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Guest Post: Ever Heard of “Devi Ever”? Neither has Anyone Else.

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Ever heard of “Devi Ever”? Neither has anyone else.

by “Valued Musician”

As a prime example of the general craziness of the music scene, and the greater madness of “crowdfunding”, there is a manufacturer of “boutique” guitar pedals who has developed another reputation: for online weirdness. Who? Devi Ever (aka Grace Lynn, aka Effector 13, aka “Pixelgoth”, aka “Amber Coal”, aka probably several others). 

                              Devi Ever as she would like to be seen (taken from simple Google search).

Devi is a transgender person with a talent for electronic design. And an even greater talent for messing up her life and creating online drama. She started circa 2003 as “Effector 13”, and supposedly sold that company to someone else around 2005 (who apparently later folded). Then she started again as Devi Ever Effects. Which is still in business, although I have no idea if anything listed for sale there is actually available at this time. She sold the company to Dwarfcraft in 2013 and retook it three years later (?) after fighting with Dwarfcraft’s owner. She found out about “crowdfunding” circa 2007, and started punching that button over, and over, and over.

When the Gamergate war started up in 2014, Devi felt the need to push her ego into the toxic world of gaming, as an alleged game developer and as a consumer of games—apparently? I can find no hard evidence she ever completed and marketed a game. It would be impossible to even list all of her past social-media accounts. We will list the “obvious” ones.

Thanks to her long and “colorful” history she was considered as a subject for an Encyclopedia Dramatica article in 2015. It appears they gave up since she’s such a minor figure. And a combative one. I knew about this partly due to discussions with other people in the business, and partly because of a thread on Dramatica's forum which has a massive timeline with links and “nude photos” plus Devi herself showing up to criticize. Also consider the Kiwi Farms thread where Devi showed up:

As the ED nerd said: “After a single success years ago, he/she believed it was a viable way to make money, even if the project fails, flexible funding allows them to keep the money to use for other purposes, while giving them a ready excuse to not use the funds for what they said they'd use it for. His/her general strategy of crowdfunding is to join a special interest group (such as Gamergate, Anti-Gamergate, Ludum Dare, Tumblr, etc etc), attempt to drum up recognition, and then spread around crowdfunding campaigns and create loads of drama. When he/she figures that particular cow can't be milked, they throw a shitfit, burn all bridges, and move to another interest group (like Guitar pedals to SJW Indie Development to Gamergate to Anti-Gamergate back to guitar pedals). The cycle repeats. To date, I've witnessed or found evidence for over 12 difficult crowdfunding campaigns, and 7 of those were in 2015. I don't know how many I missed from before, but the majority of the ones I found were not completely funded (but all had flexible funding, naturally), not used for the stated purpose, or were closed early and/or partially scrubbed from history.”

Of course they’re ones to talk. ED is a popular place for angry little fat basement boys to dump their enraged attacks on GG-involved women. But we are talking about Devi here, and her story is much weirder than that of the average GG “combatant”. Allow me to list some of the assorted past complaints about her activities. Note that this is only a sample of leftover items. Others have disappeared over the years. “Mysteriously”.

And we must mention the "swatting" attempt from 2015. Even though she had moved months before and the cops were sent to the wrong house, someone there was nearly shot by the police. As I understand this, she has a tendency to move frequently. Probably a good idea if you’re abusing the crowdfunding system.

Ask Mr. William Corgan, legendary rock star, about her! For a time in the early 2000s she had a deal with Corgan to make custom pedals. A deal which soon degenerated into name-calling. Perhaps there’s a real problem when it ends up on Perez Hilton, eh?

By way of demonstration, here’s a blog post ranting about how “disgusting” Corgan is, for daring to criticize Devi:

There are dozens of threads about her on Reddit. This one, from a Gamergater subreddit, is typical. You can easily find plenty more.

Allow me to list some of the past attempts to crowd fund. Some involve her idea to make a distortion pedal using gaming cartridges, somehow. The ED forum thread lists a few archives of posts that failed and were carefully “anonymized”.

On Indiegogo:


Gofundme, yeah, plastic surgery is admittedly costly:

She tried to “bail out” of the pedal business in 2012, as noted here. But is still going as of 2018.

There were many other news/blog items and forum threads which have since been deleted/disappeared. No one even knows for certain how many funding attempts she has run, except Devi herself. Devi has burned a lot of bridges in the music world by misusing crowdfund sites and social media. There were other threads discussing it on synth and guitar forums, but they seem to have also "mysteriously disappeared”. It's just too easy to raise money on crowdfunding sites, when you've got a viral happy-click campaign going on social media. Or a fan following in the guitar world. Devi’s story also demonstrates the tendency of modern-day Internet feminists to give considerable leeway to outspoken transgender women, regardless of their dubious personal histories.

And oh, one last bit of free advice: don’t get involved in squabbles in the video gaming world. That is assuming anyone notices or cares about this. We hope you are at least “slightly amused”…..

                                             Devi Ever's actual appearance as "The Trumpolini."


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  3. I think it's a bit of an overstatement to say she has/had a talent for electronic design.
    She started off sort of wanting to be Z-vex junior when the fuzz factory was all the rage.
    Her designs are basically circuit bends of a pretty simple cascaded emitter a lot of fuz face style stuff.

    The bends aren't really engineered - try starving here, feedback loop there -- if you notice, a lot of circuit bends start sounds the same after a while.
    her ex GF talked abut coining "guerilla engineering" to sort of aggrandize that process.
    But like the console design -- that was outsourced to her then roommate of infanem electronics who has some chops

    When she made the move to videogames she even said she never knew what she was doing in electronics (sort of burning that bridge, assuming she'd never be back)

    Devi's thing was hype and doing the artwork