[17:18] <Cream> Findally
[17:18] <Cream> a iPhone with GPS
[17:18] * kushal_12_27_200 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:19] * Sunderland06 (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/sunderland06) Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.82 [Firefox]" )
[17:19] <gfngr> Its kind of a double standard who deciedes whats notable and whats not?
[17:19] <CWii> Cream, oh the new iphones are here?
[17:19] <ffm> gfngr: Not really.
[17:19] <Nowknownas> Cream: my setup is still cheaper lol (A sony ericcson k800i and a map)
[17:19] <CWii> gfngr, not who. WE
[17:19] <Cream> heh
[17:19] <ffm> gfngr: But arguing about it on IRC won't help.
[17:19] <ffm> gfngr: If you can gather a [[WP:CONSENSUS]], you can change that.
[17:19] <CWii> agian. stop while you're ahead
[17:20] <gfngr> OK ill go do that
[17:20] <Nowknownas> I would listen to CWii
[17:20] <ffm> gfngr: Again, unlikely to happen.
[17:20] <Monobi> O_O
[17:20] * Monobi (n=monobi@about/philosophy/monobi) has left #wikipedia-en
[17:20] * Monobi (n=monobi@about/philosophy/monobi) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:20] <gfngr> Any one what to join me in a crusade to get every pokemon its own article?
[17:20] <Nowknownas> !op
[17:20] <MZMcBride> Yes?
[17:20] <CWii> gfngr, no.
[17:20] <Monobi> gfngr, haha
[17:20] <Scetoaux> no, gfngr
[17:20] <Nowknownas> sorry
[17:20] <Nowknownas> my bad
[17:21] <WBOSITG> LOL`, wtf is all about?
[17:21] <Cream> hmm
[17:21] <gfngr> Join Me and will will make this dream a reality
[17:21] <Cream> a cyberattack
[17:21] * phillip ( Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[17:21] <Cream> LOL`, want the nick lol?
[17:21] <CWii> gfngr, stop. no more.
[17:21] <tombom> # A degenerate form of I'm sorry, as in my bad. Intended to give the impression that the user is cool, hip and fully up-to-date with the latest WikiSlang. In reality it indicates that the user is probably still in school and struggling with basic English grammar. Or American.
[17:21] <Nowknownas> Please stop canvassing on IRC
[17:21] <ffm> gfngr: Sadly, noone caresa bout pokemon.
[17:21] * phillip ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:21] <Monobi> Nowknownas, who's canvassing
[17:21] <WBOSITG> What?
[17:21] <ffm> Monobi: " Any one what to join me in a crusade to get every pokemon its own article?
[17:21] <WBOSITG> He was joking, surely
[17:22] <ffm> WBOSITG: hrm?
[17:22] <Monobi> So
[17:22] <Monobi> that's not canvassing
[17:22] * Retrieving #Wikipedia-en modes...
[17:22] <ffm> Monobi: Kinda sorta yeah.
[17:22] <WBOSITG> How is that canvassing
[17:22] <Scetoaux> gfngr, from the past two minutes of this conversation, it appears that your intent towards making a separate article for each pokemon is with the intent to edit wikipedia to make a point
[17:22] <Monobi> He wants to write pokemon articles
[17:22] * kushal_12_27_200 is now known as kushal1
[17:22] <WBOSITG> Scetoaux, OMG HAI
[17:22] <Cream> oh hai WBOSITG
[17:22] <Cream> ho wants cuddles?
[17:22] <Scetoaux> hey guy with the really long name :p
[17:22] <Scetoaux> WBOSITG
[17:22] <tombom> Scetoaux: where on earth did you get that idea
[17:22] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:22] <WBOSITG> Anyway, there's no vote or anything
[17:22] <gfngr> So do I go make like a petion?
[17:22] * Nowknownas want;s a cuddle
[17:22] <Scetoaux> lol
[17:22] <CWii> gfngr, sigh
[17:22] <WBOSITG> Scetoaux, 7 letters!?
[17:22] <CWii> no.
[17:23] <ffm> gfngr: hat's exactly what you _dont_ do.
[17:23] <Malinaccier> Has anyone heard of the Around the World Competition?
[17:23] <SteveCrossin> MALINACCIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:23] <tombom> Scetoaux: pretend there's a c
[17:23] <SteveCrossin> :p
[17:23] <Malinaccier> SteveCrossin: :D Steve!
[17:23] <tombom> all caps blue linked WP:AGF here
[17:23] <Scetoaux> We buried our secrets in the garden
[17:23] <LOL`> WBOSITG: Not much about it.  I was just wondering which policies would back me up on reverting Xihr and using [sic]
[17:23] <SteveCrossin> :D
[17:23] <ffm> gfngr: We're not a democracy, but a clueocracy.
[17:23] <WBOSITG> Cream, bonjour!  :D
[17:23] <Scetoaux> eh, I think that's pretty long
[17:23] <Scetoaux> :p
[17:23] <WBOSITG> LOL`, You're right
[17:23] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: just type WBOSSSSSSSS
[17:23] * Seddon ( has left #wikipedia-en
[17:23] <Scetoaux> tombom, what idea?
[17:23] <Scetoaux> lol Malinaccier
[17:23] <ffm> gfngr: Make a good argument, and put it on the apropreate page.
[17:23] <WBOSITG> That's why [[Tom Cruise|Tom Cruse
[17:23] <Scetoaux> Yes, absolutely.
[17:23] <WBOSITG> ]]
[17:24] <gfngr> Ok
[17:24] * Cream cuddles CWii
[17:24] * Cream cuddles SteveCrossin
[17:24] * Cream cuddles Malinaccier
[17:24] * Cream cuddles tombom
[17:24] * Cream cuddles Scetoaux
[17:24] * Cream cuddles Sceptre
[17:24] * Cream cuddles ffm
[17:24] * Cream cuddles Monobi
[17:24] * Cream cuddles Nowknownas
[17:24] * Cream cuddles WBOSITG
[17:24] <ffm> Malinaccier: I'm prefrental to "Wee-bo".
[17:24] <gfngr> Im making a page now
[17:24] <WBOSITG> and not just [[Tom Cruise]]
[17:24] <Scetoaux> Put it on the Bureaucrats' Noticeboard.
[17:24] <SteveCrossin> you are WBSTIG
[17:24] * ffm anticuddles Cream.
[17:24] <Scetoaux> You'll definitely get noticed.
[17:24] <WBOSITG> :P
[17:24] <Malinaccier> ffm: lol
[17:24] <ffm> Scetoaux: [[WP:BEANS]].
[17:24] <SteveCrossin> WOBSTUG
[17:24] <Malinaccier> ffm: WBOStIG is pretty good too
[17:24] * WBOSITG slaps Cream for flooding :P
[17:24] * CWii hugs CWii
[17:24] <CWii> oh wait..
[17:24] <TenPoundHammer> lol
[17:24] * Malinaccier cuddles Cream
[17:24] <Cream> I love being slapped
[17:24] <Scetoaux> hmm
[17:24] * TenPoundHammer trouts Cream
[17:24] <WBOSITG> .9
[17:24] <Scetoaux> good point ffm
[17:24] <tombom> gfngr, from the past two minutes of this conversation, it appears that your intent towards making a separate article for each pokemon is with the intent to edit wikipedia to make a point < this idea
[17:24] <WBOSITG> 9.9
[17:25] <Cream> see
[17:25] <Scetoaux> But I was being sarcastic
[17:25] <TenPoundHammer> lol
[17:25] * CWii bitch slaps Cream
[17:25] <Cream> no automated reply :P
[17:25] * ffm was about to shout !_OPERS_HELP_THERES_A_SCARY_TROLL
[17:25] * Malinaccier (n=malinacc@unaffiliated/malinaccier) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[17:25] <Scetoaux> Me?
[17:25] <aitias> good night.
[17:25] <Scetoaux> A scary troll?
[17:25] <tombom> oh i see
[17:25] <tombom> haha
[17:25] <WBOSITG> bye aitias
[17:25] * Nowknownas takes off the scary mask
[17:25] <tombom> :(
[17:25] <ffm> Scetoaux: no, Cream .
[17:25] <Scetoaux> :p
[17:25] <CWii> Nowknownas, heh :)
[17:25] <ffm> and I ment another word, which  I cannot remember.
[17:25] <aitias> byebye WBOSITG :)
[17:26] <ffm> uh... user with lack of clue?
[17:26] <WBOSITG> :)
[17:26] <WBOSITG> By the way
[17:26] <Scetoaux> Actually, I meant I was being sarcastic about the Bureaucrats' Noticeboard remark
[17:26] * aitias (n=aitias@wikipedia/aitias) Quit ("Verlassend" )
[17:26] <WBOSITG> in RfAs
[17:26] <CWii> gfngr, what your wiki username
[17:26] <Scetoaux> I was simply quick to judge about hte remark on gfngr
[17:26] <WBOSITG> Why do people go "Support: has [[WP:CLUE]]"
[17:26] <tombom> dunno
[17:26] * Nowknownas believes CWii can read his mind and pick out thoughts
[17:26] <WBOSITG> WP:CLUE redirs to Wikipedia is not a democracy...
[17:26] <tombom> meme
[17:26] <Scetoaux> Something to say I guess
[17:26] * Malinaccier ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:26] * tombom (i=tombom@ Quit ("Peace and Protection 4.22.2" )
[17:26] <Scetoaux> I mean
[17:26] <gfngr> KingsOfHearts
[17:27] <Scetoaux> It appears to be common practice that a user doesn't have to rationalize a support !vote
[17:27] * SteveCrossin eats WP:CLUE
[17:27] * SteveCrossin eats the english wikipedia
[17:27] <Malinaccier> Thank you WBOSSSSSSSSSS
[17:27] * TenPoundHammer eats trout
[17:27] * SteveCrossin is now very knowledgable :p
[17:27] <CWii> it should be [[WP:CLUEFUL]]
[17:27] <Scetoaux> I honestly don't recall where I've interacted with WBOSITG before
[17:27] <Scetoaux> I'll have to do a search
[17:28] * pmsyyz ( Quit (Connection timed out )
[17:28] <Scetoaux> It might have been my RFA tho
[17:28] <Monobi> We need to set up an anarcho-capitalist system for dealing with users in channels
[17:28] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: he never commented
[17:28] <Monobi> That involves oping everyone
[17:28] * Nowknownas eats the french wikipedia, beat that SteveCrossin!
[17:28] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: He's one of my past coachees.......
[17:28] <Cream> someone RFA me
[17:28] <Cream> :P
[17:28] <CWii> Monobi, everyone would ban each other
[17:28] * Malinaccier shoves Nowknownas down SteveCrossin's throat
[17:28] <CWii> it would be pretty lonely after that
[17:28] <WBOSITG> Scetoaux, I was all over the place
[17:28] <Scetoaux> ah, ok
[17:28] <Scetoaux> yeah
[17:29] <Monobi> CWii, of course not, naturally the channel would demand bots that would deal with things of that nature
[17:29] <WBOSITG> But am now not
[17:29] * Nowknownas steals the english wikipedia from steve's stomach
[17:29] * SteveCrossin eats the entire wikimedia foundation and all related websites
[17:29] <SteveCrossin> XD
[17:29] <Scetoaux> lol, Kurt's comment on my RFA scared me, frankly
[17:29] * Nowknownas eats Jimbo Wales
[17:29] * SteveCrossin eats wikia too
[17:29] <Scetoaux> it wasn't the self nomination one, since I wasn't
[17:29] <CWii> Monobi, oh, I see were this is going 9.9
[17:29] <Malinaccier> The politician one?
[17:29] <Scetoaux> yeah
[17:29] <Malinaccier> meh...
[17:29] <WBOSITG> Scetoaux, his "admin coached" thing?
[17:29] <Monobi> Scetoaux, link
[17:29] <gfngr>
[17:29] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ Quit (" ajax IRC Client" )
[17:29] <Scetoaux>
[17:29] * CWii eats brion
[17:29] <Malinaccier> WBOSITG: he said "politician candidate"
[17:29] <WBOSITG> O.o
[17:29] <WBOSITG> wtf?
[17:30] <gfngr> Sign my petion if you agree with me!!
[17:30] <Scetoaux> I guess I might have been, I don't know
[17:30] <WBOSITG> zOMG, Scetoaux is Boris Johnson
[17:30] <CWii> gfngr, NO PETTION
[17:30] <Malinaccier> WBOSITG: it means he did nearly all editing for RFA (which he didn't)
[17:30] <CWii> sry for caps
[17:30] * guillom|away (n=guillom@wikimedia/guillom) Quit ("<cary> So where is this foundation-l thread where people are editing my job?" )
[17:30] <gfngr> ITS A SURVEY
[17:30] * Scarian ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:31] <WBOSITG> gfngr, please to remove your survey
[17:31] <gfngr> Y
[17:31] <gfngr> ?
[17:31] <Scetoaux> please to depress your capslock
[17:31] <Scetoaux> gfngr, that is
[17:31] <WBOSITG> Because there was an MfD?
[17:31] <CWii> gfngr, cuz the admins says so.
[17:31] <gfngr> ?
[17:31] <WBOSITG> And it was decided on?
[17:31] <ffm> WBOSITG: It means [[Clueful]]-ness.
[17:31] <WBOSITG> Oh.
[17:31] * Smythe (n=Elijia@unaffiliated/smythe) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:31] <WBOSITG> Ok, then...
[17:31] <CWii> hey Scarian
[17:31] <Scetoaux> Ah well
[17:31] <Scetoaux> I'm still pulling
[17:31] * CWii is actually compwhizii ;-)
[17:31] <Scarian> CWii: Hey little man.
[17:31] <ffm> gfngr: Feel free to take it to [[WP:DR]] if it hasn't.
[17:31] * Rjd|away is now known as Rjd0060
[17:32] <WBOSITG> o hai Scarian and Smythe
[17:32] <Scetoaux> end of August
[17:32] <WBOSITG> CWii, not anymair
[17:32] <Scarian> Hey WBOSITGGGGG
[17:32] <Smythe> WBOSITG, HU R U!??!?!
[17:32] <CWii> WBOSITG, omg.
[17:32] <Malinaccier> Scarian: call him WBOSSSSSSS
[17:32] * ffm likes his client's way of doing <caps></caps>
[17:32] <Tinkleheimer> Whee done with all the thanking!
[17:32] <Nowknownas> kl
[17:32] <ffm> WEEBOO!!!!
[17:32] <Scarian> Malinaccier: He ain't no boss o' me.
[17:32] * Tinkleheimer feels sorry for Giggy
[17:32] <Scetoaux> lol, wut?
[17:32] <gfngr> Why cant i have a petion?
[17:32] <ffm> gfngr: Because we arn't a democracy.
[17:32] <Scetoaux> Because it implies that Wikipedia si a democracy
[17:32] <WBOSITG> Canvassing on IRC maybe
[17:32] <Sfan00> Because the 'community' has ru;ed
[17:32] <gfngr> commies
[17:33] <Sfan00> LOL
[17:33] <Sfan00> ROLF
[17:33] <Scetoaux> LULZ
[17:33] <Scetoaux> sorry
[17:33] * bjweeks (n=bjweeks@unaffiliated/bjweeks) has left #wikipedia-en ("Leaving" )
[17:33] <Scetoaux> that wasn't nice of me
[17:33] <ffm> gfngr: lol..
[17:33] <WBOSITG> Smythe, We Buried Our Secrets In The Garden
[17:33] <Scarian> gfngr: Complete opposite buddy.
[17:33] <ffm> gfngr: We're based on [[WP:CLUE]].
[17:33] <CWii> gfngr, remove it or I will
[17:33] <ffm> gfngr: Communism is an economic system.
[17:33] <Cream> let's all raid #Uncyclopedia
[17:33] <gfngr> LOL
[17:33] <WBOSITG> Tinkleheimer, I 100% agree
[17:33] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:33] <Malinaccier> Cream: I'll come :p
[17:33] <WBOSITG> but giggy's a big boy now.
[17:33] <gfngr> I will
[17:33] <CWii> gfngr, you have 1 minute...starting now
[17:33] <Tinkleheimer> Yeah
[17:34] <Malinaccier> Everyone /join #uncyclopedia
[17:34] <Sfan00> gfngr: Seriosuly , you don't want to upset people her
[17:34] <Sfan00> *here
[17:34] <Scetoaux> Just watching :p
[17:34] <gfngr> OMFG
[17:34] <Nowknownas> ZOMG DRAMAZ!
[17:34] <Sfan00> Some people on here can go from  Jekyll to Hyde in seconds
[17:34] <gfngr> Why cant I have it
[17:34] <Sfan00> It's not a pretty picture
[17:35] <gfngr> I bet a million people would sign it.
[17:35] * Golbez ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:35] <Monobi> gfngr, yes, you're correct, wikipedia is communism
[17:35] <Scetoaux> Yes
[17:35] <Sfan00> For whatever reason pokecruft isn't notable :)
[17:35] * Shanel (n=Shanel@wikimedia/Shanel) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[17:35] <Scetoaux> Because Wikipedia redistributes its income to all its users evenly
[17:35] <Scetoaux> Obviously.
[17:35] * masterpersona (n=Shanel@wikimedia/Shanel) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:35] <Nowknownas> gfngr, quit while you are ahead
[17:35] <Sfan00> You want a Pokemon wiki - try wikia
[17:36] <ffm> gfngr: Because we arn't a democracy.
