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#wikipedia IRC Halloween 2010. User Iamred: "What is Wikipedia more like...? Date Rape or Fisting." (NSFW, obviously.)

From those endless files, thanks to Eric Barbour and Company, some more #wikipedia Internet Relay Chat idiocy.....

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[00:19] <variable> what is en wikipedia's policy on closed sources (things like the OED or other pay-for-access sources)

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[00:22] <geniice> variable in what sense

[00:23] <variable> geniice, is there anything special I should do when citing it?

[00:23] <variable> should I attempt to find a publicy accessible source?

[00:24] <geniice> variable no

[00:24] <variable> geniice, ok cool

[00:24] <geniice> I cite books all the time

[00:24] <variable> ok cool

[00:24] <geniice> about half the sources in for example

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[00:27] <geniice> This allows people to promenade along the sea front

[00:27] <geniice> "promenade" in cold blood?

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[20:59] <***> Buffer Playback...

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:44:21] hi

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:44:23] oh hi KB1JWQ

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:44:25] how are you doing

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:44:55] KB1JWQ stop /msging me please

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:44:57] you rapist

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:44:57] lol

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:45:01] so anyone awake

[20:59] <killiondude> [06:45:22] Simmer down.

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:45:29] hi killiondude

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:45:30] what's up bro

[20:59] <killiondude> [06:45:36] gas prices.

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:45:41] yeah serious no fake

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:45:50] so i was reading the nigger page on wikipedia

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:45:54] you ever see it? here's hte direct link

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:46:01]

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:46:14] this guy

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:46:18] he cracks me up

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:46:19] that guy! lol

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:46:34] how's it going bro

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:46:45] chillin wit my bros

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:46:49] i'm really feeling that

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:46:53] any of your bros black?

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:47:09] they wear black

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:47:43] nah i mean are they of african origin?

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:47:56] we're all of african origin

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:48:05] i'm really feeling this

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:48:08] did you not get the memo

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:48:10] would any of them be described by this article?

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:48:10]

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:48:30] that's a rather rude term!

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:48:50] gosh you have truly offended me

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:48:51] i know, right?

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:49:09] so why's this nigger shit even in wikipedia?

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:49:12] sounds like it should have no place

[20:59] <killiondude> [06:49:17] qpt`, shush now.

[20:59] <killiondude> [06:49:24] That's not appropriate.

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:49:33] we live in crazy times

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:49:33] killiondude excuse me cracker, me and closed here are having a conversation

[20:59] <killiondude> [06:49:43] Obvicopters are so loud, I can't hear you.

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:49:44] closedmouth man i used to give like $1K a year to wiki

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:49:57] closedmouth but with all this "nigger" article crap floating around, i don't think i will again

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:50:05] feel me/

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:50:11] i'm really feeling this

[20:59] <killiondude> [06:50:13] was that a request

06[20:59] * closedmouth [06:50:21] feels killiondude

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:50:29] it is a general state of mind

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:50:30] i'm feelin both fo you

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:50:42] i am feeling very killiondude today

[20:59] <killiondude> [06:50:53] ^_^

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:50:59] killiondude you have any insight into this article:

[20:59] <killiondude> [06:51:09] you are missing a word

[20:59] <killiondude> [06:51:11] +do

[20:59] <killiondude> [06:51:33] qpt`, I do not have any insight into that article.

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:51:44] bored

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:52:37] i just want to know why articles like "nigger" exist

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:52:38] like this one

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:52:45] maybe i should try another channel?

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:52:55] maybe

[20:59] <qpt`> [06:53:32] any suggestions sis?

[20:59] <closedmouth> [06:53:57] ##fixyourconnection

[20:59] <FoeNyx> [07:07:13] killiondude> « i just want to know why articles like "death" exists ! It's quite offensive » said one my undead troll friend :p </halloween>

[20:59] <killiondude> [07:07:26] :-P

[20:59] <yao_ziyuan> [08:31:24] in a word such as 'place', i think there is a very short schwa between [p] and [l]. is it?

