Tuesday, January 30, 2018

When it Rains, it Pours: the Zaiger Fiasco at Encyclopedia Dramatica

Another short-ish post before the month runs out - Brian Zaiger of Encyclopaedia Dramatica has been found out by the High Council of Snarksters running the joint for stealing money from the fund set up to fight the Monsarrat case from last year, money he allegedly spent on male hookers and hard drugs ("....paging Walter White, you need to meet Jesse Pinkman at Gate 12.") Allegedly he is now homeless and wandering the tourist-trappy streets of Salem, Mass., wearing a "Witches Burned While U Wait" t-shirt.

                                  Why is Zaiger so smug? (Stolen from Encyclopedia Dramatica.)

This has been an ongoing year where the Rubber met the Road for ED - the aforementioned stupid Jonathan Monsarrat lawsuit, AlGore (William Atcheson) going on a spastic school shooting and then killing himself like the idiot edgelord he was, the insane amount of spam and malware on the site thanks to Zaiger's particular form of anti-leadership. Thankfully they are cleaning their vast gross house and hopefully it will resemble Grunkle Stan's Mystery Shack in the end - repellent, but not malevolent. And no, we are not gloating after the stunt Zaiger pulled here a few years ago.

                              oddguy (EDnik/BadWebComics chieftan) talking about Zaiger on a YouTube show.

                 The above banner is on EVERY PAGE of Encyclopaedia Dramatica to drive the point across that Zaiger is out.

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