[17:36] <Scetoaux> I'm pretty certain there already is a Pokemon wiki
[17:36] <gfngr> No I want to Increase the span of wikipedia
[17:36] * masterpersona is now known as Shanel
[17:36] <Sfan00> Nowknownas: He could also try quiting whilst he still has the body of his argument ;)
[17:36] <Malinaccier> lol ffm
[17:36] <Scetoaux> erm, guys, question
[17:36] <Sfan00> gfngr:LOL
[17:36] <ffm> gfngr: span? wrong word, IIRC.
[17:36] <Nowknownas> Removed
[17:36] <Scetoaux> How does raiding uncyclopedia and proclaiming proudly that you're Wikipedians spread a positive image of the online encyclopedia?
[17:36] <ffm> gfngr: For a dictonary, see wikitionary.
[17:36] <Monobi> Scetoaux, no, because everyone is treated as a supposed equal while a small group of bureaucratic users run the system
[17:37] <Monobi> Scetoaux, it has nothing to do with licensing
[17:37] <Scetoaux> Monobi: I was joking in that case as well
[17:37] <CWii> lol
[17:37] <Monobi> Back to games
[17:37] <Malinaccier> That was fun, lol
[17:37] <Scarian> That was crap!
[17:37] <MBisanz> Monobi, what is your opinion on the Global Sysop proposal
[17:37] <WBOSITG> lol
[17:37] <MBisanz> and the policy in response to it
[17:37] <Scarian> Us Wikipedian's don't fair well against people that l33t speak :-/
[17:37] <Monobi> MBisanz, I think it is a wonderful idea
[17:37] * Cream is watching trough a sockpuppet
[17:37] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:37] <Monobi> MBisanz, and, I haven't seen policy regrading it
[17:38] <CWii> WBOSITG, lol
[17:38] <Monobi> Just the ideas on meta
[17:38] <gfngr> Wikipedia will never be 100% accurate so why not incorperate topics that are somewhat notable.
[17:38] <Scetoaux> What global sysop proposal?
[17:38] <Scarian> Cream: Were you even in Uncyclopedia?!
[17:38] <WBOSITG> gfngr, you are hereby shot
[17:38] <WBOSITG> :P
[17:38] <Monobi> *regarding
[17:38] <MBisanz>
[17:38] * Rjd0060 can'
[17:38] <WBOSITG> Scarian, you got banned.
[17:38] <WBOSITG> HAHA
[17:38] <Scetoaux> gfngr: No, because there is no indication that any individual pokemon, except possibly pikachu, is notable in itself
[17:38] <WBOSITG> :P
[17:38] <Cream> Scarian, yup
[17:38] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:38] <MBisanz> mostly written by me and danielB
[17:38] <Scarian> I wrote "LULZ".
[17:38] <Malinaccier> I left before I got banned
[17:38] * Rjd0060 can't wait to oppose the global rights proposal *
[17:38] <Scarian> Bastards.
[17:38] <gfngr> Um ya there is
[17:38] <WBOSITG> Scarian, CWii was only kicked
[17:39] <Scarian> CWii: You ass.
[17:39] <WBOSITG> and the other troll was only kicked
[17:39] <Scetoaux> oh
[17:39] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:39] <Scarian> Why'd I get banned?
[17:39] <Nowknownas> gfngr, please give it up, drop it, set it on fire, then forget about it, it is not going to happen.
[17:39] <Scarian> Actually...
[17:39] <Scetoaux> so it's not like that proposal where adminship would be awarded like rollback
[17:39] <Scarian> Why do I even care?
[17:39] <Malinaccier> Cuz you probably blocked whoever banned you, Scarian
[17:39] <WBOSITG> but you were BANNINatied/
[17:39] <WBOSITG> :P
[17:39] <WBOSITG> Meh, Scarian ftw
[17:39] <WBOSITG> :)
[17:39] <gfngr> Thats what people probably said to goerge washington.
[17:39] <Scetoaux> "I want to be an administrator" "Uh, OK." "Oops I deleted the main page and locked the servers for 45 minutes"
[17:39] <gfngr> and licon
[17:39] * Scarian cuddles Malinaccier and WBOSITG.
[17:39] <Nowknownas> Ooooh, one foot in the grave is on!
[17:39] * WBOSITG toasts to Scarian's bravery
[17:40] <Malinaccier> in another few days we should raid them again
[17:40] * Scarian stands on the podium and cradles the Word.doc that holds the text that says he was banned.
[17:40] <Scetoaux> "Oh crap, we can't desysop you without the Arbitration Committee!"
[17:40] * ffm (n=firefoxm@unaffiliated/ffm) Quit ("leaving" )
[17:40] * WBOSITG pours water on Scetoaux
[17:40] <gfngr> But he fought on and accomplished great things.
[17:40] <CWii> shall we do another
[17:40] <Scarian> What was gfngr's proposal?
[17:40] * CWii isn't banned
[17:40] * Soxred93 (n=Soxred93@unaffiliated/soxred93) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:40] <WBOSITG> No, not know
[17:40] <Scarian> CWii: You can do it on your own then. A couple got banned.
[17:40] <Scetoaux> Scarian: Make a wikipedia page for each pokemon
[17:40] <WBOSITG> You'd be instabanned.
[17:40] * CMoreschi (i=519ae261@wikimedia/Moreschi) Quit (" ajax IRC Client" )
[17:41] <Scarian> Scetoaux: I'd delete every single one.
[17:41] <Scetoaux> But... what?
[17:41] <WBOSITG> lol.
[17:41] * ffm (n=firefoxm@unaffiliated/ffm) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:41] <CWii> I'm idling in the channel now lol
[17:41] <Malinaccier> WBOSITG: why didn't you get kicked/banned?
[17:41] <WBOSITG> That's democracy for yah.
[17:41] <CWii> I even pulled this:
[17:41] <Nowknownas> could you imagin the list of "confirmed sockpuppets"? lol
[17:41] <WBOSITG> Malinaccier, because I rock.
[17:41] <Scetoaux> How do you possibly compare making wikipedia pages on Pokemon to George Washingtonian legacy?
[17:41] <Malinaccier> WBOSITG: you were spamming AAAAA
[17:41] <WBOSITG> :O
[17:41] <CWii>  CWii spanks Mordillo's girl
[17:41] <WBOSITG> Look at uncyclopedia's AAAAA! page
[17:41] <Scarian> You shouldn't been banned for that.
[17:41] <Nowknownas> I am //tired//
[17:41] <Scarian> *should've
[17:42] <Scetoaux> What is AAAAA?
[17:42] <Scetoaux> anyway"
[17:42] <WBOSITG> Look at uncyclopedia's AAAAA! page
[17:42] <CWii> I should of been banned :D
[17:42] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:42] <WBOSITG> oh I'll get a link.
[17:42] <Scarian> CWii: * should have
[17:42] <Scarian> Kids do that all the time.
[17:42] <Scarian> It's "should have" not "should of".
[17:42] <Scarian> ;)
[17:42] <Rjd0060> He shoulda' :P
[17:42] <CWii> :)
[17:43] <Scarian> Rjd0060: Easy on the racism...
[17:43] <Scarian> :-O
[17:43] <Rjd0060> :O
[17:43] * Tinkleheimer waits for link
[17:43] <WBOSITG> LOL
[17:43] <WBOSITG> For some genuine bigotry, the wikifiddlers at Freakypedia have written a propaganda the official version of A. Jesus wept!
[17:43] <Rjd0060> Just go to uncyclopedia and get it yourself :P
[17:43] <gfngr> Spam this link
[17:44] <Scarian> gfngr: Yeah definitely!
[17:44] <gfngr> It drives them bat shit
[17:44] * Scarian coughs.
[17:44] <Malinaccier> Cream: did you get banned too?
[17:44] <WBOSITG>
[17:44] <WBOSITG> there.
[17:44] <Cream> Malinaccier, not yet :P
[17:44] * Tinkleheimer ( Quit (Client Quit )
[17:44] <Malinaccier> Shoot
[17:44] <Malinaccier> I got banned :(
[17:44] <WBOSITG> lulz
[17:44] <WBOSITG> did you all go back?
[17:44] <WBOSITG> WHY?!
[17:44] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:44] * Tinkleheimer ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:44] <Nowknownas> WOW
[17:44] <Malinaccier> for fun
[17:44] <WBOSITG> :(
[17:44] <Nowknownas> BSoAAAAAAAA
[17:44] <WBOSITG> You all faill
[17:44] <Scetoaux> allegations of allegations of apartheid apartheid?
[17:45] * Cream is gonna make public logs
[17:45] <CWii> gfngr, you're a spammer eh?
[17:45] * Scarian pours Cream into his cup.
[17:45] <Scetoaux> OH
[17:45] * Sfan00 considers a banning on Cream
[17:45] <Scarian> Cream: Please tell me that one hasn't been done before.
[17:45] <Scetoaux> The one on Uncyclopedia makes better sense, sorry guys
[17:45] <gfngr> lol it uncycloepdia
[17:45] <CWii> ah
[17:45] <ffm> WBOSITG: I thought you were on wikibreak... *winks*
[17:45] <WBOSITG>
[17:45] <WBOSITG> LOL ^^
[17:46] <Monobi> WBOSITG, poke >_>
[17:46] <Monobi> WBOSITG, incoming PM
[17:46] <WBOSITG> okz
[17:46] SpamTunes stopped.
[17:46] <ffm> WBOSITG: super-anti-poke.
[17:46] <Scarian> WBOSITG: Is that the same guy who hits the screen? I thought androids were incapable of feeling human emotion. What are your subsequent thoughts upon seeing the images?
[17:47] <Tinkleheimer> Hi again. Erm
[17:47] <gfngr> This is my finial Question. If someone wants to write an article on something  semi notable and includes good sources what is the problem/
[17:47] <Scarian> gfnger: Semi-notable?
[17:47] * Nowknownas can't figure out why he created his own channel
[17:47] <WBOSITG> Scarian, errr, yes.
[17:47] <Scarian> gfnger: Put [[WP:NOTABLE]] into your search bar on Wikipedia and read that.
[17:48] <Majorly> who pinged me
[17:48] <ffm> gfngr: If it meets [[WP:NOTE]] and is [[WP:V]], then...
[17:48] <ffm> Otherwise...
[17:48] <gfngr> Pokemon?
[17:48] <Nowknownas> ^^^Without the brackets^^^
[17:48] <ffm> gfngr: Notibility is not inheritived.
[17:48] <Scarian> ffm: You gotta make it more simple. I think he's new...
[17:48] * Scarian giggles.
[17:48] <gfngr> No im not check my contribuation
[17:48] <gfngr> i got 500 edits
[17:48] <gfngr> and wrote 2 articles
[17:48] <Scarian> Some people have 100,000+
[17:49] <Scetoaux> POKEMANS
[17:49] <gfngr> so they bots
[17:49] <Scarian> gfngr: Nej, humans with 175,000+ edits.
[17:49] <Scarian> gfngr: Is English your native language, btw?
[17:49] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:49] <gfngr> ya
[17:49] <ffm> gfngr: Yet you don't seem familar with WP policy.
[17:49] * Malinaccier wants to go rogue
[17:49] <ffm> Malinaccier: go rouge, its better.
[17:49] <CWii> gfngr, i have 17,700+
[17:49] <Scetoaux> You should
[17:49] <Scetoaux> That would look real great for my next RFA
[17:49] <Scetoaux> :p
[17:49] <Malinaccier> I wanna close an AFD that's been open one day
[17:49] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:50] <Scarian> Malinaccier: Go Rogue on whom?
[17:50] <Scarian> Ah.
[17:50] <Scetoaux> nah
[17:50] <CWii> Scarian, in gneralo silly
[17:50] <WBOSITG> Malinaccier, 1 minute.
[17:50] <WBOSITG> GO}
[17:50] <CWii> ah, can
[17:50] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:50] <WBOSITG> one on the Main page
[17:50] * Scarian nods at CWii.
[17:50] <CWii> 't spell or ype for that matter
[17:50] <Scetoaux> close an RFA as passing in one day and claim you're practicing for your inevitable Bureaucratship
[17:50] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: look at
[17:50] <Scetoaux> :p
[17:50] <WBOSITG> {{subst:at|delete}} non admin closure ~~~~
[17:50] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:51] * JohnReaves (n=JohnReav@wikimedia/John-Reaves) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:51] <Scetoaux> holy crap
[17:51] <Malinaccier> {{subst:at|delete}} '''Delete per IRC''' ~~~~
[17:51] <Scetoaux> lol, that would look real great too. :p
[17:51] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: yep
[17:51] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:51] <gfngr> what is RFA stand for
[17:51] <Malinaccier> I soooooooo wanna close it
[17:51] <Scetoaux> Requests for Adminship
[17:51] * Not_the_NSA (n=R@wikipedia/R) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:51] <gfngr> and how many edits do I need to be an admin?
[17:51] * Macy (i=Macys123@unaffiliated/macy) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:51] <Scetoaux> I feel safe now that the NSA has proclaimed their non-presence.
[17:52] <Malinaccier> gfngr: 5,000 to be safe
[17:52] <ffm> gfngr: You need policy understanding.
[17:52] <Malinaccier> gfngr: 6 months experience
[17:52] <ffm> gfngr: >2000 is typical.
[17:52] <Scetoaux> You need to have a [[WP:CLUE]]
[17:52] <Cream> hmm
[17:52] <ffm> Scetoaux: no, wrong WP:SHORT.
[17:52] <gfngr> Ok so if I get 5000 edits i be come admin?
[17:52] <Cream> a Cyberattack towards CAnada
[17:52] <Malinaccier> TenPoundHammer: Ping
[17:52] <Malinaccier> gfngr: not necessarily
[17:52] <TenPoundHammer> squeak?
[17:52] <Golbez> gfngr- it depends on if people vote for you
[17:52] <TenPoundHammer> Malinaccier: I'm here
[17:52] <ffm> gfngr: no.
[17:52] <ffm> Golbez: !vote.
[17:52] <gfngr> I can get people to vote im precsucive
[17:53] <Malinaccier> I wanna close an AFD, but I'm unsure if I'll get yelled at, Ten Pound Hammer
[17:53] <ffm> gfngr: I don't think you get it.
[17:53] <Golbez> ffm- whateva. =p
[17:53] <Malinaccier> TenTenPoundHammer:
[17:53] <gfngr> wut AFD
[17:53] <Scetoaux> when I first looked at the url
[17:53] <ffm> gfngr: See [[WP:AFD]]
[17:53] <Malinaccier> gfngr: Articles for Deletion
[17:53] <Golbez> gfngr- tip #1: if you can't spell persuasive, you can't be an admin
[17:53] <Scetoaux> I didn't realize the %28 was supposed to be /
[17:53] <Golbez> tip #2: if you don't know what RFA or AFD mean, you can't be an admin.
[17:53] <Malinaccier> gfngr: look at WP:WTF
[17:53] <Scetoaux> so I thought it was the 288th deletion nomination of the Allegations of Israeli apartheid article
[17:53] <TenPoundHammer> Malinaccier: Yes, I know
[17:53] <Nowknownas> It's not about hwo many edits you have, it's wether you are trusted, wether you show that you have a basic knowladge of policies, how much you contribute to things like wp:ani
[17:54] * rory096 (n=NotATarp@wikipedia/Rory096) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:54] * Prodego (n=Prodego@unaffiliated/prodego) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:54] <Nowknownas> how you react to difficult situations
[17:54] <Malinaccier> TenPoundHammer: Should I?
[17:54] <ffm> gfngr: see [[WP:GRFA]]
[17:54] <Golbez> so, who's going to wikimania?
[17:54] <Scetoaux> And I thought "Jesus, talk about a dispute"
[17:54] <TenPoundHammer> Malinaccier: Close it
[17:54] * Malinaccier is nervous
[17:54] <Monobi> Golbez, not I
[17:54] <Scarian> Malinaccier: Link moi.
[17:55] <Scetoaux> I am witness to the consulation with TPH
[17:55] * Alexfusco5 (n=Alex@wikimedia/Alexfusco5) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:55] <Scetoaux> :D
[17:55] <Malinaccier> Scarian
[17:55] <Malinaccier> Scarian: I would /love/ to close it
[17:55] <Golbez> I would be if it were in Atlanta. =p I just spent way too much money on a trip to Chicago, so Alexandria is a little out of my league. (Also, I strongly disagree with the selection process, ranking safety and 'novelty' equally)
[17:55] <ffm> doitdoitdoitdoit!!!!
[17:55] * LOL` ( Quit ("Leaving" )
[17:55] <ffm> (don't , really)
[17:55] <Scetoaux> Wasn't an anonymous user nominated for adminship once?
[17:55] <Scarian> Malinaccier: On !votes it's clearly a keep.
[17:55] <Malinaccier> Scarian: yeah
[17:56] <Scetoaux> I don't recall the page, but this was like the most active non-admin contributor
[17:56] <Scarian> Malinaccier: I'd support a close.
[17:56] <Scetoaux> the IP was extraordinarily static
[17:56] <Malinaccier> Scarian: so go ahead?
[17:56] <Scarian> Malinaccier: Ja but don't mention anything about an IRC consensus.
[17:56] <Scarian> ;)
[17:56] <Malinaccier> lol
[17:56] * Luna-San (n=goodysan@wikimedia/Luna-Santin) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:56] <Golbez> "everybody realized that if you gave him an enema he would fit in a matchbox" That's brilliant prose.
[17:56] * Howcheng|away is now known as Howcheng
[17:56] <MBisanz> Scarian that IP is still active
[17:56] <Scetoaux> What are you closing it as?