[20:59] <closedmouth> [08:42:49] probably depends on the accent

[20:59] <richardcavell> [09:13:11] yeah depends on the accent

[20:59] <richardcavell> [09:13:15] the way I pronounce it, it doesn't

[20:59] <richardcavell> [09:13:29] the l begins before the p is finished

[20:59] <geniice> [10:39:50] I see TVtropes is having money issues

[20:59] <geniice> [10:40:05]

[20:59] <TuxFighter> [11:24:59] Can anyone help me with the textbox above [[fr:User:TuxFighter]]

[20:59] <TuxFighter> [11:25:17]

[20:59] <TuxFighter> [12:45:53] is the zh wiki available from china ?

[20:59] <pticochon> [14:13:08] hi

[20:59] <pticochon> [14:13:12] so I'm reviewing an article

[20:59] <pticochon> [14:13:23] and a reference points out to the book "electronic test instruments"

[20:59] <pticochon> [14:13:40] however, the book is not free, so I'm unable to check whether the reference is right or wrong

[20:59] <pticochon> [14:13:49] what does one do in such cases?

[20:59] <TuxFighter> [14:15:05] is the zh wiki available from china ?

[20:59] <bluefoxicy> [14:49:50] WOW this stuff is sour

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:18:30] Who did WTC?

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:19:05] Who did WTC?!

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:19:52] Oh, terroist...

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:20:00] WIKIPEDIA IS GOOD.

[20:59] <FoeNyx> [15:20:25] terroist ? are you an errorist ?

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:20:40] I, sir, am no terroist.

[20:59] <closedmouth> [15:20:41] taroist

[20:59] <FoeNyx> [15:21:01] closedmouth> "the tower" !

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:21:03] closedmouth, did you do WTC?

[20:59] <closedmouth> [15:21:13] probably

[20:59] <closedmouth> [15:21:21] what's the tower

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:21:31] My cock.

[20:59] <closedmouth> [15:21:49] oh

[20:59] <FoeNyx> [15:21:55] closedmouth> the tarrot card

[20:59] <closedmouth> [15:22:01] oh

[20:59] <FoeNyx> [15:22:10]

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:31:52] Can someone answer me this?

[20:59] <geniice> [15:32:01] what?

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:32:07] What is Wikipedia more like...? Date Rape or Fisting.

[20:59] <mavhc> [15:32:41] no

[20:59] <geniice> [15:33:02] wikipedia is more like the power of a fully armed and operational battlesation

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:33:31] fien, who is the worst person to go into prison? Nelson Mandela or Mothandas Gandhi?

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:34:12] YOU HAVE TO ANSWER.

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:35:05] OR YOU SUCK COCK.

[20:59] <Cyrius> [15:35:11] ...

[20:59] <Cyrius> [15:35:25] Iamred: stop being lame, it's not funny

[20:59] <geniice> [15:35:34] Dude this is wikipedia. you can't move for gay people

[20:59] <Cyrius> [15:36:10] I've seen better trolling from dead babies

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:37:22] COT DEATH!

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:37:50] :-D

[20:59] <geniice> [15:38:05] wierd fetish you have there

[20:59] <Iamred> [15:38:56] Weird spelling you have there.

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:04:25] Anyone in?

[20:59] <KsM> [16:04:29] No

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:04:31] I need some help with a template

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:04:45]

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:07:00] Basicly, I'd like to bring it up to the same standard as other user namspace templates..

[20:59] <TuxFighter> [16:07:03] is the zh wiki available from china ?

[20:59] <geniice> [16:08:34] basicaly yes

[20:59] <geniice> [16:08:39] some pages are not

[20:59] <TuxFighter> [16:10:59] k that good because I want to translate

[20:59] <TuxFighter> [16:11:10] but its an unpolitical article

[20:59] <Matthewedwards> [16:11:16] Qcoder, I'm writing from my phone right now, so bear with me...

