Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Kinda-Wikipedia: Charles E. Dederich University?

CEDU. Sometimes "CeDu", other times "cedu", always pronounced "see-do." The basic facts can be read about on Wikipedia, but nobody is screaming the truth off rooftops: CEDU took Synanon's "The Game" and unleashed it on teenagers and adolescents, and that CEDU was the prototype for the "troubled teen" industry, which is run entirely on a profit basis, and has been for nearly fifty years.

The Roots

CEDU sprang from a short family tree: the 1930s "Oxford groups" that became Moral Re-Armament  gave birth to Alcoholics Anonymous in the early 1940s, and Charles Dederich, Sr. (founder of Synanon, 1958) was an ex-AA member. What Dederich did differently was concoct a group "struggle session" or "attack circle" called "The Game" wherein the group would sit in a large circle and all take turns talking about themselves then being verbally attacked by the group for their statements, though sometimes the sessions would be about anything or anyone if Dederich thought they had run out of targets. And then they would have dances or social events as a treat after ripping each other or the world to bits. Just as Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous has a five percent success rate (which is the number of people who successfully spontaneously remit), Synanon barely cranked out cured heroin addicts, so it became a utopian communial society by 1966 and then a "religion" by the early 1970s. It didn't end well - the cult collapsed in the late 1970s after sticking a de-rattled rattlesnake in lawyer/anti-Synanon activist Paul Morantz's mailbox in early October of 1978. And it turned out that Chuck Dederich, Sr. was still a drunk after TWENTY years of running "The Game."

The Furniture Salesman

Mel Wasserman was the owner of a furniture store in Palm Springs in the mid-1960s.....

[post under construction.]

Saturday, October 5, 2019

More annoying Wikimedia-ops IRC logs: Christmas Day 2008

Christmas Day 2008, no rest for the nerdy on Wikimedia-ops' IRC channel. Charles Dickens would be horrified.

