Monday, January 12, 2015

January Grab-Bag

Looking for Wikipedia criticisms sites, ran across Wiki-HELL, a Blogspot site last posted-to in August of 2009. Run by a hater of "SlimVirgin" (Linda "Sarah McEwan" Mack) gets the real identity of "Herschelkrustofsky" wrong, but it might be right about the others it names.

Speaking of "Hersch", right now there is this game of Internet "dozens" being played at the Wikipediocracy message-board over Wikipedia's coverage of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. For the n00bs, the thing you have to keep in mind while reading/commenting on that board is that the broad majority of users are banned Wikipedistas and they want back in but Jimbo's commissariat say "No" or "HELL NO" depending on the asker. So they do as the PLO did in the 1970s, pretend Lebanon (WO) is Palestine (Wikipedia), and continue their battles elsewhere, hoping that the fight can move south somehow. I have no idea why somebody as smart as Eric Barbour wastes his time on Wikipedocracy, while Mancunium is the Alex Montagu we need, but not the one we deserve (tears for Manchester and Sputnik 2.)

Reddit is the future of the hell around us*; if you are a "redditor" and know something awful going on behind closed doors there, the subreddit /r/RedditCritiques is the place to go. Reddit is getting too much of a free pass, and there is a great overlap between Wikipedia users and redditors.....that needs to change.

*with apologies to Hans-JΓΌrgen Syberberg and the cast of Hitler: A Film From Germany