[20:59] <TuxFighter> [16:11:21] so there won´t be any problemes

[20:59] <ME|BUSY> [16:16:07] qcoder, you should put a blue exclamation mark image in it

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:16:30] ME|BUSY:  Well I wasn't sure how

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:16:49] if someone can re-word and put in the right pictures - feel-free :)

[20:59] <ME|BUSY> [16:17:47] But check out image help pages and image use pages. They say thats an image with a few issues is better than none at all

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:18:06] True

[20:59] <ME|BUSY> [16:18:17] Gimp and shoop can correct most issues anyway

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:18:30] The intent of template is to help generate 'better' photos, not discourage people from uploading at all :)

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:19:26] I wanted a way to leave an uploader a note that an image had issues, but didn't want to leave something like {{Poor Quality}} on the image itself...

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:19:49] .. which might lead to a 'useful' image being FFD'd without the user knowing :(

[20:59] <ME|BUSY> [16:22:10] well thats was another thing. It seems a bit bitey, esp if I was an ameature photographer and haven't put my photos out in the public eye b4

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:23:10] Hmm

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:23:19] How to word it so it isn't BITEy

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:23:20] ?

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:23:24] Any suggestions

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:23:43] I had mind the sort of tags you used to get on stuff from the Photo lab...

[20:59] <ME|BUSY> [16:23:46] Does wikiversity or whatever it is have photo tutorials? You could link to them

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:23:52] I don't know

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:24:10] But that's what i had mind with the ... Please consider reading ...

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:24:19] (I didn't know where to link it to though...

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:24:21] )

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:26:21] I won't use the template until it's ready though

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:26:37] But would appreciate someone other than me rewording it :)

[20:59] <ME|BUSY> [16:26:59] Leave me a note on my talkpage, Ill look when I get home to a compute

[20:59] <ME|BUSY> [16:27:50] I think the graphics lab has tutorials, too

[20:59] <Qcoder00> [16:29:04] Your talk page being?

[20:59] <Lubaf> [16:29:21] Well, then. I've had two Square Root Of Minus Garfield strips accepted.

[20:59] <ME|BUSY> [16:29:34] [[User talk:Matthewedwards]]

[20:59] <ME|BUSY> [16:30:08] Sorry, didn't realise I has switched to a different nick

[20:59] <Blarumyrran> [17:49:10] Hello. Why are, in many biographic articles, year numbers and ages used intermittently for events in the person's life? It makes the text horrible to read.

[20:59] <RandomTime> [17:53:22] that sounds like something that should be standard

[20:59] <Blarumyrran> [17:54:32] It should be standard that they're used intermittently, or it should be standardized into either ages or year numbers?

[20:59] <variable> [18:53:47] what is that extension that generates a map

[20:59] <variable> [18:53:55] of what wikipedia pages you read?

[20:59] <***> Playback Complete.

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[21:41] <***> Buffer Playback...

[21:41] <insane_kangaroo> [01:40:24] Hello ^_^

[21:41] <insane_kangaroo> [01:40:26]

[21:41] <insane_kangaroo> [01:40:57] I'm an open carrier, and the last part should be removed or needs citation and was curious what I should do?

[21:41] <***> Playback Complete.

[21:42] <insane_kangaroo> "It is important to note, a carry permit will only exempt a person from this federal law in the State that physically issued the permit."   <-- I've never known any case law for this, also there is the issue of "reciprocal" agreements between states.

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I will never get sick of linking to YouTube copies of "Garfield's Halloween Adventure" (1985). 

Monday, September 18, 2023

Things to Find on the "Wikpedia Sucks!" Messageboard

Because we don't talk about the messageboard enough, here is a post on it.

"Why We Hate Wikipedia/Ten things you probably don't know about Wikipedia."

