Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A short Reminder of what season it is.....

.....why it's begging season over at Wikipedia!

Even though we know they are sitting on 90 million American dollars, they keep on asking for MONEY - MONEY - MONEY, because is salves Jimmy's disappointment at being a barely millionaire, or possibly a multi-thousandaire after all the alimony payments. His hopes of making the Big, Big Money, possibly after listening to hours of Ayn Rand's boytoy Nathaniel Blumenthal (Branden) have never gone as he wished.

So the users of Wikipedia and the world's scraper 'bots have to suffer though these stupid appeals for cash, because the cash never made it to Jimmy's wallet.

Jimmy's need for validation reminds me of an odd little man from Austria....

YouTube's shitty software ruins the joke, but click here anyway.