Session Start: Thu Dec 25 11:06:55 2008
Session Ident: #Wikimedia-ops
[11:06] * Now talking in #Wikimedia-ops
[11:06] * Topic is 'Welcome to the home of the Wikimedia chanops | Ops in various Wikimedia channels are voiced here | dircbot: [[m:IRC bots/dircbot]] | ASM: [[m:IRC bots/AntiSpamMeta]] | [[m:IRC Group Contacts]] | If you have a private message for ops, please /join #wikimedia-ops-internal | [[m:IRC/wikipedia/Channel operator guidelines]] '
[11:06] * Set by Rjd0060 on Sun Dec 14 16:05:44
[11:06] -ChanServ- [#wikimedia-ops] Welcome to the home of the Wikimedia chanops. Questions, requests and the like can be filed here and we'll try to help. To find an operator for a particular channel, type "/quote chanserv access #channel list".
[11:09] * pill (i=pill@wikimedia/Pill) Quit ("-" )
[11:11] <PeterSymonds> Ionas_Freeman: I have a couple of questions about some of your comments from the log
[11:11] <PeterSymonds> PM coming
[11:16] * Dferg (n=Dferg@Wikimedia/Dferg) has joined #wikimedia-ops
[11:16] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Dferg
[11:16] * Majorly (n=Alex@wikimedia/Majorly) has joined #wikimedia-ops
[11:16] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Majorly
[11:17] <DanielB> Britishman, please stop randomly selecting active Wikipedia administrators on IRC and PMing them asking for them to overturn your block. You were blocked because checkuser confirmed that you were a sockpuppet of Chris19910; this cannot and will not be overturned except by the checkuser or the Arbitration Committee
[11:17] <Majorly> my ears were burning
[11:17] <Ionas_Freeman> For once, I concur with DanielB.
[11:17] <Majorly> I am/was being duscussed here?
[11:17] <Ionas_Freeman> Majorly: Yes.
[11:18] <Majorly> oh phew
[11:18] <Majorly> it's only Ionas
[11:18] <Ionas_Freeman> You banned me yesterday, when I was doing nothing wrong.
[11:18] <DanielB> And now I slink back into darkness...
[11:18] <Majorly> I thought I was in trouble :)
[11:19] <Ionas_Freeman> Majorly: You had no reason to ban me. I think you banned me based on a disagreement. Nobody except SwirlBoy said anything when you asked if I was a 'net negative'.
[11:20] <Ionas_Freeman> SwirlBoy is unreliable. You disagree with me on certain things, and because of that, I think you banned me.
[11:20] <PeterSymonds> I was busy, but I am also concerned by some of your comments
[11:20] <Ionas_Freeman> My comments?
[11:20] * DanielB will throw his support behind whichever side gives him the most chocolate.
[11:21] <PeterSymonds> your "healthy dissidence", as you would like to call it, is sometimes just abuse
[11:21] <Cream> Merry Christmas!!!
[11:21] <Ionas_Freeman> Examples please?
[11:22] <Ionas_Freeman> Proper word form is 'dissent' by the way. Cognitive dissonance is something altogether different.
[11:22] <PeterSymonds> Oh, thanks.
[11:23] <Ionas_Freeman> I criticize Wikipedia, and I think that it is good to foster dissent, listen to critics if they have legitimate points, etc. Whitstable is not a legitimate critic of Simple Wikipedia, by the way.
[11:23] <Majorly> unfortunately I can't remember the specific thing that made me ban you (again). Do remember I unbanned you, and I asked you to stop that kind of discussion. You failed to stop
[11:24] <Ionas_Freeman> I did not fail to stop, I thought that I was doing fine. I don't know what I did that was a repetition of that behavior.
[11:24] * DanielB reminds all onlookers that this only applies to the -simple ban, not any others, some of which have been confirmed by the high governance of those respective channels
[11:25] <Ionas_Freeman> Since I cannot think of anything that would be considered abusive, or saddening, or anything like that, I must assume that you did it because of the disagreement about the Pakistan editor, that we had by PM, not in the channel, or that you and SwirlBoy were conspiring secretly.
[11:26] <Ionas_Freeman> My main issue is with the fact that SwirlBoy is a net negative to the whole project.
[11:26] <NotASpy> that sounds perilously close to being a vindictive personal attack on another user. 
[11:26] <PeterSymonds> We shouldn't comment on other users like that, please don't.
[11:26] <DanielB> NotASpy, nothing unusual from this camp...
[11:27] <Majorly> Ionas_Freeman, many think the same thing of yourself
[11:27] <NotASpy> the exact sort of behaviour we really need to try and reduce on Wiki AND on IRC. 
[11:27] <Ionas_Freeman> Majorly described me as that.
[11:27] <Ionas_Freeman> Majorly: I don't think 'the whole project' is what they think that I am not valuable to.
[11:28] <Ionas_Freeman> But SwirlBoy played some pranks on me, and his self-nomination, and the way he interacts with powerful figures, make me think that he just wants power. 
[11:28] <Ionas_Freeman> I don't want power.
[11:28] <PeterSymonds> He's played pranks on me as well; it's not aimed at you directly 
[11:29] <DanielB> PeterSymonds, oh? I thought the entire Wikimedia community was after him...
