Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why This Blog?

Good question. Pretty much Jimmy Wales' baby has gone from the "hot shit, website of THE FUTURE" to a crumbling, `bot-filled wreck in less than twenty years. It's also full of outright fabrications, spastically myopic coverage of certain topics, edit wars, super-trolls (Willy on Wheels, anyone?), and paid corporate spamming....but we will get to that in time.

The other kludge we will be examining is Wikipediocracy, mainly its message board. The problem here is that many of the Wikipediocrats are ex-Wikipedians, including some of their most monomaniacal editors and content providers like "ScienceApologist" (who posts as "iii"), or "Afadsbad" (who under the name "enwikibadscience" could not stop writing about Cwmhiraeth's Wikipedia idiocy), and the Ukraine-supporting "Kiefer.Wolfowitz." It doesn't help that the guy who is mainly considered to be the supremo of the board, "EricBarbour" actually is only a moderator, and not an administrator, so the poor user is left to the tender mercies of  "Zoloft" (a certain Mr. Burns of San Diego, California) and the master do-nothing "greybeard" (allegedly one of the old-timey Usenet guys from the era of cocaine spoons and leisure suits.) Much like with sausage, if you like Wikipediocracy's blog, you definitely don't want to see how they come up with ideas for it on the message board.

It's going to be a bumpy ride.....

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  1. Great stuff here!

    And I just love how the retards at Wikipedia can't be bothered to do a more detailed article on Rankin/Bass's Comic Strip shows (Tiger Sharks, Karate Kat, Street Frogs and Mini-Monsters) but feel the need to have a page dedicated to Buddy Holly's WIFE who (outside friends and family) people care about as much as the 4th string quarterback at Prairie View A&M (go Panthers!).

    Heck, the only thing I would find her useful for is as a prop. Such as booking a wrestling feud between Buddy Holly and the Ayatollah of Rock 'N Rolla himself, Chrissy Ann Jericho. With Jericho as the heel. The feud would become so intense and personal due to Jericho's prickish behavior, that one night, Jericho would get to Holly by assaulting his wife with a steel chair repeatedly, pissing Buddy off! Now the fans all of a sudden are willing to pay the big bucks to see Buddy Holly tear Chris Jericho's head off in the blow off match...which Buddy Holly wins of course. That's the only useful thing that Buddy Holly's wife would be good for. And same thing with other celebrity relatives who've done little or nothing of note.

    And the retards at Wikipedia want to waste time on no names like her. So screw them!

    Keep up the good work with your excellent blog!