[17:56] <MBisanz> 22,000 edits
[17:56] <WBOSITG> Don't Mention the war
[17:56] <Malinaccier> Keep
[17:56] <Nowknownas> gfngr, posting petitions on your page is not helping your cause, also, it's worth noting that many people here are admins (apart from me)
[17:56] <Scarian> MBisanz: The genre troll one?
[17:56] <WBOSITG> Malinaccier, don't close.
[17:57] <WBOSITG> Please
[17:57] <MBisanz> no, the IP nommed for adminship
[17:57] <WBOSITG> There are somw deletes there.
[17:57] <Scarian> MBisanz: It wasn't me who asked :S
[17:57] <ffm> MBisanz: Can  a static IP be nommed for adminship?
[17:57] <WBOSITG> You'd probably end up on ANI
[17:57] <Malinaccier> WBOSITG: hmm
[17:57] <Malinaccier> maybe
[17:57] <MBisanz> ffm yes
[17:57] <Malinaccier> idk...that's why I asked here first
[17:57] <Scetoaux> ffm: No, actually
[17:57] <Scetoaux> I guess in theory
[17:57] <WBOSITG> Well, let it run
[17:57] <MBisanz> the criteria is that if he accepts, he must register an account and a CU must confirm
[17:57] <Cream> someone nominate me :D
[17:58] <Scarian> MBisanz: What was his IP?
[17:58] <Scetoaux> yeah, MBisanz basically said it
[17:58] <Cream> MBisanz, and a bureaucrat must link the contribs
[17:58] <Scarian> 156.X?
[17:58] * WBOSITG nominates Cream
[17:58] <Malinaccier> MBisanz: is he actually gonna register?
[17:58] * Nowknownas nominates make him a coffee
[17:58] <Scetoaux> no
[17:58] <MBisanz> the IP I was thinking of? no
[17:58] <Malinaccier> darn
[17:58] <MBisanz> he refuses consistently
[17:58] * WBOSITG watches Cream fail due to the "per IRC" nom statement"
[17:58] <Scetoaux> he's been refusing for years
[17:58] <Malinaccier> MBisanz: I saw his RFA...
[17:58] <Chetblong> Cream: gimme coffe
[17:58] <east718|away> MBisanz > 238.
[17:58] <Scetoaux> since before I even registered, afaik
[17:58] <Chetblong> *coffee
[17:58] <east718|away> 156 is libs. ^_^
[17:58] <Prodego> ffm: it is impossible to make an IP a sysop
[17:58] <WBOSITG> east718|away < WBOSITG < 300012
[17:58] <Scarian> east718|away: Did you see his new account?
[17:59] <east718|away> :o account? where?
[17:59] * Tinkleheimer ( Quit (Connection reset by peer )
[17:59] * Tinkleheimer ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:59] <Majorly> o hai Chetblong
[17:59] <WBOSITG> Prodego, unless the IP makes an account.
[17:59] <WBOSITG> :)
[17:59] <Scetoaux> yeah, WBOSITG
[17:59] <Chetblong> hey Maj o rly?
[17:59] <Malinaccier> WBOSITG: alright, I'll leave it for a day or two
[17:59] <Prodego> WBOSITG: well then you aren't an IP anymore
[18:00] <Scetoaux> but the point is, it is technically impossible to apply sysop rights to the IP address alone
[18:00] <Scarian> Is the IP a good contributor?
[18:00] <Soxred93>  I'm having an internal debate on whether to accept an RfA nom right as school ends, when I have time, or to wait to July.
[18:00] <gfngr> wait why wont he make an acount
[18:00] <gfngr> it take like 1 min
[18:00] <Scarian> gfngr: Apparently.
[18:00] <Majorly> Soxred93, don't accept ever
[18:00] <Scetoaux> Just as that IP address can't use Twinkle, for example, because it requires a user configuration subpage
[18:00] <Malinaccier> Scarian: 22K edits
[18:00] <Scetoaux> it requires the ability to edit the monobook.js
[18:00] <Scarian> They should make it hard for people to make accounts...
[18:00] <Scarian> It'd weed out a lot of "unsuitable" candidates.
[18:00] <Nowknownas> gfngr: what is your first language?
[18:00] <Scetoaux> Require E-Mail?
[18:00] <Scarian> Nowknownas: English. :|
[18:00] <Soxred93> Why should I not majorly accept?
[18:01] <gfngr> English is my 1st
[18:01] <WBOSITG> Malinaccier, good :)
[18:01] <Malinaccier> They should require a name and address
[18:01] <Scarian> gfngr: How old are you?
[18:01] <WBOSITG> Prodego, fair point.
[18:01] <Scetoaux> Malinaccier: I wouldn't go that far.
[18:01] <Malinaccier> so that it scares them into not vandalizing
[18:01] <Majorly> because you Soxred93 would be better to not
[18:01] <gfngr> i just am typing wit 1 hand cause i broke the other
[18:01] <Scetoaux> I've only revealed my first name, and my address is not localized to anything more than the county I live in
[18:01] <Scarian> Some guy said credit cards at [[WP:VILLAGE]]
[18:01] <Nowknownas> gfngr: Please can you speak it correctly please, :b
[18:01] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: we wouldn't keep the address, just amke them type it in
[18:01] <gfngr> k
[18:01] <WBOSITG> gfngr, broke it, sure.
[18:01] <Soxred93> I already participate in a lot of admin areas
[18:01] <WBOSITG> :P
[18:01] <Scetoaux> ah
[18:01] <Scarian> Exhausted it more like.
[18:01] <gfngr> im >16
[18:01] <Scetoaux> so I could type 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
[18:02] <Nowknownas> Congratulations
[18:02] <Malinaccier> Soxred93: at least wait for July
[18:02] <Soxred93> WP:ACC, WP:OP, WP:AIV, WP:UAA, WP:NPP, etc.
[18:02] * Scetoaux degausses his monitor.
[18:02] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: I think it would slightly deter things
[18:02] <WBOSITG> gfngr, I'm < 15
[18:02] <Majorly> Soxred93, what about wikipedia?
[18:02] <WBOSITG> no, Worng.
[18:02] <Majorly> WBOSITG, O_o
[18:02] <gfngr> lol you 14?
[18:02] <WBOSITG> I'm < 16
[18:02] <Scetoaux> Yeah, but it'd be less work for us anti-vandal fighters, eh?
[18:02] <Scarian> Soxred93: Don't jump into it straight away.
[18:02] <Soxred93> Majorly, ???
[18:02] <WBOSITG> even
[18:02] <Nowknownas> And I am 17, lets have a party
[18:02] <WBOSITG> ;P
[18:02] <Scetoaux> wait, are we doing age here?
[18:02] <gfngr> are u an admuin
[18:02] <WBOSITG> Woo, the drinks are on Nowknownas
[18:02] * east718|away runs everyone off his damn lawn
[18:02] <Scarian> gfngr: Yes, they are an admin.
[18:02] <WBOSITG> lol
[18:02] <Scetoaux> lol
[18:02] * Scarian isn't sure on sex.
[18:03] * Scetoaux is 17
[18:03] <gfngr> omg
[18:03] <WBOSITG> Majorly, o.O
[18:03] <WBOSITG> gfngr, I am.
[18:03] <Malinaccier> gfngr: there are no age limits to adminship, but people will oppose based on age if it is made known
[18:03] <gfngr> that is cool
[18:03] <Scetoaux> yeah
[18:03] <Majorly> oh they will take the opportunity
[18:03] <Majorly> anything to oppose
[18:03] <WBOSITG> Malinaccier, Yeah, I got an age oppose.
[18:03] <CWii> so I'm pretty screwed :P
[18:03] <Scarian> Like Friday.
[18:03] <Majorly> age is perfect
[18:03] <Scetoaux> I had made it known, but I removed it from my user page
[18:03] * Rdsmith4 (n=Rdsmith4@wikipedia/Rdsmith4) Quit ("." )
[18:03] <Scetoaux> Of course, it's still available in the page history
[18:03] <WBOSITG> From Tiptoety
[18:03] <Scarian> Scetoaux: get it deleted.
[18:03] * Majorly seems to remember Scetoaux negatively...
[18:03] <Malinaccier> WBOSITG: I didn't :p
[18:03] <gfngr> cool dont tell any one im gona be an admin by sept 29
[18:04] <WBOSITG> Scetoaux, I'll delete it if you like
[18:04] <Soxred93> Great
[18:04] <Scetoaux> No need.
[18:04] <Malinaccier> Majorly: why?
[18:04] <Soxred93> So I will fail
[18:04] <Monobi> Any bot ideas
[18:04] <Soxred93> Because everyone knows my agi
[18:04] <Nowknownas> I doubt this highly,
[18:04] <Soxred93> Monobi, all I have are kept to myself
[18:04] <Scarian> Soxred93: you'd get like 2 opposes tops
[18:04] <CWii> I'm 14!
[18:04] <Scetoaux> Yeah
[18:04] <CWii> there.
[18:04] <Scarian> Soxred93: (for age)
[18:04] <Majorly> Soxred93, 93 is plenty old enough
[18:04] <Scetoaux> Age is not really going to b e much of a factor
[18:04] <CWii> Screw me over now.
[18:04] <WBOSITG> CWii, happy birthday for ages ago
[18:04] <CWii> :)
[18:04] <Scetoaux> I'm just not going to advertise it until AFTER I become an admin
[18:04] <Majorly> lol
[18:04] <WBOSITG> lol
[18:04] <WBOSITG> if and when
[18:05] <CWii> Scarian, good plan
[18:05] <Soxred93> I think everyone can calculate based on the year, that I am 15
[18:05] * Ashfire908 (i=432f7742@wikipedia/Andrew-Hampe) has joined #Wikipedia-EN
[18:05] <Scetoaux> Majorly: Does your negative recollection of me have anything to do with an RFC?
[18:05] <Scarian> CWii: I have no plan.
[18:05] <Majorly> I told Anonymous Dissident to remove his age from his userpage just before his rfa. he got 144/1/0 iirc
[18:05] <CWii> Scetoaux, good plan
[18:05] <WBOSITG> Soxred93, and younger than me, woo
[18:05] <Nowknownas> IS THERE NOONE OVER THE AGE OF 20 HERE???
[18:05] <Malinaccier> lol
[18:05] <Scarian> I'm 21.
[18:05] <WBOSITG> nope.
[18:05] <gfngr> My dad is over 20
[18:05] <CWii> Scarian, ahh the wonders of tab complete :)
[18:05] <Majorly> Nowknownas, yes
[18:05] <WBOSITG> :O
[18:05] <Soxred93> I beat CWii :)
[18:05] <Majorly> lots of people
[18:05] <gfngr> and my brother
[18:05] <Malinaccier> Some op needsd to kick Scarian
[18:05] <Nowknownas> thank the lawd
[18:05] <Malinaccier> too old
[18:05] <NotASpy> Nowknownas: plenty of us.
[18:05] <CWii> Soxred93, to what????
[18:05] <Scarian> Malinaccier: How old are you?
[18:05] <Soxred93> Permit
[18:05] <Malinaccier> Not over 20
[18:05] <WBOSITG> Scarian, are you at Uni?
[18:06] <WBOSITG> :)
[18:06] <Nowknownas> 18 next month
[18:06] <Scarian> WBOSITG: I'm a writer.
[18:06] <Soxred93> *woohoo*
[18:06] <WBOSITG> oh.
[18:06] <Nowknownas> !!woot!!
[18:06] <Monobi> Well, it appears user over the age of 21 are incapable of serious political thought
[18:06] <CWii> Soxred93, oh fuck you ;-)
[18:06] <Sceptre> Majorly: you're from Manchester, right?
[18:06] <Scarian> Malinaccier: 19?
[18:06] <Soxred93> I'm going driving later tonight :)
[18:06] <Malinaccier> Scarian: have you written anything good?
[18:06] <Scetoaux> Majorly: Does your negative recollection of me have anything to do with an RFC?
[18:06] <Monobi> *users
[18:06] * WBOSITG reports CWii to ArbCom
[18:06] <Howcheng> i'm waaaay over 20
[18:06] <Soxred93> It's still a big deal for me, everyone!
[18:06] <gfngr> WBOSITG are you smart?
[18:06] <Cream> yes Nowknownas?
[18:06] <Monobi> Howcheng = 43
[18:06] <Scarian> Malinaccier: I can't say... but, no. :D
[18:06] <Majorly> Sceptre, no
[18:06] <WBOSITG> I'm so SMRT
[18:06] <Majorly> Scetoaux, no
[18:06] <WBOSITG> * SMART.
[18:06] <WBOSITG> :P
[18:06] <CWii> WBOSITG, oh noes not agian
[18:06] <Cream> S
[18:06] <Cream> m
[18:06] <Cream> R
[18:06] <Cream> T
[18:06] <Sceptre> oh, I was wondering if you could help me :(
[18:06] <gfngr> lol
[18:06] <Howcheng> monobi: not yet :P
[18:07] <Monobi> Howcheng, 34
[18:07] <WBOSITG> lol, that was so petty
[18:07] <Malinaccier> Scarian: lol
[18:07] <Howcheng> 38
[18:07] <CWii> WBOSITG, will it be for CAPS LOCK this time ;-)
[18:07] <Monobi> Dang
[18:07] <Majorly> Sceptre, why
[18:07] <WBOSITG> :P
[18:07] <Scarian> There are like 5 messages a second coming in.
[18:07] <WBOSITG> Sceptre > WBOSITG
[18:07] * Scarian goes and lays down.
[18:07] <NotASpy> Sceptre: run. that's all the help you need.
[18:07] <NotASpy> :p
[18:07] <WBOSITG> Scarian, I agree.
[18:07] <Sceptre> Majorly: how the hell can a train operator get "Oxfrod Road" from "Picadilly"?
[18:07] <CWii> what?
[18:07] <Soxred93> I still laugh at this category name: Fair use articles needing expert attention
[18:07] <Majorly> I don't know what you mean
[18:07] <Nowknownas> Oxfrod road?
[18:07] <NotASpy> Sceptre: what's happened ?
[18:07] <WBOSITG> Sceptre, if he was from Scotland?
[18:08] <Sceptre> NotASpy: I'm going to a gig next month
[18:08] <Majorly> Soxred93, have you written any articles?
[18:08] <Scetoaux> hmm
[18:08] <WBOSITG> or operating in Mongolia.
[18:08] <Soxred93> Yes
[18:08] <Sceptre> it's in Manchester
[18:08] <Scetoaux> I know I've seen you before, Majorly
[18:08] <CWii> Soxred93, nope. not a flicker on the laugh-o-meter
[18:08] <NotASpy> Sceptre: so you've booked the wrong ticket, right.
[18:08] <Soxred93> Fair Use Articles?
[18:08] * Nowknownas loved  the tube party on the 1st!
[18:08] <CWii> Soxred93, oh. haha?
[18:08] <Sceptre> NotASpy: the only other locations are Birmingham and London
[18:08] <Scarian> Nowknownas: You're too young to drink.
[18:08] <Majorly> NotASpy, they are different stations
[18:08] <Sceptre> Manchester may be bad, but at least they're not softies
[18:09] <Majorly> manchester is not bad
[18:09] <Scarian> Oh come on.
[18:09] <Scetoaux> trying to find out where and why you remember me negatively "[18:04] * Majorly seems to remember Scetoaux negatively... "
[18:09] <Sceptre> Majorly: compared to Yorkshire, the rest of the UK is pretty much shit :p
[18:09] <Nowknownas> Scarian, yes, your point is?
[18:09] <Nowknownas> lol
[18:09] <NotASpy> Majorly: yeah, been to/through both over the years.
[18:09] * Scarian looks at Nowknownas' undeveloped liver.
[18:09] <Scarian> Ja.
[18:09] <Sceptre> the point is, how the hell can National Rail get "Manchester Oxford Road" from "Manchester Picadilly" (one c)?
[18:09] <Majorly> two cs
[18:09] * phillip ( Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[18:09] * phillip ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:10] <Sceptre> Majorly: I know
[18:10] <Scetoaux> ah well
[18:10] <Majorly> Sceptre, you made a mistake, obviously
[18:10] <Scetoaux> I'm not going to worry about it
[18:10] <NotASpy> Sceptre: they usually sell tickets to Manchester (all terminals)
[18:10] <Sceptre> how the hell did it get Oxford Road, then?
[18:10] <Majorly> Scetoaux, have you ever opposed an rfa?
[18:10] <Majorly> Sceptre, it?
[18:10] <Majorly> you mean "you"
[18:10] <Sceptre> no, the journey planner
[18:10] <Scetoaux> Majorly: Yes
[18:10] <Majorly> NotASpy, no, I got Manchester Piccadilly
[18:10] <Sceptre> I understand the two will be like, half a mile apart at most
[18:10] <Scarian> Well walk it?
[18:11] <NotASpy> Sceptre: they divert trains from Picc to Ox Rd during engineering work into Picc
[18:11] <Majorly> Scetoaux, it was probably an oppose of yours that annoyed me :) Don't take it personally
[18:11] <CWii> oh guess what people!
[18:11] <Majorly> they aren't far
[18:11] <NotASpy> there's a train from Picc to Ox Rd
[18:11] <Sceptre> jeez, guys, I'm having a go at crappy search engines ;)
[18:11] <NotASpy> Platform 16, I think.