[11:29] <NotASpy> Ionas_Freeman: dude, it's a project to write stuff, we're not talking about SwirlBoy getting into The Oval Office or something. Keep things in perspective, please. 
[11:31] <Ionas_Freeman> He wants power. This is failing. It is clear, based on his actions, that he wants power.
[11:31] <PeterSymonds> Who cares? Not the issue, even if it was true.
[11:32] <Ionas_Freeman> PeterSymonds: I didn't know that. but it is still clear what he wants.
[11:32] <DanielB> Irrelevant and inappropriate for this venue.
[11:32] <NotASpy> so what if he wants power, it's only Wikipedia. He can't shoot you, arrest you, give you a criminal record or fire you. 
[11:32] <Majorly> so what if he wants it?
[11:32] <Synergy> Ionas_Freeman: its best to leave all of this behind you and focus on the matter at hand
[11:32] * Majorly is off, Wallace & Gromit!
[11:33] <DanielB> Majorly, enjoy your xmas
[11:33] <NotASpy> walkies Majorly 
[11:33] <NotASpy> :p
[11:33] <DanielB> see you soon, if not before NY, have a good one
[11:33] <Ionas_Freeman> Alright. He's a cabal suckup. You don't care that he wants to infiltrate the Wiki, because he seems to be 'on your side'. In a minute, he'll act like he sympathizes with me. He only has selfish motives in mind.
[11:34] <DanielB> "infiltrate"? wtf?
[11:34] <DanielB> this isnt about him
[11:34] <DanielB> this is about what you said
[11:34] <DanielB> stop using this venue to launch attacks on him
[11:34] <DanielB> or you will lose your ability to appeal your -simple ban in this venue
[11:35] <DanielB> focus on your comments and yours only
[11:35] <NotASpy> Ionas_Freeman: infiltrate, it's not the CIA, all we do is write about stuff we know about. There's nothing worth infiltrating. 
[11:35] <PeterSymonds> Agreed.
[11:35] <DanielB> NotASpy, there are some areas worth infiltrating - you and I both work on them - but SwirlBoy doesnt have access to that.
[11:36] <NotASpy> indeed DanielB, but the important areas we work on don't give us any direct control over content or other editors. 
[11:36] <DanielB> indeed
[11:36] <Ionas_Freeman> Alright. I didn't realize that this was completely unrelated, I was explaining, or rather presenting something that, on condition, would make the whole thing make sense, the thing with SwirlBoy trying to ban me, and climb the ranks.
[11:36] <Ionas_Freeman> I shouldn't have said a word.
[11:36] * Majorly_ (n=Alex@wikimedia/Majorly) has joined #wikimedia-ops
[11:36] Clones detected from wikimedia/Majorly: 8 Majorly Majorly_
[11:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Majorly_
[11:37] <Ionas_Freeman> I just don't see what I did in the channel that was wrong.
[11:38] <Synergy> this
[11:38] * JulianC93 (n=chatzill@wikipedia/Juliancolton) Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.4/2008102920]" )
[11:38] <Synergy> this is what you do, in the channel
[11:38] <NotASpy> Ionas_Freeman: there's no "ranks" as you put it. All that happens is the more you're trusted, the more work you get to do. 
[11:38] <Synergy> NotASpy: pack mentality 
[11:39] <Synergy> "ranks"
[11:39] <Synergy> Ionas_Freeman: just take this time to self reflect 
[11:40] <Ionas_Freeman> notaspy: But the unwritten rules say the more you act like you are on the side of a powerful group, in this case Wikipedia-policy-enforcers, the more you get accepted as 'one of them'. I know, this sounds like something ridiculous, but it is true.
[11:41] <PeterSymonds> I've got better things to be doing right now; back later.
[11:41] * PeterSymonds (n=Peter@wikipedia/PeterSymonds) Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122]" )
[11:41] <Ionas_Freeman> Goodbye. I'm leaving.
[11:41] * Ionas_Freeman (n=ionas_fr@wikipedia/Swusr) has left #wikimedia-ops
[11:41] <Synergy> DanielB: it took a pm, and all of this but i guess i did my best
[11:42] * Majorly (n=Alex@wikimedia/Majorly) Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out) )
[11:42] <DanielB> yay.
[11:42] <DanielB> thanks
[11:43] <Synergy> force feed O.O
[11:43] <NotASpy> that's the sort of attitude we really need to deal with on Wikipedia, it's putting people off from standing for admin if people go around accusing them of being power hungry. 
[11:43] <Synergy> swirlboy isn't an "innocent" in this situation 
[11:43] <Synergy> so i wouldn't worry too much about an RfA
[11:44] <Synergy> but in general, its the way things go
[11:44] <NotASpy> no, there's also the problem of wannabee admins thinking the role is something far more glamorous than it actually is. 
[11:44] <Synergy> i had the same thing happen at one of my RfA's
[11:44] <Synergy> i'm not as bitter as some might think
[11:45] * DanielB likes his adminship for banning annoying users
[11:45] * Synergy doesn't like the term *wannabe admin*
[11:45] <Synergy> ;p
[11:50] * Cyrius ( has joined #wikimedia-ops
[11:50] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Cyrius
Session Close: Thu Dec 25 12:01:23 2008

