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More Random Wikipedia-en IRC BS: "Bullzeye" plays Collegic Billy Badass As "Ironholds" Looks On, 2009

Just to be annoying, here is some more IRC nonsense before the month runs out.

Session Start: Thu Mar 05 17:42:55 2009 

Session Ident: #Wikipedia-en

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�03[17:42] * Set by MrZ-man on Sat Feb 28 00:05:03
[17:42] #wikipedia-en url is
[17:43] <Narson> I think its a german show
[17:43] <Narson> Der Spiegel claim it
[17:43] <Gracenotes> does anyone here call the letter z 'Zed'?
[17:44] <Gracenotes> I've never heard of it before, but apparently it's common outside of US
[17:44] <Ged_UK> yes,
[17:44] <Ged_UK> it's how it's supposed to be pronounced :p
[17:44] <iMatthew> no it's not...
[17:44] <Gracenotes> pshaw.
[17:44] <Gracenotes> :)
[17:44] <Ged_UK> It's the standard UK pronounciation
[17:44] <iMatthew> abcdefghijklmonpqrstuvwxy zed?
[17:45] <Ged_UK> that's it
[17:45] <Gracenotes> all those poor students going to schools and being taught to pronounce z "zed"... 
it's a pity!
[17:45] <Gracenotes> :P
[17:45] <iMatthew> indeed
�06[17:45] * iMatthew picks up a very large trout and slaps UnitedKingdom around a bit with it
[17:45] <Narson> Must remember to ask that holocaust chap about this
[17:45] <Ged_UK> what holocaust chap?
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I suspect people of plotting to make me happy.~~     J. D. Salinger"�)
[17:46] <Narson> HMatthews or somesuch?
[17:47] <Narson> Amazon for the win
[17:47] <Narson> They credit Third Reich in Colour to Antonesco, Churchill, Bormann and Braun
[17:47] <Narson> Antonescu even.
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[17:49] <Narson> This is slightly annoying
[17:49] <Narson> I know this series exists.
[17:50] <Narson> I'm watching it right now, but, there is so little online
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[17:53] <Ged_UK> it's always annoying when that happens.
�08[17:53] * Cream huggles Narson tightly.
[17:54] <Narson> Heya Cream.
[17:54] <Narson> How be?
�08[17:54] <Cream> great :)
�08[17:54] <Cream> Eating supper atm :)
�15[17:54] * DerHexer (n=DerHexer@wikimedia/DerHexer) Quit ("Verlassend"�)
�08[17:55] <Cream> chicken breasts with pesto sauce.
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[17:57] <Ged_UK> right, i'm off
[17:57] <Ged_UK> night all
�08[17:57] <Cream> ni ni Ged_UK <3
�08[17:57] <Cream> sleep tight...
�08[17:57] <Cream> *kisses*
[17:58] <Neurolysis> Anyone else having issues with enwp? I can't access any pages 
(with any action parameter), slow as hell to the point of mostly timeouts.
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[18:02] <JD|AFK> Neurolysis: no problems here
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[18:07] <Steve-Crossin> I'm kinda feeling, like, cant be bothered with wiki, anymore. thats bad, aint it
[18:08] <thedj> course not.
[18:09] <thedj> "people move on"
[18:09] <thedj> that's only healthy.
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[18:09] <Steve-Crossin> idk
[18:10] <Reedy> Awww, im making nazi style edits by following style guidelines
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�06[18:10] * Syn|busy bans Reedy
[18:10] <Reedy> I'll just unblock myself
�06[18:10] * Syn|busy contacts a stew
[18:11] <Syn|busy> enforcebanplskthnxbai
[18:11] <Syn|busy> how did that article turn out?
[18:11] <Syn|busy> the one in your userspace?
[18:11] <Reedy> who/which/what/eh?
