Wednesday, July 31, 2019

This has been a pretty dead summer for new Wikipedia news.... you haven't seen a lot of posts from from this website since April. Yes, I know that Fram was/is a thing, but it blew right past me. People I was hoping would reappear on the Wikipedia Sucks forum did not, and as the summer rolled into September, that video once again became relevant:

So now I have to deal with Fram and his endless motherfuckery, which will be an eyerolling task. At least let's have some music beforehand.

I have nothing else, so this post is finished.


  1. things are still happening--like the recent Fram explosion and the resulting "admin strike". Which didn't last, as usual. You could also mention Wikipediocracy's attempt to assemble a "book of criticism of Wikipedia". That would be funny, whether it happens or not.

  2. You spoke way too soon, because a bombshell actually has dropped. IP addresses are likely going away...