Friday, June 28, 2019

LuxOfTkGL: The overlooked pedophile editor buried by Wikipedia

This was one of the creep editors I missed back when this website was examining the whole phenomena of pedophiles deep inside Wikipedia.

He didn't last very long....LuxOfTkGL edited Wikipedia from May 11th to September 9th of 2005. However, before that he was creator of the long-since demolished GlWiki
("Girl Love" Wiki) which was a "girl-orientated" version of the still-operating BoyWiki. Lux also ran the similarly defunct TkGL, which was pedophile forum with a gallery of little girl photos among other elements. (Both of the links above go to the "" website pages that have been turned into an wiki inside the wiki of Encyclopedia Dramatica.) Off the Internet, LuxOfTkGL was Darren Cresswell, a 23-year-old Sunday school teacher at the New Testament Church of God in Wolverhampton, England. He had been going to that church since the age of 12. Because all the websites were wiped clean off the Internet we have no idea how long they were operating (we were totally dead wrong, more information below), though it is known that Cresswell had taken a number of computer courses at the local university. Lux's downfall was in late 2005, when the police raided his apartment and found 1100 child porn photos on his hard drive. The computer was seized. At the time Cresswell thought the woman he was having an online relationship with turned him in, but knowing the British police, probably one of the users of GlWiki or TkGL was an undercover cop. During the time between the raid and the trial more that a year later, Lux met with Sorrow, who was an administrator on both of Darren Cresswell's websites. Of course they hung around with Sorrow's four year old sisters. Somewhere along the line before the raid Cresswell had taken his own child porn photos and had sexually assaulted a small boy, which along with the porn in his computer added up to a three and a half year prison sentence, according to the Birmingham Mail. As for Sorrow, he kept Lux's websites going until his own arrest in 2006, and between arrest and the trial beginning he began a sex change, becoming Damien Walker. Probably because she never molested a child or took her own photographs she did not get jail time, just a supervised 2 year "community order" and 5 years of being on the Sexual Offenders Register (UK).

Darren Cresswell has kept an extremely low profile since his jail time ended - no photos online, and he has stayed off Wikipedia. Aside from the page and the Birmingham Mail story, he was mentioned in Sarah Good's 2011, Paedophiles in Society: Reflecting on Sexuality, Abuse and Hope, beginning on page 35. At time of writing he runs a wedding photography business in Leicester, U.K.

The Ruins Online is run by a bizarre sort of completist, the sort of people who collect rubbishy garbage knowing all the while that it is rubbishy garbage. So of course they have copies of Cresswell's site, with all the offending images removed. Here is what the site looked like in September of 2004, and what it looked like in February of 2006, just before it was shut down. The 2004 version has a messageboard and this wonderfully creepy section called "In my Eyes" where Cresswell compares small girls to angels, and he tries to work out how to reconcile Christianity with cis paedophilia. The 2006 version has a revolting section on "Pedo Parenting", while the forum and the other fluffy but sinister Christian-pedo gibberish is still up at that point. If it weren't about having sex with small girls, this would be some sort of Protestant Christian site about "overcoming sin."

Final Words

It's bizarre that you can get records of a small paedophile website online, but all the information from the pedo-hunting websites of the Bush II era have be utterly deleted unless they are part of a bigger site like Encyclopedia Dramatica, which went down more than a month ago (August 2019). This was hard to write about because we have actual names and people who aren't living off the dole or who have vanished off the internet forever. This is why I have elected to not publish the link to Cresswell's wedding photography business. If you want to go after anybody, go after the Wikimedia Foundation, who allowed this situation to happen in the first place.

("Published" on June 28, 2019, actually finished on September 28. 2019.)