[18:11] <Syn|busy> last time we spoke, it was over an article
[18:11] <Reedy> - lol
[18:12] <Syn|busy> :o
�15[18:12] * Narson (n=Blah@wikipedia/Narson) Quit
[18:12] <Reedy> Ohhh
[18:12] <Reedy> That, its in mainspace, no challenges, apart from someone adding default sort, and a bot tag update, no other edits to it
[18:12] <Syn|busy> cool
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[18:13] <Patton123> can I get someone to informally help resolve a dispute?
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[18:28] <iMatthew> chain broken
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[18:33] <Steve-Crossin> er, hi
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[18:41] <Majorly> Ryanposs: do you ever want to get a job?
[18:42] <Ryanposs> Majorly: hehe, nope :-)
[18:42] <Majorly> yay for manchester uni
�03[18:42] * nwwaew is now known as nwwaew|Away
[18:45] <Majorly> Ryanposs: so basically you'll be a qualified doctor/lawyer?
�08[18:45] <Cream> Majorly!!!!
[18:45] <Ryanposs> I've got a degree in pharmacology, a masters in biomedical and forensic science 
and I'll have a degree in law
[18:45] <Ryanposs> I want to be a human rights lawyer now
�08[18:46] <Cream> Hey Ryanposs <3
[18:46] <Ryanposs> Hey Cream
[18:46] <Majorly> you should become a neurosurgeon
[18:46] <Majorly> and you should start your own business
[18:46] <Neurolysis> Majorly: ping :(
�08[18:46] <Cream> Majorly hi.
[18:46] <Neurolysis> haet @ u
[18:47] <Majorly> Neurolysis: ?
[18:47] <Neurolysis> Majorly: 23:48 < Majorly> you should become a neurosurgeon
[18:47] <Neurolysis> :(
[18:47] <Majorly> ?
�08[18:47] <Cream> stop looking at breasts.
[18:47] <Neurolysis> Majorly: ...
[18:47] <Syn|busy> O.O
�08[18:47] <Cream> Syn|busy is breasts a word that pings you?
�06[18:48] * Majorly is going to be doing some actual real teaching next week O_O
�08[18:48] <Cream> I hope you go batshit insane :D
�15[18:49] * lucasbfr (n=lucasbfr@wikipedia/lucasbfr) Quit (No route to host�)
[18:49] <Syn|busy> huh?
[18:49] <Syn|busy> no
[18:49] <Syn|busy> i was already reading
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�08[19:42] <Cream> wow
�08[19:42] <Cream> been almost a hour
�08[19:42] <Cream> not a single chatter or talk...
[19:42] <[Soap]> Im working in Visual Basic
�08[19:42] <Cream> fun.
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[19:51] <Bullzeye> chatter
�03[19:51] * Mifter (n=Mifter@Wikimedia/Mifter) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:51] <Bullzeye> talk
�08[19:51] <Cream> *chitter*
[19:52] <Bullzeye> Why hello there, Cream. How are you today?
�08[19:52] <Cream> good you?
[19:52] <Mifter> Hey cream :)
�08[19:52] <Cream> Mifter :)
�03[19:53] * Ironholds (n=d@unaffiliated/ironholds) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:53] <Cream> How are you too  Bullzeye?
�08[19:53] * Cream jumps up and sits on Ironholds's lap.
�15[19:53] * JamesonTai (n=JamesonT@wikipedia/Jamesontai) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)�)
[19:53] <Mifter> lol
[19:54] <Bullzeye> Cream: I'm good. Having a bloody mary and trying to calm down.
[19:54] <Ironholds> I have to pay for this like all the other lap-dances?
[19:54] <Ironholds> Or are you a cheap whore.
[19:54] <Ironholds> Bullzeye: whats wrong?
[19:54] <Ladonna> lolmary.
[19:54] <Bullzeye> I almost punched somebody out in college class today.
[19:54] <DanielB> lol
[19:54] <Ironholds> I have done that twice.
�08[19:54] <Cream> lol
[19:54] <Ironholds> Punched out, not almost punched out.
[19:55] <Bullzeye> I'll set the stage for you
[19:55] <Ironholds> luckily my school didn't transfer any records to the uni, so..
