Saturday, June 8, 2024

Update on 5505 Lindo Paseo

When last week's post was linked to the SDSU subreddit, one of the commenters pointed us to this website, which mentions no street address or ZIP code (just "San Diego, California"). Champion Real Estate of Santa Monica, which owns the site, is giving the SDSU student body a six story apartment with 26 units, into which they would love to cram  a maximum of 226 beds.

"Victory" will not have an underground parking garage; the space I photographed is actually the rough beginnings of a basement lounge area. As you can see from Project Management Associates' extremely basic rendering*, the front of the building is being moved from Lindo Paseo to 55th Street. The building is probably L-shaped, with a pool somewhere behind the building. The whole thing is supposed to go up before August of 2025. There are real doubts if this building will ever be fully used for very long, seeing as how the forthcoming drop in students will begin in 2028 if Dan Shaulis' projections are true.

* Or is this the work of Studio E Architects, the San Diego firm that designed the building in the first place?