Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Talkin' Future Plan Blues

Unfortunately we ran out of year to drop bombshells on Wikipedia, but then this in an organization that gets to fundraising goals and then won't shut down to please Jimbo, an outfit that has a category for users who DGAF (don't give a f--k), and a category discussion thread to keep or delete the "Wikipedians who DGAF" category....I think at this point they can't be humiliated/shocked/bullied into realizing that they are wasting their lives on a project that is too byzantine to ever be completely finished because the unpaid bureaucracy that has sprung up around the project never wants the thing done - a finished Wikipedia means a dead bureaucracy.

So what is the future of Wikipedia Sucks?

Some of it will be the Wiki-biographies we've done before, but the more important parts are trying to explain to outsider readers (including this writer) how the various branches of the aforementioned bureaucracy work: who started them, who were the victims, who staffed the boards, and so on. I loathe the perverts with a passion,  but we need to hit more of the pedophile Wikipedians, the child-groomers and people passing porn through Commons....what we have written is always the tip of the iceberg, never the chasm underneath the floating ice mountain. A lot of it was deleted, or hidden, or lost when Wikipedia crashed in the early 2000s. We need to talk about Essjay, the faker who pretty much began the decay of Wikipedia. We need to review the genius book The Myth of the Britannica, the first book-length examination of an encyclopedia set that had gotten long in the tooth.

Finally, we need to thank Eric Barbour and Peter Damian, because without them, this blog, the messageboard - all of it would be nothing. Thank them if you have to thank anybody.

Thanks to some Russian guys or Tor users spoofing through Russian ISPs or 'bots trying to steal the site, we are nearly at 7000 views for one month. Thank you 'bots or guys or spoofers!


  1. "they are wasting their lives on a project that is too byzantine to ever be completely finished."

    1. Please don't split your infinitives (to ever be). The rest of the world may be doing it but the rest of the wold is also editing Wikipedia. Collective culpability is never a good excuse. Anyway, it is just too damned ugly.

    2. More importantly, not being finished is a victory for the true Wikipedians. They say knowledge always grows, ergo it can't ever finish. Eternal life also allows for stagnation and devolution, which the true Wikipedians also covet. It is easier to rule in a shrinking pond than in a thriving ocean. Even an encrusted salt bed would suit many of them. It is as much as they deserve. The rest of the world will inevitably tire of helping the beggar, or trying to help the beggar. The question then is: will the world be able to get the creep out of the basement? I think it may already be too late.

  2. Pardon the mixed metaphors. It is impossible for me to get my head around Wikipedia without contradiction.

  3. Thank you Mr. Barbour and Peter Damian for doing the worst of the work.

    Also, Mr. McPherson, by coincidence I mentioned you on the WS-MB today. A new member there, RosasHills, might be someone you'd enjoy sparring with. He seems sharp. In any event, Happy New Year to you.

  4. wow get a life u sperlords