�08[19:55] <Cream> Ironholds, i'm cheap, 10$
[19:55] <Bullzeye> Girl in front row of class, next to me.
[19:55] <Ironholds> Mm.
[19:55] <Mifter> cream: lol it should be $10 not 10$
�08[19:56] <Cream> lol
[19:56] <Bullzeye> No book. Professor asks "Where is your book? I told you to bring it yesterday." She says, snottily, "You see I don't got it. Whaddya want me to do?"
[19:56] <Bullzeye> Professor frowns and looks at shoes.
[19:56] <Bullzeye> Girl pulls out Sidekick and commences texting. Above desk, for the entire class.
[19:56] <Ironholds> The correct response should not have been to punch her lights out.
[19:56] <Bullzeye> At the end of class, professor is getting ready to cut the class loose.
[19:57] <Bullzeye> I stop him briefly and ask whether he wants our midterm paper in MLA or Chicago citation style.
[19:57] <Ironholds> Yup.
[19:57] <Bullzeye> Girl gets mad, throws her hands up, says "Oh my fuckin' god...."
[19:57] <Bullzeye> I say "Is there a problem?"
[19:57] <Bullzeye> She says "Sit the hell down, white boy."
[19:57] <MindstormsKid> O_o
[19:57] <Bullzeye> I SHOUT at the top of my lungs
[19:57] <Mifter> O_O
[19:57] <Steve-Crossin> obai
[19:57] <Bullzeye> "This is not the FUCKING Bronx, and you are fucking with the WRONG bull."
�15[19:57] * Steve-Crossin (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/steve-crossin) Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.6/2009011913]"�)
[19:57] <Mifter> lol cya steve :)
[19:58] <Ironholds> Hahaha.
�08[19:58] <Cream> lol!
[19:58] <Bullzeye> The shocked silence in that classroom was epic.
[19:58] <Mifter> lol
[19:58] <Ironholds> I would have done something different, but I admire the effort.
[19:58] <Mifter> so what happened next :P
�06[19:58] * MindstormsKid would have cheered Bullzeye on
[19:58] <Ironholds> You should however have instead taken your pen, punched a hole in her windpipe and looked on as her attempts to wave for help got increasingly feeble.
�06[19:58] * Mifter has his popcorn out and is listening intently :P
[19:58] <Prodego> :/
[19:59] <Ironholds> ..too much? :P.
[19:59] <Bullzeye> College kids are, by and large, scum. They were all shocked.
[19:59] <Mifter> lol I'm joking :P
[19:59] <Mifter> I'm no advocate of violence
[19:59] <Ironholds> Bullzeye: as a university student I agree with you like, totally, dude.
[19:59] <Ironholds> We have the biggest fuckwads at my uni.
[19:59] <Prodego> How about you just wait until she gets a 0 on the course and wastes x hundreds of dollars having taken it
[19:59] <p858snake> Mifter: pfft there are people that deserve it
[20:00] <MindstormsKid> WHAT NEXT??
[20:00] <Mifter> yes, but if anyone could attack anyone for any reason then nothing would ever get done :P
[20:00] <Bullzeye> Prodego: No joke. That's my only solace. U-Albany boasts an impressive 40% graduation rate.
[20:00] <Ironholds> Example conversation at my uni: "Have you done the contract assignment?" 
"no, I got an extension until friday" "oh, so when are you working on it?" "probably thursday evening"
[20:00] <Ironholds> Its like WHAT THE FUCK.
[20:00] <Ironholds> I've never needed an extension in two fricking years.
[20:00] <Bullzeye> Despite having the absolute lowest tuition and standards in the state.
[20:01] <Prodego> Bullzeye: SUNY?
�08[20:01] <Cream> ␇
[20:01] <Bullzeye> Prodego: Yessir. SUNY Albany.
[20:01] <MindstormsKid> Bullzeye: care to continue??
�15[20:01] * SonicAD ( Quit
�03[20:01] * SonicAD ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:01] <Bullzeye> MindstormsKid: Nothing to continue on. Everyone was shocked into silence. Like dead, frightened silence. 