[18:11] <Majorly> er
[18:11] <Scetoaux> lol
[18:11] <Majorly> they don't go that high
[18:11] <CWii> I found out today that the High Schooler next door to me is a drug addcit :/
[18:11] <Scetoaux> I don't oppose much any more
[18:11] <Majorly> 14 is highest
[18:11] <Scetoaux> I completely changed my outlook towards RFA
[18:12] <Majorly> CWii, my brother is a druggie, beat that
[18:12] <Sceptre> NotASpy: on the line I'm going (M'boro-York-Leeds-Huddersfield-Picc-Airport), Piccadilly is the second-to-last stop
[18:12] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: after you get opposed on your own RFA it all changes
[18:12] <CWii> Majorly, is he
[18:12] <Scetoaux> yeah
[18:12] * skenmy (n=skenmy@freenode/staff/wikimedia.skenmy) Quit ("Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?" )
[18:12] <Scetoaux> like on my userpage: "I participate in a lot of RFAs. I have recently decided that my only criterion that people need to meet for adminship is confidence that a user would not abuse the tools or misuse them, whether by accident or intent. I will not oppose a user on the basis of self-nomination, or the "no need for the tools" argument. I do expect that a user has experience in administrator related areas (AIV, RFPP, XfD, etc.)
[18:12] <Scetoaux> Sorry,
[18:12] * CWii hugs Majorly
[18:12] <NotASpy> it'll be 13 or 14 then, it's the two platforms that are separate to the rest of the station.
[18:12] <Scetoaux> tl;dr: I default to support unless there is reason to oppose.
[18:12] <Majorly> NotASpy, yeaha
[18:13] <Majorly> I was on 13 last night
[18:13] <Malinaccier> I feel like crap about an RFA I got snowed
[18:13] <Scarian> Is it possible to go *outside* of T5?
[18:13] <Scetoaux> eh?
[18:14] <Scetoaux> I'm only showing one RFA for you, and yours was unopposed
[18:14] <NotASpy> anyway, it's a two minute trip on the train, Sceptre, and if your ticket isn't valid, it'll cost you £2 or something.
[18:14] * Scarian sighs and retreats into his corner as no one listened to him.
[18:14] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: an RFA that I made a good point on which got it snowed
[18:14] * Tinkleheimer is very sad cause he found out his favorite artist's pet died :(.
[18:14] <Prodego> I only !vote on rfas for people I have had some sort of contact with
[18:14] <Sceptre> NotASpy: TPXE are overestimating then
[18:14] <Scetoaux> oh
[18:15] <Majorly> anyone who uses the word !vote shouldn't be voting
[18:15] <Scetoaux> yeah, well
[18:15] <Scetoaux> that's RFA
[18:15] <Scetoaux> Majorly: I don't know what else to call it
[18:15] <Prodego> Majorly: you just said !vote
[18:15] <Scetoaux> lol, maybe that's what annoyed you
[18:15] <gfngr> Prodego vote for me in the future please
[18:15] <Majorly> Scetoaux, what's wrong with "vote"
[18:15] <Majorly> because that's what it is
[18:15] <Scarian> Malinaccier: Snow Ironholds?
[18:15] * Chetblong is now known as HoneyTruck
[18:16] <Prodego> yes, but can't we at least pretend it isn't?
[18:16] <Malinaccier> Scarian: no, it was someone whose RFA was going almost perfect
[18:16] <Scetoaux> Majorly: I don't see people using "vote", and I merely thought "!vote" was a formality
[18:16] * Nowknownas needs a cigarette
[18:16] <Scarian> Malinaccier: What happeneD?
[18:16] <Scarian> *d
[18:16] <Prodego> Scetoaux: no, no
[18:16] <Malinaccier> Scarian: hold on
[18:16] * Thehelpfulone (n=Helper@unaffiliated/thehelpfulone) Quit ("Good Bye - If you need any help poke me when I come back online :D" )
[18:16] <Prodego> Scetoaux: people say !vote because everyone knows RfA is a vote, but it isn't supposed to be
[18:16] <WBOSITG> Majorly, oh dear, I got shit for that a while back
[18:16] * somebody ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:16] <NotASpy> Sceptre: unless they're routing the train round via Carstairs Junction or something, it's a 2 min trip. How long does TPEX say ?
[18:17] <CWii> hey, uh, somebody
[18:17] <CWii> :)
[18:17] <WBOSITG> CWii, yeah?
[18:17] <Scetoaux> But if the prefix exclamation point is supposed to be a modifier, I wasn't entirely aware of exactly how
[18:17] <WBOSITG> Quickly
[18:17] * HoneyTruck is now known as HoneyWagon
[18:17] <WBOSITG> :)
[18:17] <gfngr> !op
[18:17] <MZMcBride> Yes?
[18:17] <gfngr> !vote
[18:17] <Golbez> gfngr- speak
[18:17] <Martinp23> hai
[18:17] <gfngr> !ban
[18:17] <Scetoaux> But you're right, it is a vote.
[18:17] <Golbez> oh
[18:17] <MZMcBride> gfngr: Stop. Now.
[18:17] <Soxred93> Hmm?
[18:17] <Scetoaux> I had an issue with RFB about this
[18:17] <gfngr> lol k
[18:17] <WBOSITG> gfngr, stop it, ta'.
[18:17] * rory096 (n=NotATarp@wikipedia/Rory096) Quit (Connection timed out )
[18:17] * Nowknownas proposes changing the topic of this channell to "Wikipedia/manchester travel advice"
[18:17] <CWii> WBOSITG, no look:
[18:18] <CWii>  somebody ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:18] <Scarian> Why would you "lol" at that?
[18:18] <Scetoaux> Why is there an arbitrary percentage at which a bureaucrat can be promoted?
[18:18] <WBOSITG> CWii, lol
[18:18] <Scetoaux> I always percieved this to be a trust issue
[18:18] <Tinkleheimer> Has anyone heard of the artist [[Angus Oblong]]? :(
[18:18] <WBOSITG> Hi, err, somebody
[18:18] <Scetoaux> First of all, it reduces it to a pure vote
[18:18] <WBOSITG> Bye all
[18:18] <Scarian> Scetoaux: They need to show that they know what a consensus is.
[18:18] <Tinkleheimer> Wait nvm
[18:18] <Macy> hi WBOSITG
[18:18] <CWii> bye WBOSITG
[18:18] * WBOSITG (n=mode@unaffiliated/wbositg) Quit ("bai all" )
[18:18] <Scetoaux> Consensus is a percentage?
[18:19] * rory096 (n=NotATarp@wikipedia/Rory096) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:19] <Majorly> o hai rory096
[18:19] <Scetoaux> Then why would we specifically state that straw polls are discouraged?
[18:19] <Scetoaux> If consensus is a percentage
[18:19] * ChanServ sets mode: +o NotASpy
[18:19] <Majorly> Scetoaux, because rfa is stupid
[18:19] * NotASpy sets mode: -o NotASpy
[18:19] <Scetoaux> Good point.
[18:19] <Monobi> Obama
[18:19] <Monobi> Sucks
[18:19] <Scetoaux> I have no answer to that.
[18:19] <Scarian> Scetoaux: A consensus is when there is a strong argument *for* or *against* something.
[18:19] <Monobi> NotASpy, ?
[18:19] <Majorly> Monobi
[18:19] <Majorly> sucks
[18:19] <Scarian> Scetoaux: You know though, right?
[18:19] * HoneyWagon is now known as Chetblong
[18:19] <Majorly> lol Chetblong
[18:19] <rory096> hey Majorly
[18:19] <Scetoaux> Yeah
[18:19] <Scetoaux> I guess
[18:19] <Monobi> Majorly, of course not, I'm full of logic and reasoning, unlike Evil Obama
[18:19] <NotASpy> Monobi: just testing my scripty thing.
[18:19] * rory096 stabs cablevision
[18:19] <Scetoaux> It's jsut that strong argument can fall short in percentage
[18:20] <Chetblong> Majorly: teehee
[18:20] <Malinaccier> Scarian: I'm looking for it right now
[18:20] <Monobi> NotASpy, oh, is it ?
[18:20] <Majorly> Monobi, of course you are
[18:20] <Monobi> Majorly, I am also full of whiskey and beer
[18:20] <Scetoaux> 89% shouldn't fail a candidate without consideration of the oppose votes
[18:20] <Monobi> :-D
[18:20] <Malinaccier> Scarian: it was a while ago
[18:20] <Scarian> Malinaccier: Whilst I was waiting in your lobby I correct some capitalisation on your userpage.
[18:20] <Majorly> Monobi, srsly?
[18:20] <Monobi> No
[18:20] <Scetoaux> if the oppose votes are weak, 89% should pass a candidate
[18:20] <Monobi> :-D
[18:20] <NotASpy> Monobi: I think so, let me check
[18:20] <Monobi> Ok
[18:20] <Scetoaux> if the oppose votes are strong, 89% is taken to be less of a consensus
[18:20] <rory096> what?
[18:20] <Scarian> Scetoaux: Technically, percentages should play no part whatsoever.
[18:20] * Shanel (n=Shanel@wikimedia/Shanel) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[18:21] <Scetoaux> Basically that's what I'm saying
[18:21] * masterpersona (n=Shanel@wikimedia/Shanel) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:21] <Scarian> Except you still have percentages in there ;-)
[18:21] <Scetoaux> It should be up to the bureaucrat's judgement
[18:21] <Scetoaux> just like it appears to be in RFA
[18:21] <Scetoaux> of course, I'm not a bureaucrat, and I'm not an administrator
[18:21] * masterpersona is now known as Shanel
[18:21] <TenPoundHammer> gah
[18:22] <Scetoaux> the only permissions I have are those given freely
[18:22] * ammcl ( Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[18:22] * Reedy (n=Reedy@wikimedia/Reedy) Quit ("Leaving" )
[18:22] * Scarian might vandalise WBOSITG's userpage...
[18:22] <Scetoaux> by the way
[18:22] <Scetoaux> was the rollback throttle ever removed?
[18:22] <Sceptre> NotASpy: I thought you meant Airport to Picca
[18:22] <Sceptre> which is three minutes >_>
[18:23] <Sceptre> no, airport is fifteen minutes
[18:23] <Sceptre> Oxford Road is three minutes
[18:23] <Prodego> Scetoaux: yes
[18:23] <NotASpy> so where do you need to get to ?
[18:23] * Soxred93 (n=Soxred93@unaffiliated/soxred93) Quit ("XCHat ftw" )
[18:23] <rory096> holy crap
[18:23] <Sceptre> Piccadilly
[18:23] <Luna-San> Scetoaux: I haven't heard about it in a while, which seems to imply it was removed or people got over it?
[18:23] <rory096> i'm hearing things coming from my cell phone
[18:23] <Sceptre> brb, FF3 RC2
[18:23] <rory096> but no noise is coming out of it
[18:23] * Sceptre (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/sceptre) Quit (Remote closed the connection )
[18:23] <CWii> stop talking so much everyone!
[18:23] <CWii> you're going to fill up my logs!
[18:23] <Luna-San> omg Prodego <3
[18:24] * Shanel (n=Shanel@wikimedia/Shanel) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[18:24] <Scetoaux> I guess I could test on the sandbox
[18:24] <TenPoundHammer> hate it when Twinkle can't find the target page
[18:24] <Prodego> Scetoaux: technically it wasn't removed, just made ridiculously high
[18:24] * masterpersona (n=Shanel@wikimedia/Shanel) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:24] <Scetoaux> actually, that wouldn't work too well
[18:24] <Scarian> Prodego: To what limit?
[18:24] <Prodego> Luna-San: omg Luna
[18:24] * Sceptre (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/sceptre) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:24] <Scetoaux> Prodego: Fine with me.  I rarely had hit the throttle to begin with, even when I use Huggle.
[18:24] <Prodego> Scarian: I don't know 100 a minute? something worth ignoring
[18:24] * masterpersona is now known as Shanel
[18:24] <Scarian> Ugh... that's awful.
[18:24] * Sfan00 ( has left #Wikipedia-en
[18:24] <Luna-San> Wow. o.o
[18:25] <Scarian> That's just stupid. Seriously. Like 10 would've been fine.
[18:25] <Majorly> 100 isn't a limit
[18:25] <Scetoaux> Scarian: Consensus was to remove it completely
[18:25] <Scarian> Hmm... People have no future sight.
[18:25] <Luna-San> 100 is a limit no person would ever hit; does prevent a painful botnet deal, though
[18:25] <Malinaccier> Scarian: well I can't find it
[18:25] <MZMcBride> The rollback throttle is 10 / min.
[18:25] <MZMcBride> Check the API.
[18:26] <Scarian> Woo!
[18:26] <Prodego> guess they got over that then :)
[18:26] <Scarian> Malinaccier: Ah, never mind. I think I've forgotten what you were looking for... Sorry :$
[18:26] <Malinaccier> Scarian: lol
[18:26] <Scetoaux> what about page move throttles?
[18:27] <Monobi> Rollback, rollback
[18:27] * Az1568 (n=1568@wikimedia/Az1568) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:27] <MZMcBride> Page move throttles are ... 8 / min?
[18:27] <Luna-San> There is a throttle on that. I was thinking 8, yeah.
[18:27] <Scetoaux> that's pretty high too
[18:27] <Prodego> MZMcBride: are you sure it is 10?
[18:27] <MZMcBride> Yes.
[18:27] <Prodego> MZMcBride:
[18:27] <MZMcBride> That bug is wrong.
[18:27] * Warpath (i=VRS@wikimedia/Cometstyles) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:27] <Scetoaux> according to Gurch it's 10
[18:28] * Wafulz ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:28] <MZMcBride> I told Gurch it was 100; turns out it's not.
[18:28] <Prodego> so it is all your fault :)
[18:28] <Majorly> you lied to gurch
[18:28] <Majorly> how cruel
[18:28] <MZMcBride> I didn't lie. :P
[18:28] <Scarian> Firefox can't find the server at
[18:28] <MZMcBride> I was in the room. Tim said he had raised it to 100.
[18:28] <MZMcBride> But it isn't.
[18:28] <Malinaccier> Scarian: btw, thanks for the correction to my userpage
[18:28] * Tooby-Wan (n=ToO@wikinews/Tooby) Quit ("" )
[18:29] * smoddy (n=smoddy@wikipedia/smoddy) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:29] * Nowknownas can't beleive he just saw that
[18:29] <SteveCrossin> hey, in a channel
[18:29] <Scarian> Malinaccier: Probably the most constructive edit I've made today.
[18:29] <Prodego> got a link to the api query?
[18:29] <Malinaccier> lol
[18:29] * Alexfusco5 is now known as Alexfusco5|Away
[18:29] <SteveCrossin> how do you turn on the voice control?
[18:29] <Prodego> don't want to try to construct it :)
[18:29] <MZMcBride>
[18:29] <Majorly> o hai smoddy
[18:29] <Nowknownas> Homeless people fighting outside my house lol
[18:29] <Scetoaux> well
[18:29] <Majorly> shame you couldn't make it
[18:29] <MZMcBride> That should tell you your ratelimits.
[18:29] <Scetoaux> I know none of you probably care about this
[18:29] <SteveCrossin> like, if someone is devoiced, they cant talk?
[18:29] <Scetoaux> but I'm on my last week of school for the school yea
[18:29] <Scetoaux> *year
[18:29] * SteveCrossin is trying to do that in his channel
[18:30] * Scarian pats Scetoaux.
[18:30] <Scarian> Well done.
[18:30] <Scetoaux> and then I'll be a senior in high school
[18:30] <Scetoaux> ah
[18:30] <Nowknownas> homeless people //still// fighting outside my house
[18:30] <SteveCrossin> MZMcBride: you know channel commands?
[18:30] <smoddy> hi Majorly -- I was needed in college in the evening and wouldn't have made it back in time
[18:30] <MZMcBride> SteveCrossin: You need to set the channel +m.
[18:30] <SteveCrossin> ah
[18:30] <Scarian> Nowknownas: Go feed them.
[18:30] <Scetoaux> back to the age thing, that's something I never removed from my userpage (the fact that I'm a junior in high school)
[18:30] <SteveCrossin> erm
[18:30] <Scetoaux> ah wait
[18:30] <ffm> Nowknownas: lol
[18:30] <Scetoaux> I did
[18:30] <Scetoaux> nevermind
[18:31] <ffm> Malinaccier: hows life?
[18:31] <Nowknownas> Sitrep: One homeless man KO'd
[18:31] <Scetoaux> hmmm
[18:31] <Scetoaux> I have an idea
[18:31] * lucasbfr (n=lucasbfr@wikipedia/lucasbfr) Quit (Connection timed out )
[18:31] <Scetoaux> where's Huntster
[18:32] <Malinaccier> ffm: worth living
[18:32] * AfterDeath (i=icxcnika@freenode/contributor/afterdeath) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[18:32] <Malinaccier> ffm: we need to slap WBOSITG
[18:32] * Nowknownas slaps WBOSITG
[18:32] <Malinaccier> harder
[18:32] <Majorly> O_O
[18:32] * Nowknownas slaps malinaccier
[18:32] <Sceptre> Malinaccier: #wikipedia-BDSM, please
[18:33] * Malinaccier punts Nowknownas
[18:33] <Scetoaux> I just realized how suspicious my post sounded
[18:33] <Scetoaux> "Do you have access to any of the L-Tronics Little L-Per equipment?"
[18:33] * AfterDeath (i=icxcnika@freenode/contributor/afterdeath) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:33] * Nowknownas crys, runs to majorly for emotional support
[18:33] <Scetoaux> lol
[18:33] <Malinaccier> Sceptre: why?
[18:33] * Scarian is now known as Scarian|Smoke
[18:33] * Majorly is the last person you should run to for emotional support
[18:33] <MZMcBride> Tru.dat.