Saturday, September 28, 2019

In Search of.... Encyclopaedia Dramatica

To be read in the reader's head in the voice of Leonard Nimoy.

Encyclopaedia Dramatica has vanished from its home in the Serbian Republic. It has been missing for more than a month. The site may return tomorrow, or never - it's in the same position as You're The Man Now Dog! in that the pages are available (if you know how to look), but the main site is no more. The chances are high that we will see ED get hosting in Zimbabwe, or Nagorno-Karabakh, or North Korea, because nobody in "normal" Internet hosting countries wants anything to do with the website. Which is a shame, because underneath the gore and ancient rips on defunct Livejournal accounts was the truth about what was going on at Wikipedia - until Sherrod DeGrippo decided to junk ED and turn it into the failed Oh, Internet project, there was a lot of backroom information about Jimbo's Jungle. All of that was ripped to shreds when the site was copied and sent to Spanish servers by ED dissidents who wanted the site to remain as it was. And after they ran out of time in Spain, they moved on to Serbia. while DeGrippo and Oh, Internet have gone on to nothing.

There is a thread on this over at the Wikipedia Sucks messageboard on how the whole thing fell apart, but you have to be a member to see it. Here are the highlights:

Well.....their server crashed late Thurs or early Fri and has been shit-the-bed for almost 4 days now. Not a word about when they will fix it. Quite possible they had their hosting or DNS yanked yet AGAIN, either by hackers or by another pissed-off victim.

Also, I checked Zaiger's Facebook. He's BAAAAACK.
(not that it matters, he has at least four FB accounts that I could find)
- Eric Barbour, Aug. 25, 2019 6:03pm ... own_again/

There is a Zaiger with a reddit account going back to 2010 who is top mod on the subreddit. So, no, unlikely Zaiger is in prison, unless he gave his password to someone or it was hacked, also very unlikely. Apparently lives in Massachusetts. End of interest.
- Abd, Aug. 27, 2019 8:04am

Well,'s been down a month. Still no "action".

If you really MUST look at ED articles, it seems that Wayback saved some of the more popular items (but not all, the wiki was a mess of ancient and forgotten pages and chaotic crap anyway). I has assumed they had NOFOLLOWed everything but it appears that someone allowed to take snapshots starting in 2016 or 2017. This is the only way to look back at ED right now, unless somebody restores from proper backups. Last capture of the front page was August 17. ... /Main_Page

You can fiddle your way to articles although it is easier to remove the "m." from the front-page URL.

If you like stupidity, there are some forum captures ending at August 22nd. Good luck getting to the individual threads. ...
- Eric Barbour, Sept. 20, 2019 8:13pm

Check out @eddotse on Twitter. This Rockenhaus guy keeps saying that he's "almost got it fixed." It's been down now for about five weeks.

Here's a post by @RockRockenhaus on October 2 on the @eddotse Twitter account:

"Alright, here’s the deal. Sibin’s RAID failed. All data was lost. He didn’t have any backups. What we’ve been doing is recovering DB backups we can find, building a new backend, and then building the frontends. So basically we’re rebuilding ED."

The images posted by Robert Crawford on October 3 on @eddotse have to do with the court martial of Rockenhaus from the U.S. Navy in 2014, where Rockenhaus was a technician. He was court martialed for seven counts of making false official statements and four counts of wearing an unauthorized ribbon or device.

Sounds like Rockenhaus will be a good replacement for Ryan Cleary. I think Cleary by now has lost his appetite for ED. I read that he got a 34-month sentence for DDoS activities (he was arrested in mid-2012), but that was just a comment by someone so don't quote me on that.
- Daniel Brandt, Oct. 4, 2019 2:16pm

An End Without an End

There is no way they are not coming back, it's just a question of when and where the servers will be located. The thing that counts is that if some of that backroom Wikipedia information was saved somewhere, it would be nice to see it. There is something that demands Encyclopaedia Dramatica to exist, if only to mock the pretensions of Wikipedia, which like Jimmy Wales (who recently became a British citizen) seems to think it has risen above normal Iinternet affairs. The reality is that Wales has run away to a country where he can more easily defend himself in libel suits, and Wikipedia is still a grimy hole hiding behind a massive PR effort. Oh and Zaiger, if you are reading this...."homeless, drugged out, and stupid is no way to go through life, son." (Apologies to John Vernon.)

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Short Reddit Post: Steve Huffman's getting par-a-noid....

For four words I am being blocked from using Reddit for the rest of the week beginning on Sunday the 22nd to Saturday the 28th. The four words were "Spez is goin' down." in this thread. The comment was upvoted thirteen times in a day, then my account was ganked and I got this announcement:

Important notification about your account
from reddit[A] sent 
Your account has been suspended from Reddit for posting violent content. The suspension will last a week.
Be sure to read up on the Reddit content policy to make sure you understand the rules for participating on Reddit.
This is an automated message; responses will not be received by Reddit admins.

