Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wikipedia Sucks? No, REDDIT Sucks: the Graceless Dropkick of Eric Barbour off the Site

To quote Vietnam War pirate broadcaster Dave Rabbit :"And the HITS just keep on COMIN'".....for the last two-plus years Eric Barbour, the major reason why this blog still operates, was commenting on Reddit as powersynth102 and also running the RedditCritiques "subreddit" with myself and a friend. Mr. Barbour has had to deal with Vigilant from Wikipediocracy on Reddit (as I wrote in the first article on Reddit for this blog, everybody from Wikipedia - including the critics - is on that superforum. It's too hard not to be at this point.) What lit the fuse to the bomb that wiped Eric Barbour out was this post, which we will reprint below in case it is removed later:

No, /u/spez is a supporter of Trump, and Trumpism. He's also a doomsday prepper, conspiracy theorist, racist, and moron based on all the articles I've read about him that also quote him.
Here's the doomsday prepper article. I can't remember all the other interviews I've seen with him that paint him as the nutter he is.
Here, let me help you with that

And that is why r/The_Donald is allowed to continue on its merry, and violently insane, way. Of course, he won't admit it publicly....

And don't forget, Huffman hates it most of all ..... when someone criticizes HIM.

Then there was this post, which was removed entirely, then brought back by Gandalf:

"Cory had an active Reddit account that often posted the n-word, fantasized about torturing immigrants, and bemoaned how white women sleep with people of color. Yesterday he posted a photo of himself to a Donald Trump-supporting subreddit and bragged about how he reported one of his classmates to ICE."
He was under u/ChipperLockPicker, now deleted. The only traces left are some old racist memes posted to r/DankMemeArchive. He was active on T_D but you can't find any of that now.

Of course there's a Kiwi Farms thread

Plus 4channers pissing on him

Above is Cory Carnley, troll and active racist. For his douchebaggery he was expelled from his high school. In a private email to me Eric Barbour thought that Carnley had sicced his friends from /r/The_Donald while he deleted reams of material off Reddit and the seperate Imgur website (pictures and gifs).....he's stuck at home with a possibly-existing Guatemalan household maid he probably abuses and yet makes passionate love to*, so he has plenty of time to digitally burnbag everything.

A message I was sent on Reddit:

from noodsy20x6[A] to /r/RedditCritiques sent

Hi there,
I’ve removed this post:

Because it contains PI. When mainstream media use someone’s full name that person can then be considered a public figure, but in this case it’s just one site running the story and it would not be considered mainstream media.


This is their cover for junking the post, that only "" was taking about Carnley on the 29th and that they had mentioned his (now defunct) Reddit handle ChipperLockPicker. Wiki-lawyering without Wikipedia, yes? By the way, noodsy20x6 has only been on the site a year, is an Administrator somehow, and has only made three comments in that year. I smell a sock.


* That wasn't a Barbour invention, Gloria Huerta Muñoz sprang from my's extremely common for arch-racist types to have a love interest from an ethnic group that they officially loathe - see Ingo Hasselbach's memoir Führer Ex: Memoirs of a Former Neo-Nazi (1996); not mentioned in the film version but Hasselbach (an East German who went Skinhead in the 1980s) had an Asian lover after the Wall fell but before unification happened. Also the Prologue to Wyn Craig Wade's 1987 history The Fiery Cross: The Ku-Klux Klan in America, which discusses sexual relations in the Antebellum South between plantation owners and overseers and the Black women they owned or controlled.


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