Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Copypasted neo-Nazi schlock: the Payton Gendron "manifesto"

Because we live in an era of copypasting and Photoshop, it is now extremely easy to throw together a 180-page document like the one Payton Gendron (the recent supermarket shooter) barfed out before going on his pointless attack miles from where he lived. If the reader is truly interested, they can find the untitled document here at Encyclopedia Dramatica. It will probably vanish in a year.

Above: The opening of the manifesto with the "artsy" stone beach photo and the white Nazi Sonnenrad ("sun wheel"). People on Twitter tried to link Gendron to the Azov Battalion of Ukraine*, but the sun wheel has become what the Celtic cross was to '90s skinheads, a swastika replacement.

The entire document is pieced together from endless racist sources (probably 4chan and 8kun), plus whatever other sources he could cobble together.

Above: Example of his rage at Blacks existing in America. He somehow thinks that they are "invaders", instead of the descendants of African slaves brought here by white people like himself. Either they aren't teaching history in public schools, and if they are, it's too watered down. Kids should know by high school that this was a slaver's colony first, then a slaver's republic, and then we fought a civil war to shut down the breakaway slave states. We have coddled the suburbanites for too long and their kids are becoming ahistorical neo-Nazi goons from lack of knowledge.

Below: Speaking of other sources, this graph was stolen from Charles Murray-Richard Herrnstein's book The Bell Curve (1994), and its theft was pointed out on Twitter by Daniel Harper, co-host of the anti-Nazi podcast I Don't Speak German.

Below: The rifle he used for the shooting, a Bushmaster XM-15, which is a semi-auto copy of the Colt/Armalite M-16 rifle. Notice that the rifle lacks a flash hider; Gendron goes into detail on how to modify it to full auto status. This rifle or its variants has been used in multiple shooting incidents such as: the North Hollywood shootout of 1997, the Beltway sniper attacks of 2002, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in 2012, the Nashville Waffle House shooting in 2018. One was captured from Islamic State fighters in the Sinjar Mountains by Kurdish Peshmerga. This gun gets around.

He also goes into great detail about the correct ammunition to buy, the Mossberg 500 shotgun he also planned to bring to his murder festival, the military helmet he bought, the Savage Arms bolt action rifle he planned to bring, and on and on. He wants other people to carry out these attacks.

Above: After the weapons scribbling, more neo-Nazi pep talk about fighting "anti-White CEOs" and drug dealers. The Daily Beast pointed out that most of the ideological content of the manifesto is copypasted from other manifestos done by other racist shooters. He had to fill 180 pages, by hook or by crook....

Below: The idiotic last page.

"Remember what you have to save"? He also uses the infamous 14 words of David Lane. What a neo-Nazi tool.

Payton Gendron, by not following Hitler's model and blowing his brains out, is going to probably spend the rest of his life in jail. Total waste of a human being who killed innocents for idiotic reasons. We will never heal as a nation as long as Nazis and Klansmen are allowed to be free.

Below: RM Brown giving Steven Crowder the business for trying to deflect that Gendron is a far-Right loon. All of the YouTube ranters either kept silent or tried to say that "this guy isn't a conservative" when in reality, the Republican Party in 2022 resembles Gendron closely.

* I disagree with the politics of that webpage, but it has proofs of my statement that conflation was going on.  Also, no matter what it says, Azov is a neo-Nazi outfit, and has been since 1991.

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