Sunday, January 6, 2019

More from China Uncensored.....

As the reader may know, Chris Chappell and the China Uncensored YouTube channel has been covered by the blog, and that odd knockoff of Colbert Report-era Stephen Colbert we call "Chris Chappell" has become an occasional joke here at Wikipedia Sucks! Because everybody loves the Falun Gong-connected China Uncensored show (maybe it's only the anti-Falun Gong sector of the mainland Chinese police) but mentioning the guy and the show brings in the eyeballs, even if those eyeballs are 'bots.

Above: Chappell talking to a crippled North Korean defector who made his way across the PRC on home-made crutches

So why not challenge the Peoples' love for the Chappell? Give us Chris, Google's least-profitable service!


The Inevitable "Conflict"

Above is a video from Winston Sterzel, who lives in Shenzhen, People's Republic of China and videoblogs on YouTube under the handle SerpentZA (he is one of those British South Africans). Sterzel speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently, has ridden around the country on motorcycle with his fellow expat YouTuber LaoWhy86 (Matthew Tye), etc. Because he is trying to run a motorcycle shop and deal with the complicated Chinese internet (he has to use a VPN to get stuff to YouTube, or he was at one point), Sterzel tells it like it is, but he is wary of unnecessarily ruffling feathers, and Falun Gong ruffles the Party's feathers inside mainland China. Deep in, he talks about China Uncensored and some previous drama that has been deleted or buried in some Chinese website. In the same video above he also talks about the Confucius Institute, a project run by the Chinese gov't. to pretty much control every Chinese language and East Asian Studies department in American colleges - good ol' San Diego State has hit that Flavor-Aid hard, check out their giant Confucius statue, also how they still have offices in the basement of Art and Letters and former office space in a building across the utility road. Not even "ranting hater of government waste and public education" Matt Potter of the San Diego Reader has had the balls to call out how the mainland Chinese have inserted themselves into SDSU.

Red China - We have Our fingers in a Billion pies.


  1. Sterzel actually makes pretty good videos. Unlike most Chinese bloggers he makes no attempt to "prettify" life in that country, nor to keep the govt happy. Amazing he's allowed to continue.

    1. He is "allowed to continue" because he isn't a citizen. He has to use a VPN still to get the videos to YouTube because of the Chinese government "online blockade" (aka "Great Wall") of American or Western social media sites. In more recent videos he has made no bones about it that mainland China is becoming harder and harder to work in for foreigners and that he and his Chinese wife may leave the country for Taiwan.