And then the prof turned around and everyone left.
[20:01] <Bullzeye> Keep in mind, this was a 25 person class.
[20:01] <Bullzeye> In a small classroom.
[20:02] <Ironholds> Bullzeye my man.
[20:02] <Ironholds> You deserve a trophy.
[20:03] <Ironholds> In the shape of a small, tearful piece of white trash.
[20:03] <Bullzeye> lawl
[20:03] <Ironholds> At least I assume she was white.
[20:03] <Bullzeye> Nope.
[20:03] <Ironholds> God knows.
[20:03] <Ironholds> oh rly?
[20:03] <Bullzeye> She called me "white boy" recall
�06[20:03] * Ironholds is at uni in the sticks. All white people in my "town" think that they are black, and talk like that all the time
[20:03] <Bullzeye> which I could probably get her expelled for, since the prof surely heard it
�08[20:03] <Cream> omg
�08[20:03] <Cream> my printer starting working on its own...
[20:03] <Ironholds> We have some guys who go on about how ghetto they are.
[20:04] <Ironholds> its like for fucks sakes, you're a second-year politics student!
[20:04] <Bullzeye> Ironholds: are they chavs?
[20:05] <Ironholds> Yes.
[20:05] <Ironholds> We have the highest chav:human ratio in the country.
[20:05] <Bullzeye> There ya go.
[20:05] <Ironholds> And we're talking about a country that produced Tim Westwood.
[20:05] <Bullzeye> If I heard a white kid call me "white boy", I'd probably die with laughter.
[20:06] <Bullzeye> Like literally rotflmao
[20:06] <Ironholds>
[20:06] <MindstormsKid> Bullzeye: oh, i thought you were going to punch her :P
[20:06] <Ironholds> You will find this fucking hilarious, then.
�15[20:06] * Seddon (n=chatzill@Wikimedia/Seddon) Quit ("I hear thunder but there's no rain"�)
[20:06] <Bullzeye> The absolute stupidity and juvenile confusion that would produce such a statement 
would render me incapable of doing anything but laughing.
[20:06] <Ironholds> Bullzeye: to make that video better.
[20:06] <Ironholds> The white guy who thinks he is black was educated at public school and is the son of a bishop.
[20:07] <Bullzeye> MindstormsKid: Nah. Like I said, it was a girl. You can't really hit 'em.
[20:07] <MindstormsKid> orly?
[20:07] <Bullzeye> lol
[20:07] <Ironholds> You can if they deserve it.
[20:07] <Ironholds> Now Bullzeye, watch.
[20:08] <Bullzeye> "I'm gonna big him up something crazy"
[20:08] <Bullzeye> haaaaaaaaaaaa
[20:08] <Ironholds> Oh, there is better.
[20:08] <Ironholds>
[20:08] <Ironholds> (our sort of American Idol thing. I forget if we've exported it yet.)
[20:09] <Bullzeye> He literally ends every single sentence with "man"
[20:09] <Ironholds> Mm.
[20:09] <Bullzeye> Not even total stoner surfers do it for EVERY sentence
[20:09] <Ironholds> Make sure to watch the second video allll the way through.
[20:10] <Ironholds> We've exported racism, imperialism and British tourists, but we've never invented anything worse than wiggers from sheffield.
[20:10] <Ironholds> Unless scottish rappers exist.
[20:11] <Ironholds> In which case I am going to die from laughter.
[20:11] <Bullzeye> I cannot understand a single bloody lyric that's coming out of that douchebag's mouth.
[20:11] <Ironholds> Exactly.
[20:11] <Ironholds> He sounds like a homeless guy.
[20:12] <Bullzeye> Sharon Osbourne: "You are not talented at all at performing. You should find something else you enjoy doing."
[20:12] <Ironholds> Exactly.
[20:12] <Ironholds> I'm pretty sure the people who compared him to Eminem were either 1) being sarcastic or 2) also from Sheffield.