[18:34] * Nowknownas runs away from majorly, goes to his mummy
[18:34] <Majorly> there there
[18:34] <Malinaccier> I want FDP
[18:34] <Macy> SteveCrossin: Have you asked RyRy5 where did he got the "designing other's pages"?
[18:34] * Mm40 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:34] <SteveCrossin> hmm?
[18:35] * SteveCrossin is in ##Steve right now discussing something, kinda busy :)
[18:35] * Cream installs Inkskape
[18:35] * Malinaccier (n=malinacc@unaffiliated/malinaccier) has left #wikipedia-en
[18:36] <Macy> SteveCrossin: He got it from Phaedriel's userpage
[18:36] * Vito_away (n=user@unaffiliated/vito) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[18:36] * Malinaccier (n=malinacc@unaffiliated/malinaccier) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:36] <Cream> It is possible to put a SVG as a background image?
[18:36] <ffm> Malinaccier: why?
[18:36] * Vito (n=user@unaffiliated/vito) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:36] <ffm> 18:32  Malinaccier$ ffm: we need to slap WBOSITG
[18:37] <Scetoaux> Cream: For what?
[18:37] <Monobi> Cream, yeah, probably, but just export it to png
[18:37] <Cream> userpage
[18:37] <Malinaccier> ffm: he needs to hurry up
[18:37] <ffm> Malinaccier: I know.
[18:37] <Monobi> Many browsers don't deal with SVGs too well
[18:37] <Scetoaux> doesn't the mediawiki software convert it to PNG for viewing?
[18:38] <SteveCrossin> Macy: lol
[18:38] <SteveCrossin> he did?
[18:38] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:38] <Howcheng> Scetouax: yes
[18:38] <SteveCrossin> naughty naughry
[18:38] <Howcheng> Scetoaux *
[18:39] <Macy> SteveCrossin: Yes, after making a comparison between Phaedriel's "user page design" and RyRy5's "user page design" section
[18:39] <SteveCrossin> he is naughty naughty naughty
[18:39] <Scetoaux> wow
[18:40] <Scetoaux> some people have not taken operations security
[18:40] * Macy uploads an image
[18:42] <Scetoaux> see
[18:42] <Scetoaux> the thing is
[18:42] <Scetoaux> I've been trying for a long time to find images to put on the article for L-Tronics
[18:42] <Scetoaux> but there haven't been any
[18:42] * GDonato (n=GDonato@wikipedia/GDonato) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[18:42] * Scarian|Smoke is now known as Scarian
[18:43] <Scetoaux> I've requested permission from two sources so far that have denied releasing their images to CC licenses
[18:43] <Scetoaux> L-Tronics themselves indicated they would allow use on Wikipedia only, but we can't do that
[18:43] <Malinaccier> I'm not sure Scetoaux, I think we can
[18:43] * Pericallis (n=Pericall@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:44] <Scetoaux> We can't
[18:44] <MBisanz> if I changed all the user talk templates to brown background and lime green text, would anyone be mad
[18:44] <Pericallis> hi
[18:44] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: Use the following form to upload a work made by someone else who has given permission for it to be used on Wikipedia, or a file that has been released under a "free license". To upload a work of a different kind, please return to Wikipedia:Upload.
[18:44] <Scetoaux> There's a specific licensing template that states that the author has given permission for use on Wikipedia
[18:44] <Macy> Hi Pericallis
[18:44] <Malinaccier>{{Information%0A|Description=%0A|Source=%0A|Date=%0A|Author=%0A|Permission=%0A|other_versions=%0A}}
[18:44] <Avruch> yo
[18:44] * midye (n=slayer@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:44] <Prodego> Malinaccier, Scetoaux: you can not use images approved for "wikipedia only or educational only" usage
[18:44] * Mm40 ( Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[18:45] <Scetoaux> right below it:
[18:45] * McClure (n=BrianMcC@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:45] <Scetoaux> "Wikipedia does not accept images that are licensed for "non-commercial" use, licensed only to Wikipedia, for which permission is required for reuse, or that do not permit derivative works to be created."
[18:45] <Scetoaux> So the answer is no
[18:45] <Howcheng> Malinaccier: we can't
[18:45] * McClure (n=BrianMcC@ has left #wikipedia-en ("Leaving" )
[18:45] <Malinaccier> Oh
[18:45] <Howcheng> unless there is a legitimate fair use exemption
[18:45] <Malinaccier> didn't see right below it
[18:45] * Mm40 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:45] <Malinaccier> :/
[18:45] <Pericallis> hi Mm40
[18:46] <Macy> Howcheng: would you mind if I ask you a question?
[18:46] <Mm40> hi everyone =)
[18:46] <Macy> hi Mm40
[18:46] <Scetoaux> yeah
[18:46] <Luna-San> Huh. Seems blocking an already-blocked user no longer causes an "edit conflict" (for lack of a better term)
[18:46] <Scetoaux> but there can be no legitimate fair use exemption
[18:46] <Howcheng> Macy: shoot
[18:46] <Scetoaux> because the images I want to use are reproduceable
[18:46] <Mm40> hi Mace and Pericallis =)
[18:46] <Macy> Howcheng: Do you believe it is proper to ask a candidate for RfA their age?
[18:47] <Macy> *retrieved from Sharkface217's questions
[18:47] <Howcheng> I think so ...
[18:47] <Tinkleheimer> I don't think that age should make a difference in RFA
[18:47] <Howcheng> people in this channel disagree with me, however
[18:47] <Mm40> May I...jump in?
[18:47] * Alexfusco5|Away is now known as Alexfusco5
[18:47] <Scetoaux> Sure, Mm40
[18:47] <Howcheng> (we had this conversation a couple of weeks ago)
[18:47] <Macy> Next: Would the age of an RFA candidate affect your decision to vote for them?
[18:47] <Pericallis> but it's not the same a 12-years candidate and a 40 years candidate
[18:47] * midye (n=slayer@ Quit ("el filan salliyorum.." )
[18:47] <Mm40> I don't believe that it should make a big difference
[18:47] <Mm40> I'm 12
[18:48] <Scetoaux> Oh
[18:48] <Macy> :O
[18:48] <Macy> O_O
[18:48] <Scetoaux> I thought you meant jump into the chat as a whole
[18:48] <Howcheng> Macy: it would make me examine their contributions more
[18:48] <Macy> O_o
[18:48] <rory096> Macy: no, demonstrated maturity is more important than age
[18:48] <Mm40> I know, I'm breaking freenode rules
[18:48] <Scetoaux> I agree with rory096
[18:48] <MBisanz> we have 12 year old admins currently
[18:48] <MBisanz> and we have banned forty year old users
[18:48] <Pericallis> agree
[18:48] <Scetoaux> Mm40: You are?  I haven't read them.
[18:48] <Macy> I agree with rory096 too
[18:48] <Howcheng> true, MBisanz
[18:49] <Macy> Pericallis: Mafores
[18:49] <Avruch> In the absence of demonstrated maturity (i.e. track record not sufficient to go either way) age is important.
[18:49] <Mm40> And anyway, 12-year-olds often are more mature then 40-year-olds =p
[18:49] <Howcheng> but a person of young age is more likely to show immaturity
[18:49] <Avruch> But why does it always come up, I wonder?
[18:49] <Macy> Mafores is 13, and is a sysop on en:wiki
[18:49] <Majorly> who?
[18:49] <Macy> *he is
[18:49] <Pericallis> is he 13? :O
[18:49] <Avruch> I think its because kids always think they are more mature than they are.
[18:49] <Macy> *es:wiki
[18:49] <Malinaccier> Howcheng: but if they don't show it, why look for it needlessly
[18:49] <Howcheng> and Anonymous Dissident is also 13 and a sysop
[18:49] * Prodego (n=Prodego@unaffiliated/prodego) Quit ("Oppose AVF!" )
[18:49] <Pericallis> I tought he was like 18
[18:49] <Majorly> he was promoted when he was 12
[18:49] <Macy> Pericallis: he told us :P
[18:49] <Howcheng> AD also shows maturity far beyond his age
[18:49] <Tinkleheimer> Isn't Annonymous Dissident really young also?
[18:49] <Majorly> yes
[18:49] <Majorly> he's 13
[18:50] <Mm40> And I'll probably become admin under 15 (I hope)...
[18:50] <Tinkleheimer> Okay, I meant to type that earlier, but I was on the phone
[18:50] <rory096> ilyanep got cratship when he was like 13
[18:50] * Chetblong is now known as Chetblong|away
[18:50] <Macy> Mm40: what's your username?
[18:50] <Mm40> You just said it
[18:50] <Scetoaux> lol
[18:50] <Scetoaux> yeah
[18:50] <Macy> rory096: he was 14, I think
[18:50] <Howcheng> the whole Giggy fiasco should serve as a warning
[18:50] <Malinaccier> lol
[18:50] <rory096> whatever
[18:50] <Scetoaux> I went on Wiki and typed User:Mm40 into the search bar
[18:50] <Scetoaux> Bam.
[18:50] <Scetoaux> I'm there. :p
[18:50] <Howcheng> immaturity can be found in any age, but it's more /likely/ to be found in younger users
[18:50] * AzaTht (n=azatoth@wikipedia/AzaToth) Quit ("Lämnar" )
[18:51] <Majorly> he wasa 13
[18:51] <Majorly> also it was 2004
[18:51] <rory096> Howcheng: not really. that's just one data point
[18:51] * Mm40_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:51] Clones detected from 8 Mm40 Mm40_
[18:51] <Majorly> people did not give a damn about age
[18:51] * Mm40 ( Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[18:51] <Pericallis> and also this is internet, everyone can lie its age
[18:51] <MBisanz> wasnt Sam Korn made an arb, cu, and oversight under 17?
[18:51] <Scetoaux> We've had good admins, great admins, bad admins, and atrocious admins
[18:52] <Malinaccier> So who cares about age?  If someone's immature then go oppose them; if they're not, it doesn't matter
[18:52] * Mm40_ is now known as Mm40
[18:52] <Scetoaux> How old was Archtransit?
[18:52] <Majorly> MBisanz, yeah
[18:52] <Mm40> What Giggy fiasco?
[18:52] * Texou (n=Tex@unaffiliated/texou) Quit ("++" )
[18:52] <Majorly> or maybe 16
[18:52] <Avruch> Scetoaux: No one really knows, do they? He was a sockmaster
[18:52] <Scetoaux> I wasn't around then, actually
[18:52] <smoddy> MBisanz: I was certainly arbitrator at 16, can't remember exactly for CU and OS
[18:52] <Malinaccier> lol
[18:52] <MBisanz> majorly do you think RfD standards are too high?
[18:52] <Scetoaux> So I really have no right to comment on that issue
[18:52] <Macy> Howcheng: would you make null a vote from someone opposing because of his age?
[18:52] <Howcheng> Malinaccier: the whole conversation is moot for me anyway since I don't really even look at RFAs anymore :)
[18:52] * kibble (n=kibble@wikimedia/Cbrown1023) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:52] <MBisanz> i thought so Sam,
[18:52] <MBisanz> RFB majorly*
[18:52] <Malinaccier> Howcheng: :)
[18:52] <Avruch> Malinaccier: If you don't see enough in the contrib history to determine maturity either way, age is a good second measure
[18:53] <Pericallis> hi kibble
[18:53] <MBisanz> Sam Korn, can we expect another run this fall?
[18:53] * Texou (n=Tex@unaffiliated/texou) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:53] <Majorly> MBisanz, yes of course
[18:53] <Pericallis> [[WP:RFA]]
[18:53] <Malinaccier> Avruch: hmm
[18:53] <smoddy> MBisanz: that depends if I forget to take my medication
[18:53] <Macy> Pericallis: stop greeting everyone, remember that there's no bot here
[18:53] * MBisanz hides Sam's medication
[18:53] <rory096> rfd standards?
[18:53] <Malinaccier> Avruch: or you could look at their talk pages
[18:53] <rory096> redirects for deletion?
[18:53] <NotASpy> I've got a theory - any user, if they're told they're too young to be an admin, who then makes a great big song and dance about ageist votes is indeed too young to be an admin.
[18:53] <MBisanz> i corrected rory
[18:53] <MBisanz> to RfB
[18:53] <rory096> oh wait, yeah
[18:53] <rory096> dammit
[18:53] <Majorly> smoddy, feb 2006 for checkuser
[18:53] <Howcheng> Macy: I don't even look at RFAs these days except to see the dramaz
[18:54] <smoddy> Majorly: date?
[18:54] <Avruch> Malinaccier: Which is not always clear, as to maturity. Plus, with people who are younger, its far more likely that immaturity will be a problem.
[18:54] <Majorly> may 2006 for oversight
[18:54] <Majorly> 6th Feb
[18:54] <smoddy> then I was 16
[18:54] <Majorly> lol
[18:54] <Pericallis> Macy: why should I not greet everyone?
[18:54] <Howcheng> NotASpy: agreed
[18:54] <Macy> Pericallis: you look like orejotas xD
[18:54] <rory096> NotASpy: not really. if you said someone couldnt be an admin because they're black, you'd think that if they said that racist votes are bullshit, they shouldn't be an admin?
[18:54] * Cestmoi (n=cestmoi@wikia/cest-moi) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:55] <Macy> Hola Cestmoi
[18:55] <Macy> :)
[18:55] <Pericallis> hi Cestmoi
[18:55] * Luna-San applauds rory096 for seemingly sensible straw man
[18:55] <Scetoaux> It's not like a person has any control over their age.
[18:55] <Macy> Pericallis: Cestmoi is here, party time on #wikipedia-es !!!
[18:55] <Scetoaux> It's even in the arguments to avoid in adminship discussions page
[18:55] <Avruch> Scetoaux: No, they don't have control of their age, and no one is *blaming* them for being young
[18:56] <Malinaccier> I don't think a 13 year old whose RFA is snowed should have to edit for 5 years before the community gives them the mop
[18:56] * CardinalNumber ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:56] <smoddy> I don't blame anyone who voted against me in the arbcom elections of '06 on the grounds of age -- the fact that I disagreed with them did not make their vote invalid
[18:56] <Pericallis> hi CardinalNumber
[18:56] <Cestmoi> Macy: ??????
[18:56] <Avruch> Scetoaux: But there are many instances where young people are rightfully excluded anyway, even if being young isn't their fault
[18:56] <Macy> Cestmoi: :?
[18:56] <rory096> Avruch: and yet they're counting it against them for no reason other than their being young
[18:56] <MBisanz> smoddy under the new rules you must be 18 to run
[18:56] <MBisanz> privacy policy and all
[18:56] <smoddy> MBisanz: for arbcom?
[18:56] <MBisanz> yes
[18:56] <MBisanz> they DQ'd a number of people in the 07' elections
[18:56] <Scetoaux> Avruch: Their immaturity is their fault, not their age.
[18:56] <smoddy> I knew that for CU and OS
[18:56] <Macy> Pericallis: User:SoxBot V got blocked because of updating people's status
[18:56] <MBisanz> also you must verify identity to the foundaiton to run
[18:56] <Avruch> rory096: The fact that it isn't their fault doesn't translate directly to them being held harmless from it
[18:56] <MBisanz> after essjay
[18:56] <smoddy> kinda sensible, actually
[18:57] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ Quit (" ajax IRC Client" )
[18:57] <Avruch> Scetoaux: Neither one is their fault, its just the way most kids are.
[18:57] <TenPoundHammer> gah
[18:57] <MBisanz> theory is that even if they dont take CU, they still see stuff on the arb mailing list
[18:57] <smoddy> exactly so
[18:57] <Scetoaux> So oppose them if they're mature, and don't if they aren't.
[18:57] <Pericallis> Macy: so?
[18:57] * DerHexer (n=DerHexer@wikipedia/DerHexer) Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox 3.0b4/2008030714]" )
[18:57] <rory096> Avruch: not only is it not their fault, it's irrelevant. the only reason why age would make someone a bad admin would be because of secondary consequences, so it's those that should be examined, not the age itself
[18:57] <Macy> Pericallis:
[18:57] <smoddy> though I wasn't chucked off the mailing list despite having not identified myself
[18:57] <smoddy> so a slight inconsistency there
[18:57] <Avruch> Scetoaux and rory096: The point I made was that if you can't conclusively see that they are mature beyond their years, then you can't assume that either.
[18:58] <Howcheng> Scetoaux: in other words, younger users need to make an extra effort to show their maturity
[18:58] * Pericallis (n=Pericall@ has left #wikipedia-en
[18:58] <Avruch> It makes no sense to assume that someone is unusually mature just because they put up an RfA
[18:58] * CWii ( Quit (Connection timed out )
[18:58] <Scetoaux> I never said that
[18:58] <Scetoaux> But generally assumptions of good faith do apply
[18:58] <Majorly> ABF
[18:58] <Avruch> Good faith is really irrelevant to judgment
[18:58] <Avruch> People can make good faith serious errors related to maturity and experience
[18:58] * Cream is trying to get a SVG to work
[18:58] <rory096> Avruch: bullshit. that's abfing.
[18:59] * Ryanposs (n=Ryanposs@wikipedia/Ryan-Postlethwaite) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:59] <Avruch> No, it isn't.
[18:59] <Cream> what is the better way to upload a SVG
[18:59] <Macy> rory096: :O
[18:59] <Cream> directly to Commons?
