Thursday, October 13, 2022

Last Year's Nonsense: Old Halloween Specials

 Link to the fun stuff. I found a lot of '60s to '80 Halloween specials last year, but I'm too busy to hunt down more this year.

Above: Firesign Theater's Martian Space Party (1972). Not Halloween, but bizarre in that way that only Proctor, Bergamn and the rest could bring out.

Above: A collection of B-movie trailers from the 1970s. Trailers for The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (1974), Dark Star (1974), and Piranha (1978) are some of the cheapo delights.

Above: The Fearless Vampire Killers trailer (1967). This film will haunt you if you know the Tate-LaBianca case two years later.

Below: Australian mid-80's trailer compilation from Palace Video. Some of the films were banned in certain states and territories of Australia.


Below: A scene from The Car (1977), which I've seen on the MeTV version of Svengoolie.

There used to be this collection of ultra-low-budget trailers on YouTube that featured the kinda-porno, kinda-horror film The Great Hollywood Rape-Slaughter (1977), which originally hit theaters as Hard Core Blues in 1974, then was reworked into Superball (1976?) and then the 1977 title. The final (?) version of the movie has a Billy Jack parody at the end and a lesbian scene out of nowhere.  The Temple of Schlock has a post on the convoluted history of this film I can't even show you where at one point Linda Ronstadt was supposed to be involved on screen (!) when the film was pre-(re)-release advertised as The Model Killer. Zero-budget cinema was a wonderland before Beta/VHS came in to ruin the fun of constant re-edits and retitled re-releases.

Before you know it, Happy Halloween!!