[20:12] <Ironholds> Or 3) his mum.
[20:12] <Ironholds> Who probably falls under 2.
[20:13] <Bullzeye> I'll give a transcript from an American perspective:
[20:14] <Bullzeye> "Simon Cowell, effix he it. Ee nuffin but a sole. Louis"
[20:14] <Bullzeye> I like the stuttering. Eminem does a lot of that.
[20:14] <Ironholds> I know.
[20:14] <Ironholds> He's well known for his inability to rap.
[20:14] <Ironholds> Its what helped him sell millions of albums.
�03[20:15] * oona (n=mysid@wikipedia/Mysid) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:15] <Bullzeye> There is a circle of hell somewhere labelled "moron enabler"
[20:15] <Bullzeye> It's below the one where normal morons go
�03[20:15] * NocturneNoir (n=rawr@wikipedia/darth-panda) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:16] <Ironholds> Mm.
[20:16] <Ironholds> I think thats the fifth one.
[20:16] <Bullzeye> "Sharon Osbourne's daughter Kelly....she's got more talent....than a piece of shit on me shoe!"
[20:16] <Bullzeye> Oooh, burn.
[20:16] <Ironholds> Wait no.
[20:16] <Ironholds> Eight circle, section two.
[20:16] <Bullzeye> People like this would be euthanised in a truly just society.
[20:17] <Ironholds> Flatters, steeped in shit.
�08[20:17] <Cream> Geniune Sharon osbourne quote: "Martha Stewart can lick my scrotum, do i have a scrotum"
[20:17] <Ironholds> Hah.
[20:17] <Bullzeye> omfg
[20:17] <Boriss> o_O
[20:17] <Bullzeye> unbelievable
[20:17] <Ironholds> I maintain a list of people to be lined up against a wall and shot when I come to power.
[20:17] <Boriss> i see i've come at exactly the right time
[20:17] <Ironholds> Osbourne is on it.
[20:17] <Ironholds> As is Jennifer Aniston.
[20:17] <Ironholds> And anyone associated with scientology.
[20:17] <Ironholds> And the pope, just to prove I can.
[20:17] <Bullzeye> You're alright, Ironholds.
[20:17] <Bullzeye> I don't care what anyone says.
[20:18] <Ironholds> People say I'm not? O.o.
�03[20:18] * EnzoAquarius (n=EnzoAqua@uncyclopedia/EnzoAquarius) has joined #Wikipedia-en
[20:18] <Bullzeye> Yer mum
[20:18] <Ironholds> Well yes, she does.
[20:18] <Ironholds> The only reason the pope is on it is because I think it'd be highly amusing to top the pope, 
wait for them to go through the whole election rigmarole and then top the new one as soon as he steps out into public.
[20:19] <Ironholds> Basically I just like making other people waste their time.
[20:20] <Ironholds> Hence why I bought an album off amazon because it was the last one they had.
[20:21] <Ironholds> Gah, the wiki is boring me.
[20:21] <Ironholds> I hath finished my last big project, and now I have nothing to do.
�03[20:21] * Emachman (n=Emachman@wikipedia/Soxred93) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:22] <Bullzeye> seriously? You bought an album of Amazon just because it was the last one? lawl
[20:22] <Ironholds> Well I also wanted it.
[20:22] <Ironholds> But my decision to order it immediately on the spot so on so forth was because 
they wouldn't get another one for five weeks.
[20:22] <Ironholds> How soon I get it doesn't matter, I already downloaded it.
[20:22] <Ironholds> But frustrating people=great fun for a londoner.
�03[20:23] * MrZ-man|not_here is now known as irregardless
�15[20:24] * SudoKing (n=geek@wikipedia/PseudoOne) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)�)
�06[20:24] * irregardless bothers Ladonna
�03[20:24] * SudoKing (n=geek@wikipedia/PseudoOne) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:25] <Ladonna> :X :X :X
[20:25] <Ladonna> irregardless: /nick please.