[18:59] <rory096> Avruch: they should be measured by the same standards as anyone else; if others can be caught for being immature, then there's no reason young people can't
[18:59] <Avruch> Realizing that people who are young are more likely than those who are not to make errors related to maturity and experience has nothing to do with assuming faith of any sort
[18:59] * Juliancolton (i=4579f4ad@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:59] <Scetoaux> You know
[18:59] <Avruch> All assume good faith means is assume that people are contributing with the right interests at heart, not assume they won't make mistakes.
[18:59] <Scetoaux> I can't make this argument
[19:00] <Scetoaux> Because then I would be a hypocrite
[19:00] <Howcheng> Cream: all free media should go to Commons
[19:00] <MBisanz> omg smoddy i'm looking at the checkuser stats
[19:00] <MBisanz> thatcher and alison must spend 100s of hours a week at it
[19:00] <smoddy> MBisanz: they're frighteningly dull
[19:00] <Avruch> lol
[19:00] <smoddy> MBisanz: that's physically impossible
[19:00] <MBisanz>
[19:00] <Scetoaux> Because age is the argument I use against a certain person that's generated a whole lot of media attention here in the states
[19:01] <Avruch> Age and experience are valid arguments, period. They aren't the end all be all, but they can rightfully contribute to a fuller picture.
[19:01] <MBisanz> smoddy i dont know, i think thatcher must be inventing time to run 2000 CUs in a month
[19:01] <Scetoaux> I'm not denying that
[19:01] <Cream> lol
[19:01] <Cream> there's a wikiwendesay in chicago?
[19:01] <Scetoaux> But it shouldn't be "oh, he's just too young)
[19:01] <smoddy> MBisanz: I've run 50 in the last hour
[19:01] <smoddy> not impossible
[19:02] <smoddy> just unlikely ;-)
[19:02] <Howcheng> Scetoaux: true, i don't think i've ever opposed anyone based solely on age
[19:02] * Soxred93 (n=Soxred93@unaffiliated/soxred93) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:02] <Scetoaux> It should be "Oh, I see that he's young, and apparently he's immature as well"
[19:02] <Avruch> Scetoaux: No, generally not. Unless someone has a more considered opinion, but just doesn't express the rest of it.
[19:02] <Scetoaux> OK
[19:03] <Avruch> But, people pick all kinds of strange reasons to oppose. Like a userbox ;p
[19:03] <Malinaccier> lol
[19:04] <Avruch> I was a little worried on that guy with the swastika userbox, but a link to religion from "imaginary friends" doesn't strike me as disqualifying
[19:04] * Rjd0060 is now known as Rjd|away
[19:04] <Avruch> Although even the swastika userbox guy had it for "Grammar Nazi Cabal" or something
[19:04] <Scetoaux> I really didn't think that was particularly fair
[19:04] <Scetoaux> I had a whole bunch of userboxes
[19:04] <Scetoaux> I think I had like 90 of them
[19:05] <Cream> Where?
[19:05] <Cream> On my past account
[19:05] <Scetoaux> a subpage
[19:05] <Cream> i had a userbox called "This user thinks you're a douchebag"
[19:05] <Scetoaux> I finally requested speedy deletion per user request to delete subpages in their own userspace
[19:06] <Avruch> that helps, although you still need to wait awhile if you do it to help an RfA
[19:06] <Avruch> otherwise the admins watching RfA will point it out anyway
[19:06] <Majorly> smoddy, if users don't do anything *but* do checks, it's not impossible. Have a look at Thatcher's edits
[19:06] <Scetoaux> nah, I just decided it was too much
[19:06] <Malinaccier> Doesn anyone remember the failed RFA over teh Grammar Nazi UBX?
[19:06] <Scetoaux> but the link was
[19:06] <Avruch> Malinaccier: Just mentioned it, about 15 lines above ;p
[19:06] <Scetoaux> Of course admins can still see it.
[19:06] <Malinaccier> Avruch: lol
[19:06] <smoddy> Majorly: doing more than 168 hours' work in a week is fairly impossible, even for Thatcher
[19:06] <Majorly> if you don't have a job or a life
[19:07] * gfngr is now known as KingsOfHearts
[19:07] <Avruch> even if you never left your screen except to knock off for a nap, 168 is hard to beat ;p
[19:07] <Malinaccier> I passed my RFA with a ton of UBXs
[19:08] <MBisanz> thatcher must have 2 machines running
[19:08] <MBisanz> 2 screens with 2 mouses
[19:08] <smoddy> 2 brains, too ;-)
[19:08] <KingsOfHearts> lol you still alking about admins
[19:08] <KingsOfHearts> *talking
[19:09] <Scetoaux> Malinaccier, do you see any userboxes on my page that might incite controversy?
[19:09] <Scetoaux> I don't think I had any
[19:09] <Majorly> it would be ironic if a checkuser was found abusing sockpuppets
[19:09] <Howcheng> someone's RFA failed because of a "Grammar Nazi" ubx? that's lame
[19:09] <Scetoaux> At most maybe something like that John McCain userbox
[19:09] * Tiptoety|away (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/tiptoety) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:09] <Scetoaux> that I had
[19:09] * Soxred93 (n=Soxred93@unaffiliated/soxred93) Quit ("XCHat ftw" )
[19:09] * kushal1 ( Quit ("Leaving" )
[19:09] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: lemme see...
[19:10] * Tiptoety|away (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/tiptoety) has left #wikipedia-en
[19:10] <Scetoaux> Malinaccier: That is, on the deleted page I linked
[19:10] <Luna-San> I thought everybody knew "Thatcher" is actually a group of minimum wage IT workers in a cramped office without any windows?
[19:10] <KingsOfHearts> how do you change your username?
[19:10] <Luna-San> KingsOfHearts: On IRC, or on the wiki?
[19:10] <KingsOfHearts> wikipedia
[19:10] <Luna-San> [[WP:CHU]]
[19:11] <Scetoaux> KingsOfHearts:
[19:11] <TenPoundHammer> argh
[19:11] <Scetoaux> Er, yeah, and what Luna-San said :p
[19:11] <KingsOfHearts> do i get to keep my edits?
[19:11] <Luna-San> KingsOfHearts: By that method, yes.
[19:11] <Howcheng> Luna-San: it's the CU sweatshop
[19:11] <Rjd|away> Nope; they all go to me :)
[19:11] <Luna-San> Howcheng: Exactly. :D
[19:11] <ffm> KingsOfHearts: What do you want to change to?
[19:12] <Scetoaux> Isn't that one of the jobs of a Bureaucrat?
[19:12] <Scetoaux> to change usernames?
[19:12] <Scetoaux> yep
[19:12] <KingsOfHearts> im gona go edit stuff bye
[19:12] <Scetoaux> answered my own question
[19:13] <KingsOfHearts> ffm i dont knw yet
[19:13] <Cream> brb
[19:13] <Scetoaux> KingsOfHearts: What's your wikipedia username right now
[19:13] <KingsOfHearts> KingsOfHearts
[19:13] <Scetoaux> ah
[19:13] <ffm> KingsOfHearts: Why change? it's a fine one.
[19:13] <ffm> Better than "Firefoxman"
[19:13] <KingsOfHearts> I want some thing cool
[19:13] * ffm CHUs to KingOfHearts.
[19:13] <Scetoaux> lol
[19:14] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: well...there are a few controversial ones about your views but they aren't horrible
[19:14] <ffm> KingsOfHearts: That's plenty cool.
[19:14] <Scetoaux> what's wrong with Firefoxman :p
[19:14] <Scetoaux> Malinaccier: Like what?
[19:14] <ffm> Scetoaux: people read it as number 2 or 3 on [[FFM]]
[19:14] * Smythe (n=Elijia@unaffiliated/smythe) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) )
[19:14] <ffm> Scetoaux: (at least when I go by FFM)
[19:14] <ffm> Scetoaux: and firefoxman is too long a nick to type.
[19:15] <Avruch> oh I definitely would've thought "focus follows mouse" first ;p
[19:15] <Scetoaux> what's wrong with #2?
[19:15] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: there's nothing an RFA would be opposed over
[19:15] * Smiythe (n=Elijia@ Quit (Connection timed out )
[19:15] * Nowknownas (n=chatzill@ Quit (Success )
[19:16] <KingsOfHearts> Who was willy on wheels excactly?
[19:16] <Scetoaux> I figured as much, but just wondering which ones they were
[19:16] <Scetoaux> I mean I can guess
[19:16] <Scetoaux> Like the cause in Iraq one
[19:16] <Scetoaux> John McCain for prez
[19:16] <Scetoaux> etc.
[19:16] <Scetoaux> Two spaces after a full stop
[19:16] <Malinaccier> Yes
[19:16] <Malinaccier> and censorship...but nobody on Wikipedia disagrees with you on that one
[19:17] <Scetoaux> oh, I'm sure there are exceptions
[19:17] <Malinaccier> Yeah
[19:17] <Malinaccier> but nothing that bad
[19:17] <Scetoaux> lol
[19:18] <Howcheng> KingsOfHearts: Willy was a pagemove vanadl
[19:18] <Howcheng> vandal
[19:18] <Scetoaux> I never really thought that the userboxes themselves would generate any controversy
[19:18] <Scetoaux> Just the fact that I had about 90 of them
[19:18] * rory096 (n=NotATarp@wikipedia/Rory096) Quit (Connection timed out )
[19:18] <Malinaccier> Nah
[19:18] <Howcheng> he would mass-move articles to "[article name] ON WHEELS!"
[19:18] <Scetoaux> I haven't seen a user with more than I had
[19:18] <Scetoaux> So I figured I had probably overdone it
[19:18] <Howcheng> and some other stuff ... he was far more amusing the Grawp
[19:18] <Howcheng> than *
[19:18] * Stwalkerster_ (n=stwalker@wikipedia/Stwalkerster) Quit ("Leaving" )
[19:19] <Scetoaux> I think the Grawp phenomenon has been blown way out of proportion
[19:19] <Malinaccier> Yeah
[19:19] <Scetoaux> Sure there's this burst of activity every now and then
[19:19] <Malinaccier> he's not that hard to deal with...
[19:19] * ProperNoun ( Quit (Connection timed out )
[19:19] <Scetoaux> Yeah
[19:20] <Malinaccier> just move back, block, salt
[19:20] <Scetoaux> Besides
[19:20] <Scetoaux> It's probably 4chan
[19:20] <Malinaccier> then get a CU to block IP
[19:20] <Scetoaux> Which would mean there's nothing you can do about it
[19:20] <Avruch> john mccain for president??? #oppose!
[19:20] <Scetoaux> lol
[19:20] <Howcheng> KingsOfHearts: [[User:Dcoetzee/Willy on Wheels:A Case Study]] for more info
[19:20] <Scetoaux> There goes one :p
[19:21] <Avruch> would it be strange if I said he's just too old? ;-P
[19:21] <Scetoaux> No, because I get that a lot. :p
[19:21] * animum (n=magnusan@wikimedia/Animum) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:21] <Avruch> although I don't really have anything against him
[19:21] <Malinaccier> I don't mind McCain
[19:21] * Ryanposs (n=Ryanposs@wikipedia/Ryan-Postlethwaite) Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[19:22] * Macy (i=Macys123@unaffiliated/macy) Quit ("Rapido... Rapido... PRESTO!" )
[19:22] <Avruch> even went to a rally in 2000, didn't end up voting for him but I have the signed sticker around here somewhere ;p
[19:22] <Malinaccier> I just don't want Hillary
[19:22] <Scetoaux> Well, Hillary's not getting in except as second
[19:22] <Malinaccier> Yeah
[19:22] <Malinaccier> I know
[19:22] <Avruch> which would help Obama with the election, but really chew up his chances to be an actual good president
[19:23] <Scetoaux> Yeah, I'm afraid of that
[19:23] * Juliancolton is now known as JC|AWAY
[19:23] * JC|AWAY is now known as JC|Away
[19:23] <Scetoaux> That's two hits there
[19:23] <Avruch> Can't have a president, a wannabe president, and a usetabe president all in the same house
[19:24] * Pilotguy_aw is now known as Pilotguy
[19:24] <Scetoaux> 14 reversions per minute
[19:24] <Avruch> thats a lot
[19:24] <Avruch> whats the limit?
[19:24] <Scetoaux> No
[19:24] <Scetoaux> That's what huggle is reporting
[19:25] <Sceptre> Avruch: my dad has had a bet on Hilary to be President :/
[19:25] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: you use huggle now? :(
[19:25] <animum> Sceptre, looks like he lost.
[19:25] <Scetoaux> Yeah, why?
[19:25] <Sceptre> animum: he made it after Obama became the presumptive nominee
[19:25] * Monobi (n=monobi@about/philosophy/monobi) has left #wikipedia-en ("= pkill -9" )
[19:25] * Monobi (n=monobi@about/philosophy/monobi) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:26] <Howcheng> sceptre: that seems kind of silly of him
[19:26] <Sceptre> Howcheng: he thinks Obama's at risk of assassination
[19:26] <Scarian> MBisanz?
[19:26] <Scetoaux> I'm pretty sure I'm using it correctly
[19:26] <Warpath> :O
[19:26] <Monobi> Obama sucks
[19:26] <MBisanz> aye
[19:26] <Scetoaux> The reverts and stuff haven't changed
[19:26] <Sceptre> mainly because he's black
[19:26] <Scetoaux> there's just more of them
[19:26] * Scarian punches Monobi in the ribs.
[19:26] <Warpath> Sceptre, true O_O
[19:26] <Monobi> Obama is an evil socialist
[19:26] * Aqwis ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:26] <Monobi> Taxes are evil
[19:27] <Monobi> Hi Aqwis
[19:27] <Monobi> :-D
[19:27] <Scarian> MBisanz: Was just checking your username was correct.
[19:27] * Mm40 is now known as Mm50
[19:27] <Sceptre> there's still betting on Clinton to get the presidency
[19:27] <Sceptre> she's 40/1
[19:27] <Scetoaux> Malinaccier: Is there a problem with that?
[19:27] * Majorly beats up Monobi and shoots him with his own gun </irony>
[19:27] <Warpath> XD
[19:27] <Shanel> Monobi is one of those evil fithy randite lolbertarians.
[19:27] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: I guess not...
[19:27] <Aqwis> oh my god
[19:27] <Monobi> :-O
[19:27] <Aqwis> bye
[19:27] <Scarian> Liberals 4 life
[19:27] * Aqwis ( has left #wikipedia-en ("Forlater kanalen" )
[19:27] <Malinaccier> Scetoaux: Just really automated
[19:27] <Monobi> Scarian, s/liberals/pure evil socialists/
[19:28] <Monobi> Scarian, you should be shot for accepting the practices of thief
[19:28] * Scarian ignores Monobi and his right-wing rants.
[19:28] <NotASpy> Sceptre: at the risk of being morbid and terroristy, what's the betting on Obama being assassinated before the General Election ?
[19:28] <Monobi> NotASpy, nah, not until he is elected
[19:28] <Sceptre> NotASpy: there's no betting on it
[19:28] <Sceptre> bookmakers don't take bets on people dying; it's in bad taste
[19:28] <Scetoaux> I really don't wish it to happen
[19:28] <Majorly> Monobi, so it will happen
[19:29] <Majorly> Monobi, will you be doing it?
[19:29] <Monobi> Of course it will happen
[19:29] <Shanel> Monobi is too lazy.
[19:29] <Monobi> And no, I won't be doing it
[19:29] * Scarian needs a word.
[19:29] <Sceptre> Shanel: do you have any other acronym/political stance fusions?
[19:29] <Majorly> lol Monobi
[19:29] <Scetoaux> I'd rather have him become president than have McCain win because of an assassinatin
[19:29] <Scetoaux> *tion
[19:29] <Scarian> Synonym for "standards".
[19:29] <Scarian> ...?
[19:29] <Sceptre> like Nomnomonomonarchism?
[19:29] <Shanel> Liebral, repugnican.
[19:29] <Scetoaux> Fortunately, the Secret Service seem to know what they're doing
[19:30] * Sceptre sucks at improvisation
[19:30] <Scarian> Shanel: Synonym! Quick!
[19:30] <NotASpy> Scetoaux: they're American - it's all just an illusion.
[19:30] <Sceptre> Shanel: yeah, but neither lie or repugnant are internet acronyms :)
[19:30] * Bosques (n=KBosques@unaffiliated/bosques) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:30] <Avruch> Scetoaux: Debatable, last assasination attempt was awhile back ;p
[19:30] <Monobi> Scetoaux, the thing is, the SS are funded by stolen money
[19:30] <Avruch> Sceptre: More likely that Hillary will get it because of some Obama scandal
[19:30] <Scarian> People care more about politics than words.
[19:30] * Scarian shoots himself.
[19:31] * Warpath attempts to assassinate kurt
[19:31] <Sceptre> Avruch: what scandal?
[19:31] <Shanel> OMG OBama is black
[19:31] <Warpath> OMG Shanel is brown ;O
[19:31] * Sceptre thinks Shanel has a hammer, because she hit the nail on the head
[19:31] <SteveCrossin> OMG Warpath is lame
[19:31] <Warpath> OMG I'am :O
[19:31] <Avruch> Sceptre: Any scandal. Anything significant enough to have him withdraw early in her favor, which is still a serious possibility.
[19:31] <Sceptre> OMG SteveCrossin has no decent taste in music
[19:31] <SteveCrossin> OMG lol
[19:31] <SteveCrossin> anyway, the reason im here
[19:31] <Sceptre> TV, I mean
[19:31] <NotASpy> OMGodDE
[19:31] <Warpath> pliz stop pinging OMG :P
[19:32] <Avruch> Holy shit, can we stop with the OMG
[19:32] <Avruch> Just say holy shit, its better :-P
[19:32] <Monobi> Meh, let's just hope evil Obama doesn't win
[19:32] <NotASpy> OMG you swore
[19:32] <Shanel> NO WAI
[19:32] <Howcheng> is someone stalking OMG or something?