CrowsNest came up with this list, here is half of Point 2:

2. The disclaimer(s)
Normally an inconsequential piece of cover your back legalese on most sites, the disclaimers on Wikipedia are essentially the only truthful user manual they have. They're the only documents that explicitly state that you cannot trust a single word written on Wikipedia, not even if it has a source provided (you gotta read the source). And they make it clear, this is by design. These warnings are intentional, like any grave warning of serious risk should be. But they are also, by contrast, not very prominent. You get more warning about the mere possibility your lunch may have occupied the same spacetime continuum as a nut. Despite admittedly being linked from every page, it's scary how many Wikipedia editors aren't even aware they exist. Noticing you haven't noticed the link tends to be a "holy shit" moment for anyone.

"Wikipediocracy's one-sided treatment of Wikipedia's one-sided treatment of a creepy YouTube star."

A thread (started by Boink Boink) on Colleen Ballinger, or more exactly, how Wikipediocracy's messageboard treated the entire issue this summer, i.e. badly, which is mirrored in how en.Wikipedia handled it. Definitely not safe for work even though there are no images.

Back in 2007 P.D. Magnus did a simple vandalism study, going to a number of Wikipedia bios of famous philosophers and inserting "fibs" to see how long it would take for those to be removed. He did it again last year; some of the fictions were removed faster than last time, but some vandalism in articles on both occasions were not being removed at all. Magnus got his paper published at First Monday, a "peer reviewed journal on the Internet", who had published the original 2008 paper. Hat tip to ericbarbour for finding this one. 

More Not Safe for Work fun, " 'Minor-attracted Person' Article for Deletion."

Yes, Wikipedia has had an article about "minor-attracted persons" more than once, and this is the Article for Deletion debate for the second attempt. A lot of this thread is a collection of links to all the articles and users doing the heavy lifting to make pedophila less radioactive somehow. A quote from ericbarbour:

Also: I predict that Arbcom will go to absurd lengths to stay out of this. Because it really is that repellent. I could list some of their past half-baked decisions in this's Arbcom, of course it will be half-baked. They seem to prefer to avoid addressing pedophilic editing in general. This mess is most notorious--it almost tore Wikipedia apart in 2006. Jimbo stuck his stupid nose in, thus making it worse. Many of those administrators later quit WP. Surprising they haven't "blanked it as a courtesy" or some shit.

That is "ancient history" now. Jimbo was still regarded as the Inerrant God of Wiki. Bastards. Not anymore.


Jimbo as the ultimate authority

12) Jimbo Wales has ultimate authority on Wikimedia projects; as a foundation issue that is beyond debate. Though he is in many contexts an ordinary user whose edits and administrative actions are subject to change or reversal per normal community processes, when Jimbo acts with ultimate authority as project leader, every community member is expected and obliged to comply with his decisions, though discussion, criticism and request for reversal is permitted.

The Board of Trustees is empowered to review such decisions by Jimbo. Users who act in deliberate defiance of an authoritative action by Jimbo are subject to sanctions, including banning and desysopping, particularly temporary ("emergency") desysopping.

Passed 8-0 with 2 abstentions

"PROOF that they are reading this forum

A short thread on how Wikipedia editors were sneaking looks to write new articles on missing topics and fixing long-running issues. Sometimes. This one was a Bbb23sucks-ericbarbour joint.


There is a LOT more than this on the board, and it needs to be looked at if you are interested in why Wikipedia is as patchy as it is. Also, if you can, read T.J. Coles' expose We'll Tell You How to Think (2021), for a broad view of Wikipedia's consent-manufacturing properties.

Above: When pre-PBS (National Educational Television) could bring Rod Serling, Bernie Harrison (television critic, Washington Star newspaper), and James Dickey (!) to a Library of Congress set (!!) for an interview/round-table discussion on why television drama stinks, in glorious analog monochrome. Recorded on 1-15-1968.