�06[20:26] * irregardless 
�03[20:26] * Prodego is now known as irirregardless
�03[20:26] * irirregardless is now known as Prodego
�03[20:27] * MBisanz (i=18a15f24@wikipedia/MBisanz) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:28] * MBisanz (i=18a15f24@wikipedia/MBisanz) has left #wikipedia-en
�03[20:28] * CWii (n=CWii@unaffiliated/cwii) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[20:28] * Ironholds has thought of something to do on-wiki, sweet
[20:28] <oona> \o/
[20:29] <Ironholds> ?
[20:30] <p858snake> take over the MOS monster?
[20:30] <Ironholds> Oh god no.
[20:30] <Ironholds>
[20:30] <Ironholds> see this bastard?
[20:31] <Ironholds> I got it to Featured based on a bet with Peter Cohen.
[20:31] <Ironholds> Now I need to do the same for its fellow articles.
�03[20:31] * Cream is now known as Cram|BRB
[20:31] <Ironholds> Hmm.
[20:31] <Ironholds> I wonder if I could turn it into a Featured Topic.
�15[20:33] * Reedy (n=Reedy@wikimedia/Reedy) Quit (Client Quit�)
�06[20:33] * oona wants to make a featured picture
[20:34] <Ironholds> Take, surely :p.
[20:35] <oona> I has no camera
[20:35] <oona> but I make vector graphics
�03[20:35] * Steve-Crossin (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/steve-crossin) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:35] <Ironholds> Ahh.
[20:36] <Steve-Crossin> ohai
[20:37] <p858snake> oona: i've seen a few featured diagrams and graphs
[20:37] <oona> yeah so have I
[20:37] <oona> not too many though
[20:38] <Ironholds> Ooh, two of my DYKS are in the queue.
[20:38] <Ironholds> Groovy.
[20:38] <Ironholds> Maybe I'll make it a project to get 666 DYKS.
[20:38] <Ironholds> which point the wiki will break as hell-beasts leap out of the server racks and devour Brion.
[20:39] <Mifter> lol
[20:39] <Mifter> thats not nice
[20:39] <Mifter> Brion keeps us running
[20:39] <Ironholds> I know.
[20:39] <Ironholds> Twas a joke.
[20:39] <Ironholds> anyone want an FL star?
[20:40] <Mifter> lol
[20:40] <oona> :P
[20:40] <Ironholds> Not for doing nothing :P.
�06[20:40] * irregardless iz in ur FAs, fucking up ur grammarz
�08[20:41] <Cram|BRB> ohhai Steve-Crossin <3
[20:41] <Ironholds> Thats alright.
[20:41] <Ironholds> My FAC is shite grammar-wise.
[20:41] <Ironholds> Nobody would notice.
[20:42] <Gracenotes> heh, Britons call it the "Mexican wave". Silly Britoners.
�15[20:43] * rylaicrestfall ( Quit
�03[20:44] * Cyrius ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:44] <Ironholds> Cal what the what.
[20:44] <Ironholds> And British people, not Britons.
[20:45] <Gracenotes> those silly ethnic British people... always over-representing for the rest of the British people...
[20:45] <Esteffect> I had a Featured Article once. I don't even dare look at it nowadays
[20:45] <Bullzeye> hey Ironholds
�03[20:45] * Shappy (n=Shappy@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:45] <Bullzeye> I got a nominee for the greatest sacrifice in the name of lulz
[20:46] <Bullzeye> Apparently they found a guy at the bottom of the Golden Gate bridge
[20:46] <Bullzeye> in the bay
[20:46] <Bullzeye> dead
[20:46] <Bullzeye> with a note taped to his chest that read "No reason at all except I had a toothache."
[20:46] <Gracenotes> and it's funny because you killed him and pushed him off
�15[20:47] * Cerejota (n=cerejota@wikipedia/cerejota) Quit (Remote closed the connection�)
�03[20:47] * nwwaew is now known as nwwaew|Away
�15[20:47] * Ironholds (n=d@unaffiliated/ironholds) Quit
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