[19:32] <SteveCrossin> can an edit be made to a fully protected article, in half an hour?
[19:32] <Sceptre> Howcheng: Warpie is
[19:32] * Shanel assassinates Monobi
[19:32] * Scarian (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/scarian) Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[19:32] <Howcheng> OMG OMG OMG
[19:32] <Warpath> OMg no fsken way did i swear :|
[19:32] <Monobi> Shanel, you are canadian
[19:32] <SteveCrossin> it's Prem Rawat
[19:32] * Shanel is.
[19:32] <Monobi> How do you plan to get a gun
[19:32] * SteveCrossin watches 99% of the channel cower/run away
[19:32] <Avruch> eh?
[19:32] <Sceptre> SteveCrossin: good luck with that :)
[19:32] * Warpath stabs Howcheng :P
[19:33] <Scetoaux> What scandal could possibly cause Obama to withdraw?
[19:33] <Monobi> Your totalitarian gov't is banning them
[19:33] * Howcheng bleeds all over Warpath
[19:33] * Monobi gives Shanel a cookie
[19:33] <Warpath> :D
[19:33] <Sceptre> Shanel: have you heard? They're going to sell milk in bags in the UK too now
[19:33] <Avruch> Scetoaux: Anything related to an affair, some revelation with the Renzo issue, financial problems, newly discovered health issues...
[19:33] * Malinaccier glomps SteveCrossin
[19:33] <Shanel> :O
[19:33] <Sceptre> yeah
[19:33] <SteveCrossin> hi Malinaccier, sorry for booting you
[19:33] <Monobi> Let's just hope Obama crashes in a car accident
[19:33] <Scetoaux> The only affair that could seriously hurt him would be some sort of affair with Jeremiah Wright
[19:33] <Malinaccier> :O
[19:34] <SteveCrossin> Monobi: :/
[19:34] <Warpath> Monobi, shhh :|
[19:34] <Monobi> And is paralyzed until Nov 4th
[19:34] <Sceptre> it's because of the green frenzy
[19:34] <Shanel> Monobi: Our government is a conservative minority government.
[19:34] <Avruch> Scetoaux: Pfft, if it turns out he slept with a prostitute like Eliot Spitzer or a Senate page or something, he's done ;p
[19:34] <Monobi> And on Nov 5th he stands up and walks home
[19:34] <Warpath> XD
[19:34] <Monobi> But not until that date
[19:34] <Sceptre> Monobi: there has been a lame president before
[19:34] * jimograph ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:34] <Monobi> And, hopefully McCain is in the car with him
[19:34] <Monobi> And is paralyzed too
[19:34] <Sceptre> George Bush - OH!
[19:34] <Warpath> yeah his name was Nixon :)
[19:34] <Monobi> And Ron Paul is the republican nomination
[19:35] <Shanel> Ewww.
[19:35] <Monobi> *nominee whatever
[19:35] <Scetoaux> Ron Paul isn't libertarian
[19:35] <Monobi> Ron Paul is the bestest
[19:35] * mattbuck (n=mattbuck@ Quit
[19:35] <Shanel> Purestrain Gold.
[19:35] <Scetoaux> I find his views inconsistent with libertarian ideals
[19:35] <Shanel> WTF is that.
[19:35] * jimograph ( has left #wikipedia-en
[19:35] <Warpath> religion and politics go side by side :)
[19:35] <Scetoaux> They're not as bad as Bob Barr, who's even further removed from libertarianism
[19:35] <Scetoaux> But it's pretty bad
[19:35] <Avruch> It'd probably go from McCain to, uh, Romney
[19:35] <Monobi> Shanel, the solution to the economy inflations
[19:35] <Avruch> Woohoo Romney...
[19:36] <Monobi> Avruch, lies
[19:36] <Monobi> Oh, I changed my story
[19:36] <Scetoaux> It's highly unlikely
[19:36] <Monobi> McCain, Obama, Romney, and Clinton are in a bus
[19:36] <Scetoaux> That anything is going to happen between now and Nov. 4
[19:36] <Monobi> And they are all paralyzed until Nov 4th
[19:36] <Shanel> Except for it being total poop.
[19:36] <Avruch> and it crashes because it has 40,000 secret service agents on it and is surrounded by 12 million reporters?
[19:36] * CardinalNumber ( Quit (Connection timed out )
[19:36] <SteveCrossin> Monobi: no one will vote for your candidate
[19:36] <Scetoaux> See
[19:36] <Monobi> SteveCrossin, of course they will
[19:36] <Majorly> Monobi, you are so cruel
[19:36] <Sceptre> Scetoaux: except for Leeds Utd winning a football match :p
[19:37] <SteveCrossin> oh right
[19:37] <SteveCrossin> 200 people
[19:37] <Monobi> Oh
[19:37] <SteveCrossin> lol
[19:37] <Warpath> i will vote for a dog instead :|
[19:37] <Scetoaux> If nothing else the excessive amounts of secret service agents would cushion the candidates
[19:37] <SteveCrossin> lulz
[19:37] <Sceptre> Avruch: and it turns out that it's really a CIA conspiracy :p
[19:37] <Avruch> Sceptre: CIA, MI5 and PETA ;p
[19:37] <Sceptre> Avruch: PeTA killed Diana?
[19:37] <Monobi> Thankfully few people in this channel are Americans
[19:38] <Sceptre> I've heard about the CIA and MI5 being part of the conspiracy...
[19:38] <SteveCrossin> meh
[19:38] <Scetoaux> really?
[19:38] <Avruch> Sceptre: Twice. The girl in the car was a replacement Diana.
[19:38] <Warpath> no the KBG ;)
[19:38] <Scetoaux> It is an english wikipedia
[19:38] <Sceptre> but not the People for eating Tasty Animals
[19:38] <Monobi> SteveCrossin would never last in a semi-free market environment
[19:38] <Scetoaux> 66% of English speakers are American, I believe
[19:38] <SteveCrossin> ugh your 14yo politics
[19:38] <Avruch> Scetoaux: Seems unlikely.
[19:38] <Warpath> Scetoaux, the rest british :P
[19:38] <Monobi> SteveCrossin, good thing I'm not 14yo
[19:38] * JC|Away is now known as Juliancolton
[19:38] <Scetoaux> lol
[19:38] <Monobi> Hah
[19:38] <SteveCrossin> oh really
[19:39] <Warpath> Monobi is totally 14 ;)
[19:39] <Avruch> Maybe 66% of native English speakers...
[19:39] <Malinaccier> :(
[19:39] * Kerotan (n=chatzill@wikipedia/Kerotan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:39] <Malinaccier> ;(
[19:39] <Scetoaux> Or maybe Americans jsut don't speak English
[19:39] <Scetoaux> It's far enough removed Lo
[19:39] <Scetoaux> :p
[19:39] <SteveCrossin> you and your sixth grade Michael Moore logic, Monobi
[19:39] <SteveCrossin> XDDD
[19:39] <Sceptre> Habla Franspanol?
[19:39] <Scetoaux> lol
[19:39] <SteveCrossin> Sceptre: lulz
[19:39] <Scetoaux> Je parle francais.
[19:39] <Sceptre> yeah, spare us it :p
[19:39] <Avruch> Whoa, a 14 year old in 6th grade?
[19:40] <SteveCrossin> from 24 :p
[19:40] <Avruch> Corky!
[19:40] <Sceptre> actually, for uberlingua-quotage
[19:40] <Sceptre> Sprechen Franspanol, och aye?
[19:40] <SteveCrossin> lulz
[19:40] <Monobi> SteveCrossin, Micheal Moore is evil
[19:40] <Avruch> Luckily, no one in here is old enough to get the Corky reference but me ;p
[19:40] <Shanel> Michael
[19:40] <SteveCrossin> Monobi is eviller
[19:40] <Monobi> Haha, I'm good
[19:40] * Soxred93 (n=Soxred93@unaffiliated/soxred93) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:40] <Malinaccier> Avruch should do teh RFA
[19:40] <Kerotan> I am already tired of IRC.
[19:41] * Cream is serious about making a RFA
[19:41] * Warpath too
[19:41] <Avruch> Malinaccier: Someday
[19:41] <Majorly> Cream, do not jooke
[19:41] <Scetoaux> lol
[19:41] <Sceptre> Cream: you know what RFAs are, right?
[19:41] <Warpath> tired of IRC i.e :|
[19:41] <Scetoaux> I used to have this urging to nominate someone
[19:41] <Cream> Warpath, i'll oppose
[19:41] <Sceptre> They're a type of business
[19:41] <Scetoaux> Not anymore though
[19:41] <Sceptre> I forget what kind :p
[19:41] <Cream> Sceptre, yup
[19:41] <Warpath> i said Tired of IRC :|
[19:41] <Cream> Request for adminship
[19:41] <Scetoaux> Avruch
[19:41] <Scetoaux> I hate to say this
[19:41] <Scetoaux> but your userpage hurts my eyes
[19:41] <Avruch> hehe
[19:41] <Avruch> does it?
[19:42] <Scetoaux> But then again I'm using a CRT at 60hz in a not very well-lit room
[19:42] <Scetoaux> So you're hardly to blame
[19:42] <Sceptre> my userpage is the Mona Lisa of userpages, apparently
[19:42] <Majorly> there's a new aftershave... called London
[19:42] <Majorly> ...
[19:42] <Avruch> It works for me, all I use it for is drop down menus of links I sometimes use and don't want to look for
[19:42] <Avruch> Plus some userboxes, just for kicks ;p
[19:42] <Warpath> there is a new toilet paper called somalia ;)
[19:42] <Sceptre> perfume ads annoy me
[19:42] * Soxred93 (n=Soxred93@unaffiliated/soxred93) Quit (Client Quit )
[19:42] * Tinkleheimer ( Quit (Connection timed out )
[19:42] <Sceptre> they have some irrelevant and surreal imagery
[19:42] <Avruch> Warpath: cruel joke?
[19:42] <Scetoaux> See
[19:43] <Scetoaux> what's this
[19:43] <Warpath> :p
[19:43] <Sceptre> than a femal voice whispering "Foobar"
[19:43] <Scetoaux> I report someone to be blocked for creating inappropriate pages after tagging all their pages for speedy deletion
[19:43] <Scetoaux> yet the blocking admin doesn't go one step further and delete the pages
[19:43] <Warpath> Avruch,  why use the KBG symbol on your userpage? :)
[19:44] * Tinkleheimer ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:44] <Warpath> Scetoaux, lol a blocknist :P
[19:44] <Avruch> Technically, the hammer and scythe image isn't only the KGM ;p
[19:44] <Majorly> Sceptre, they hardly advertise the actual product
[19:44] <Warpath> only misza and east718 are deletionists :P
[19:45] <Avruch> Warpath: and otherwise, cause it looked neat in the image I found ;p
[19:45] <Majorly> I dislike admins who are only bot
[19:45] <Majorly> s
[19:45] <east718|away> Wafulz: :o
[19:45] * Malinaccier likes being a bot
[19:45] <east718|away> *Warpath
[19:45] <Avruch> Its a good joke, if you ask me
[19:46] <Avruch> Mixing like the secret police aspect of the USSR with the "cabal" mythos of Wikipedia
[19:46] <Warpath> Majorly,  yup ;P
[19:46] <Avruch> and the "Army of One" slogan of the US Army
[19:46] * Cream kicks Warpath in the balls
[19:46] * Vito (n=user@unaffiliated/vito) Quit (Connection timed out )
[19:46] SpamTunes started.
[19:46] -> *#teens* np : Clarence "Frogman" Henry - Ain't Got No Home 2:21 128kbit/s
[19:47] * Warpath played American Army before :)
[19:47] -> *#teens* np : Mildred Bailey And Her Swing Band - I'd Love To Take Orders From You 2:41 128kbit/s
[19:47] <Warpath> Cream, don;t be jealous since you don't have any ;)
[19:48] <Scetoaux> lol
[19:48] <Cream> :P
[19:48] <Avruch> Warpath: Yea I played it, not too bad but pretty choppy on my PC
[19:48] <Scetoaux> but seriously though
[19:48] <Cream> wanna see?
[19:48] <Monobi> Cream, GOATSE ?
[19:48] <Cream> no
[19:48] <Cream> my balls
[19:48] <Avruch> "Jesus personally got me Burger King once" most recent strangest RfA comment ever
[19:48] -> *#teens* np : Turbinator Two - Come On Use Your Brain (Smell This) 1:19 98kbit/s
[19:49] * Mm40_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:49] Clones detected from 8 Mm50 Mm40_
[19:49] -> *#teens* np : Batilda & Guano - Cave Thing 1:41 94kbit/s
[19:49] <animum> [[Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/CloudNine#S19]] takes the cake
[19:49] * Mm40_ is now known as Mm40
[19:50] <Scetoaux> jesus
[19:50] <Scetoaux> that is a long support
[19:50] <animum> But it's very funny
[19:50] <animum> Well, satirically humorous.
[19:50] * quanticle (i=quanticl@wikipedia/Quanticle) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:51] <Pilotguy> Hello Cream
[19:51] * Cream np : En Lobe - Whatta Brain 1:43 98kbit/s
[19:51] <Pilotguy> Have you been behaving yourself today?
[19:51] * Shanel (n=Shanel@wikimedia/Shanel) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[19:51] * quanticle is now known as Schrodinger_Cat
[19:51] <Cream> yes
[19:51] <Cream> why?
[19:51] * Greek ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:51] * masterpersona (n=Shanel@wikimedia/Shanel) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:51] * Schrodinger_Cat laps up cream
[19:52] <Pilotguy> Cream: Just making sure
[19:52] <Scetoaux> Yeah
[19:52] <Scetoaux> I've seen a lot of Gurch's comments
[19:52] * masterpersona is now known as Shanel
[19:52] <Pilotguy> You always behave yourself I just didn't want to make sure you had deviated from that
[19:52] <Pilotguy> erm
[19:52] <Scetoaux> I didn't take him very seriously until I learned it was he that made Huggle
[19:52] * Pilotguy proofreads that last part
[19:52] SpamTunes started.
[19:52] * Cream np : Riskay - Smell Yo Dick 3:38 128kbit/s
[19:53] <Pilotguy> Ok
[19:53] <Pilotguy> I just WANTED to makre sure you HADN'T deviated from that
[19:53] <Pilotguy> There we go
[19:53] <Scetoaux> :Where the nomination really stands out is with the nominator's description of the edit count as "riveting". 9161 may at first appear to be a fairly boring number, but not only is it prime, you can transpose the first and second and the third and fourth digits and then rotate it clockwise through half a turn and it looks the same as it did before! Clearly the candidate should be commended for this excellent achievement, which m
[19:53] <Scetoaux> Excuse my odd usage of colons as quotation marks
[19:53] * Seddon ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:54] * Vito (n=user@unaffiliated/vito) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:54] <Cream> brb
[19:54] <Cream> writing a FA
[19:54] * Seddon ( has left #wikipedia-en
[19:54] <Schrodinger_Cat> Scetoaux: Heh.  It would be really special if the number was also prime when you reversed its digits.
[19:54] <Scetoaux> lol
[19:54] <Scetoaux> 2
[19:55] <Scetoaux> :p
[19:55] <Howcheng> i finally got around to putting Weezer's "Maladroit" in my computer and boy was it disappointing
[19:55] <Cream> I got another copyright question
[19:56] <Scetoaux> I've got to go
[19:56] SpamTunes stopped (iTunes is not playing anything).
[19:56] <Scetoaux> I'll see you guys later
[19:56] <Cream> toodles
[19:56] <Scetoaux> :)
[19:56] <Malinaccier> Bye Scetoaux
[19:56] * Scetoaux ( Quit ("Java user signed off" )
[19:57] <Cream> hmm
[19:57] <Cream> that's a noodle scratcher
[19:58] <Howcheng> Cream: shoot
[19:58] <Cream> I want to upload pics
[19:58] <Cream> from 1963 to 1966
[19:59] <Cream> and they have multiple copyrights
[19:59] * Smiythe (n=Elijia@unaffiliated/smythe) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:59] <Cream> usually
[19:59] <Howcheng> are they from the U.S.?
[19:59] <Cream> nope
[19:59] <Cream> Canada
[20:00] <Cream> Expo 67
[20:00] <Howcheng> then they are copyrighted to 70 years after the photographer's death
[20:01] <Cream> ah
[20:01] <Cream> It's a world's fair
[20:02] * Vito (n=user@unaffiliated/vito) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[20:02] * Mm40 ( Quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox]" )
[20:02] * Vito (n=user@unaffiliated/vito) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:03] * Avruch (n=Administ@unaffiliated/avruch) has left #wikipedia-en
[20:05] * Enok|Walker (i=Enok| has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:07] * Mm50 ( Quit (No route to host )
[20:08] <Cream> hmm
[20:08] <Cream> i guess this article needs moar pix
[20:10] <Enok|Walker> [[Toilet-related injury]] ??? I agree
[20:10] <SteveCrossin> LOL
[20:11] * Smiythe lols
[20:11] * Cream titters
[20:11] * Smiythe shoots cream
[20:11] <Smiythe> with a FN FAL
[20:12] <Smiythe> Im the last man laughing
[20:13] * Malinaccier laughs last
[20:13] <Sceptre> hey, anyone want a laugh?
[20:13] * Cream kills Smiythe
[20:13] <Sceptre>
[20:13] <Cream> a cheap laugh?
[20:14] * nihiltres (n=nihiltre@wikipedia/Nihiltres) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:15] <Smiythe> Twas funny
[20:15] <Smiythe> kinda
[20:15] * Not_the_NSA (n=R@wikipedia/R) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[20:15] <Warpath> possibly another  grawp sleper O_O
[20:15] <Warpath> sleeper*
[20:15] <Cream> on Sceptre
[20:15] <Cream> do you remember this?
[20:15] * Not_the_NSA (n=R@wikipedia/R) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:15] <Cream>
[20:15] <Sceptre> Cream: yes
[20:15] * Cream chuckles
[20:16] <Smiythe> Anyone seen Ziggy lately?
[20:16] <Cream> nope
[20:17] <Cream> he'll turn up
[20:17] <Cream> anyways
[20:17] <Cream> it's FailViper
[20:17] * smoddy (n=smoddy@wikipedia/smoddy) Quit ("res ipsa loquitur" )
[20:18] <Sceptre> yay
[20:18] <Sceptre> I've got a vexatious RFC against me!
[20:18] <Cream> yay!
[20:18] <Juliancolton> Can somebody help me with something?
[20:19] <Juliancolton> [[2006 Atlantic hurricane season]], the TFA, is screwed up
[20:19] <Smiythe> wat
[20:19] <Juliancolton> And it's not showing in the history
[20:19] <Smiythe> I can attack hackers attacking wikipedia
[20:19] <Smiythe> If that helps
[20:19] <Juliancolton> Ah, it's fixed
[20:19] <Juliancolton> No it's not
[20:20] <Juliancolton>
[20:21] <KingsOfHearts> people hack wikipedia?
[20:21] <Smiythe> IDK
[20:21] <Smiythe> I just can
[20:22] <Smiythe> Whip up a nice virus
[20:22] <Smiythe> to screw
[20:22] <Smiythe> up
[20:22] <Smiythe> their
[20:22] <Not_the_NSA> Cream:  22:42, 12 January 2006 Francs2000 (Talk | contribs) (→Sceptre: closing - 80% consensus)
[20:22] <Not_the_NSA> LOL
[20:22] <Smiythe> computer
[20:22] <Sceptre> Not_the_NSA: WHAT'S SO FUNNY?
[20:22] <Sceptre> </caps>
[20:23] <Smiythe> Sceptre, WAT!!!
[20:23] <Smiythe> I DON GET IT
[20:23] <Not_the_NSA> Sceptre: The fact that he based in purely on the percentage.
[20:23] <Sceptre> that was back in 2000
[20:23] <Not_the_NSA> Sceptre: And the fact htat 80% was passing. (back then of course then).
[20:23] <KingsOfHearts> how do you hack wikipedia?
[20:23] <MBisanz> sceptre I see you've been called to answer
[20:23] <Sceptre> 2006
[20:24] <Smiythe> KingsOfHearts, DDOS ATTACK
[20:24] * FT2-away (n=FT2@wikipedia/ft2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:24] <Sceptre> MBisanz: the RFC?
[20:24] <Sceptre> I don't give a fuck about it
[20:24] <MBisanz> yes, it has 1 certifier so far
[20:24] <Smiythe> Meh.
[20:24] <MBisanz> 1 more and its banhammer time!
[20:24] <Smiythe> Too lazy
[20:24] <Sceptre> MBisanz: not really
[20:24] <MBisanz> on which side though I'm not sure
[20:24] <KingsOfHearts> ddos would work on wikipedia?
[20:24] <Smiythe> mabee
[20:24] <Sceptre> MBisanz: they're constantly weaking their case
[20:25] <KingsOfHearts> I doubt that
[20:25] <Smiythe> I dont know about their server
[20:25] <Smiythe> well.
[20:25] <Smiythe> There are other ways
[20:25] <Enok|Walker> what's an Ass-Lobottomy
[20:25] <Sceptre> I've been wanting to quote Frank Lapidus for a long long time...
[20:25] <Smiythe> What method would u attack wiki with King?
[20:25] <MBisanz> i know sceptre go nom the ID wikiproject for deletion
[20:25] <Enok|Walker> wait what
[20:26] <Sceptre> MBisanz: the project's fine, it's the people behind it
[20:26] <Smiythe> Ghaaa...
[20:26] <Enok|Walker> are you planning a wikimutiny or something
[20:26] <Smiythe> Anyone know any other boards Ziggy is on?
[20:26] <KingsOfHearts> Shock pics i guess
[20:26] <Smiythe> ...
[20:26] <KingsOfHearts> but i would never do that
[20:26] <Smiythe> It is open
[20:27] <KingsOfHearts> ever
[20:27] <Smiythe> so
[20:27] <Smiythe> why
[20:27] <Smiythe> hack
[20:27] <Smiythe> when
[20:27] <Smiythe> you
[20:27] <Smiythe> can
[20:27] <Smiythe> screw it up
[20:27] <Warpath> :|
[20:27] <MBisanz> can we please merge [[Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Sceptre, Sxeptomaniac, SirFozzie, B]] and [[WP:RFAR/C68-SV-FM-JzG-TS-Listuser/All]] to make the arbcom's job harder?
[20:27] <Warpath> don't flood
[20:27] <Enok|Walker> hacking sounds 1337er
[20:27] <Sceptre> go on ;)
[20:27] <Smiythe> Then they IP BAN YOU
[20:27] <KingsOfHearts> Proxy
[20:27] <Smiythe> And thats easy to get around
[20:27] <Smiythe> yes, proxy
[20:27] <Smiythe> or just change your IP
[20:28] <KingsOfHearts> that evntually gets banned
[20:28] <Smiythe> through a request to your ISP via a message
[20:28] * Howcheng (i=d14a603e@gateway/web/ajax/ Quit (" bye" )
[20:28] <KingsOfHearts> ur range
[20:28] <KingsOfHearts> gets banned
[20:28] <Cream> heh
[20:29] <Smiythe> Meh. Then that sucks
[20:29] <Smiythe> Change ISPS OR SOMETHING
[20:29] <Smiythe> I DONT KNOW!?!?!
[20:29] <KingsOfHearts> thats why i dont vandalize stuff its not worth the time
[20:29] <Smiythe> Hey, I wouldentt
[20:29] <KingsOfHearts> what do you gain?
[20:30] <Smiythe> Im just saying hypothetically what someone could do
[20:30] <Smiythe> :)
[20:30] * Alexfusco5 is now known as Alexfusco5|Away
[20:30] <Warpath> MBisanz, watch him
[20:30] <KingsOfHearts> Shock pics are the only real way I can think of
[20:30] <MBisanz> why me?
[20:30] * Greek ( Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]" )
[20:30] <Warpath> only admin here, rest are trolls :(
[20:31] * Vito (n=user@unaffiliated/vito) Quit (Connection timed out )
[20:31] * kibble (n=kibble@wikimedia/Cbrown1023) Quit ("sleep" )
[20:31] <Monobi> Warpath, O_O
[20:31] <MBisanz> what is he doing wrong?
[20:31] <KingsOfHearts> Im not a troll.
[20:31] <Warpath>  a grawp sleeper most probably
[20:31] <KingsOfHearts> what grawp
[20:31] <MBisanz> then flag down smoddy
[20:32] <KingsOfHearts> *whats
[20:32] <Tinkleheimer> WBOSITG, did I mention you have the best username ever?
[20:32] <Warpath> MBisanz,  autoconfirm is how many days>?
[20:32] * Farosdaughter (i=83fb8683@wikipedia/Farosdaughter) Quit (" ajax IRC Client" )
[20:33] <KingsOfHearts> (Warpath    a grawp sleeper most probably) ??
[20:33] * Farosdaughter (i=83fb8683@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:33] <MBisanz> 4 days and 10 edits
[20:33] <Warpath> MBisanz, you have your 10 edits :P
[20:34] * JohnReaves (n=JohnReav@wikimedia/John-Reaves) Quit ("Computer is schl?frig" )
[20:34] <MBisanz> i can't fathom how is grawp
[20:34] <MBisanz> it is autoconfirmed, was registered in 2004, etc
[20:34] * Tinkleheimer is still waiting to see if his DYK Hook(s) are okay.
[20:34] <Warpath>     * 20:29, June 1, 2008 There is no spoon. (Talk | contribs) Account created automatically
[20:35] <Warpath> i think it was changed to 10 days O_O
[20:35] <Tinkleheimer> Why is my knuckle bloody? Did I go on a rampage in my sleep?
[20:35] <KingsOfHearts> what is grawp?
[20:35] <Juliancolton> :O
[20:35] * Soxred93 (n=Soxred93@unaffiliated/soxred93) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:35] * Cestmoi (n=cestmoi@wikia/cest-moi) Quit ("Sb > Please, don't say MIERDA4PLUS." )
[20:35] <KingsOfHearts> who is grawp
[20:35] <KingsOfHearts> is he like a vandal?
[20:35] <Juliancolton> A vandal who has become part of Wikipedia's culture
[20:35] <ffm> KingsOfHearts: mhm.
[20:35] <Juliancolton> Like Willy on Wheels
[20:35] <ffm> KingsOfHearts: Read, WoW like.
[20:36] <Tinkleheimer> What is a highscore, is that bad? Did I break the machine?
[20:36] <KingsOfHearts> what did he do?
[20:36] <MBisanz> o i missed the period
[20:36] <Soxred93> Page-move vandalism
[20:36] <Soxred93> And he stil lcontinues
[20:36] <KingsOfHearts> You have his original ip/
[20:37] <KingsOfHearts> ?
[20:37] <Luna-San> Oh. That period makes it look *way* more Grawpy.
[20:37] <Luna-San> I was trying to figure that out, too. x.x
[20:37] <Soxred93> As far as I know, he's the only pagemove vandal we are constantly on the lookout for, the only one who is a real concern.
[20:37] <Warpath> KingsOfHearts, you are yourself a troll, so shut up or I will ban you :|
[20:37] <KingsOfHearts> Can you check user the original for me?
[20:37] * Smythe (n=Elijia@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:37] <KingsOfHearts> wtf?
[20:38] <KingsOfHearts> I have made consitintly good edit for wikipeida and
[20:38] <Enok|Walker> how come all the trolls come to this channel to troll it up
[20:38] <KingsOfHearts> omfg im not a troll on wikipedia.
[20:38] <KingsOfHearts> :(
[20:39] <Enok|Walker> I mean in general this place is whineville population trollz
[20:39] <MBisanz> User:KingOfHearts ?
[20:39] <Warpath> Enok|Walker,  no idea ;)
[20:39] <KingsOfHearts> yes
[20:39] <KingsOfHearts> check me ive wrote two articles and they both kickass
[20:40] <MBisanz>
[20:40] <MBisanz> nope
[20:40] <animum> ?
[20:40] <KingsOfHearts>
[20:41] * Malinaccier7 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:41] <KingsOfHearts> thats what I thought
[20:41] * Chetblong|away is now known as AAAAChetblong|aw
[20:41] <ffm> Does MW log viewing of deelted contribs?
[20:41] <MBisanz> no
[20:42] * Malinaccier (n=malinacc@unaffiliated/malinaccier) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[20:42] * AAAAChetblong|aw is now known as AA^
[20:42] * Malinaccier7 is now known as Malinaccier
[20:42] <MBisanz> hence why I had to write a policy so global admins dont misuse it
[20:42] * Symith (n=Elijia@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:42] <MBisanz> actually MW does not log it, but the apache server does
[20:42] <Symith> woah...
[20:42] <ffm> MBisanz: Ah, you wrote WP:GRU?
[20:42] <MBisanz> so yes, if you misuse it, we can find out and hurt you
[20:42] <ffm> MBisanz: uh, you just said you couldn't find out.
[20:42] <TenPoundHammer> wtf?
[20:42] <ffm> 20:42  MBisanz$ no
[20:42] <KingsOfHearts> So can you please give me the ip of grawp?
[20:43] * FT2-away (n=FT2@wikipedia/ft2) Quit (Connection timed out )
[20:43] <ffm> MBisanz: oh.
[20:43] * ffm didnt' read.
[20:43] <MBisanz> I started the discussion at [[WT:ADMIN]] to create this policy
[20:43] <MBisanz> and added a major part of it
[20:44] <Warpath> grawp is Not *A* person, its an organisation :|
[20:44] <MBisanz> if it were not for me, we wouldnt have a way of dealing with global admins
[20:44] <Enok|Walker> is it possible to abuse Aleve
[20:44] <ffm> Enok|Walker: yes.
[20:44] <Symith> Enok|Walker, yes
[20:44] <KingsOfHearts> give me the original please
[20:44] <ffm> Enok|Walker: but [[WP:NOT]] medical.
[20:44] <Enok|Walker> cool brb
[20:44] <Symith> ffm, ye beat me to it!!
[20:44] <Symith> .....
[20:44] <Symith> Enok|Walker was a good man
[20:45] <Symith> He died of painkiller overdose in
[20:45] <Symith> his home
[20:46] <ffm> MBisanz: /me reports MBisanz for making threats of physical harm.
[20:46] <Symith> .........Can you get high of your own nerochemicals?
[20:46] <MBisanz> its called [[WP:TOV]] ffm
[20:46] <Symith> Like adrenaline?
[20:46] <MBisanz> bstone runs it
[20:46] <MBisanz> i'm friends with bstone
[20:46] <Symith> Then end up addicted to working out or something?
[20:46] <ffm> MBisanz: So am I.
[20:47] * nenolod (n=nenolod@atheme/member/nenolod) Quit ("<arika> this sh scripting is the language of the future" )
[20:47] * nenolod (n=nenolod@atheme/member/nenolod) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:49] <ffm> MBisanz: "Hunt me down"? Will WMF's ninjas come through my windows like in ?
[20:49] <MBisanz> apparently FFM is not up on the latest arbcom ruling
[20:50] * [hmwith] (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/hmwith/x-109832) has left #wikipedia-en
[20:50] <MBisanz> Administrators are authorized to use any and all means at their disposal to ensure that every Wikipedia article is in full compliance with the letter and spirit of the biographies of living persons policy.
[20:51] <ffm> MBisanz: that's what they all say. Linky?
[20:51] <ffm> MBisanz: remember that sarcasm is _really_ helpful.
[20:52] <MBisanz> heh
[20:52] <MBisanz>
[20:52] <ffm> wtf!
[20:53] * ffm writes an angry letter to jimbo.
[20:53] * Wizardman (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/wizardman) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:53] <Wizardman> juliancolton: done w/ your request. Do i get a support now? :)
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[20:53] * Now talking in #wikipedia-en

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[20:53] * Set by NotASpy on Fri Jun 06 21:29:46
[20:53] <Cream> Missed me?
[20:53] * Ultraexactzz ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:53] <KingsOfHearts> hello cream
[20:53] <Malinaccier> Cream: no
[20:54] <Malinaccier> Cream: :p
[20:54] <ffm> Cream: Nopers.
[20:54] <Cream> o rly
[20:54] * MBisanz huggles ffm
[20:54] * [hmwith] (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/hmwith/x-109832) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:54] <MBisanz> can't wait till he's ana dmin
[20:54] <Juliancolton> Wizardman: Lemme see
[20:55] <Malinaccier> MBisanz: did you find his RFA page?
[20:55] <MBisanz> whose ffm?
[20:55] <MBisanz> wasnt looking actually
[20:55] <Malinaccier> lol
[20:56] <Wizardman> ?
[20:56] * TMN ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:56] <Wizardman> wtf solar poseidon. You're goin down, I'm gonna win teh editcountitis challenge!
[20:57] * Smiythe (n=Elijia@unaffiliated/smythe) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) )
[20:57] <Wizardman> almost caught up on the fac comments. phew
[20:57] * Avruch (n=Administ@unaffiliated/avruch) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:57] <KingsOfHearts>
[20:57] <KingsOfHearts> no sources
[20:57] * Farosdaughter (i=83fb8683@wikipedia/Farosdaughter) Quit (" ajax IRC Client" )
[20:58] * Ultraexactzz ( Quit (Client Quit )
[20:58] <Wizardman> sources or not, clearly non-notable
[20:58] <Juliancolton> Wizardman: :)
[20:58] <Wizardman> uh oh, it's thunderstorming here
[20:59] <KingsOfHearts>
[20:59] <KingsOfHearts> another
[20:59] <KingsOfHearts> no sources
[21:00] * Smythe (n=Elijia@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) )
[21:00] <KingsOfHearts> numerous grammatical errors..
[21:01] * Alexfusco5|Away is now known as Alexfusco5
[21:01] <Wizardman> Well, one satisfied, yay ^_^ a few more to go
[21:01] * ffm may be away, so if I don't reply...
[21:01] <KingsOfHearts> what about articles like this?
[21:01] <KingsOfHearts> are they keepable
[21:01] <KingsOfHearts> ?
[21:02] <KingsOfHearts>  /me is cool
[21:02] <KingsOfHearts> me/ is cool
[21:02] <Malinaccier>  /me
[21:03] <KingsOfHearts> k
[21:03] <Wizardman>  /moi is cool
[21:03] * KingsOfHearts is cool
[21:03] <KingsOfHearts> ya
[21:03] <Malinaccier>  actually
[21:03] <Enok|Walker> I imagine that's inherently keepable because it's analogous to, say, a US state county, although it obviously needs mass expansion :/
[21:03] <Malinaccier>  /moi est cool
[21:04] <KingsOfHearts> I will get that article featured
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