I sent a rebuttal petition stating that this was a joke. The robots sent back this:

We Have Reviewed Your Report
from reddit[A] sent 
Thanks for writing in. We have reviewed your request and unfortunately, your appeal will not be granted and your suspension will remain in place.
For future reference, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with Reddit's Content Policy.
-Your Reddit Anti-Evil Operations Team
This is an automated message; responses will not be received by Reddit admins.

So I am trapped, not being able to make snarky comments on Donald Trump's corruption and lazy stupidity, Joe Biden's collapsing mental faculties, and why "Zyklon Ben" Garrison is the best-worst political cartoonist in America.

What can we learn from this?

That Reddit is in collapse as a bastion of free speech, or at least how conservatives and libertarians see free speech (a mystical absolute not tied to material relations, so that Klansmen marching in the street is "free speech", but a union demanding family dental care from a corporation is not.) That spez (Huffman) is paranoid about his security even though he allowed a pro-Donald Trump sub-forum (r/The_Donald) to flourish, knowing full-well that when Trump dies in office, or is forced to resign, or is voted out, that the gigantic blob of users from The_Donald will go utterly apeshit and rampage throughout the entirety of Reddit and that he will probably suffer through an email inbox stuffed with incoherent screeds and real death threats. That they hate the Chapo Trap House subreddit (sub-forum) because the podcast it's allegedly a fan site for mocks the sort of right-wing nuts spez thinks are so Goddamned important, and that the CTH subreddit is somehow offensive enough to be "quarantined", a fate it shares with The_Donald. That Reddit is untrustworthy, but then we knew that in 2012 when Michael Brutsch was revealed to be Violentacrez by Gawker. In 2019 you have two choices, hang around on a website whose headquarters drove co-founder Aaron Swartz to tears of frustration and boredom, or watch from the outside, but either way you will possibly get to experience the implosion of Reddit because it isn't a stable space.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Wikipedia IRC, Halloween 2008

Found at random.

Session Start: Fri Oct 31 11:52:23 2008
Session Ident: #Wikipedia-en
[11:52] * Now talking in #Wikipedia-en
[11:52] * Topic is 'On-topic discussion of the English Wikipedia | Status: Up | No public logging | Guidelines: | For a chanop, type !op or join #wikimedia-ops | Urgent need for an admin? Type !admin followed by your request | General help at #wikipedia-en-help or use !help followed by your request | Main Page Redesign: | Happy Halloween! '
[11:52] * Cream|Gone is now known as Cream
[11:53] * S_MacD (n=chatzill@wikimedia/Doc-glasgow) has joined #wikipedia-en
[11:55] <CharlotteWebb> S_MacD had a farm.
[11:55] * DerHexer (n=DerHexer@wikimedia/DerHexer) Quit (Nick collision from services. )
[11:55] <CharlotteWebb> E I E I O
[11:55] * DerHexer (n=DerHexer@wikimedia/DerHexer) has joined #wikipedia-en
[11:56] <Cream> On this farm he had DerHexer
[11:56] <CharlotteWebb> and on his farm he had some sheeps
[11:56] <CharlotteWebb> E I E I O
[11:56] <Cream> E I E I O
[11:57] <DerHexer> .oO( /remove #wikipedia-en Cream Can't sing. )
[11:57] <Cream> lol
[11:57] * Cream wants to challenge someone on Mario Kart wii
[11:58] * Kanonkas (n=chatzill@Wikipedia/Kanonkas) has joined #wikipedia-en
[11:59] * Tiptoety|away ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[12:00] <JamieS93> Hi Tiptoety|away and Kanonkas
[12:00] <Cream> Kanonkas <3
[12:00] <Cream> Tiptoety|away <3
[12:00] <Kanonkas> Hi
[12:01] * Cream learned a few tricks on Mario Kart wii :P
[12:01] * Neurolysis_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[12:01] * Fritzpoll (n=Fritzpol@wikipedia/Fritzpoll) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) )
[12:05] <JamesonTai> hi
[12:06] * TenPoundHammer wonders if he could get any use out of a Wii
[12:07] * JamesonTai waves at TenPoundHammer
[12:07] * FieseL is now known as Sebleouf
[12:07] <JamesonTai> TenPoundHammer: do you frequently have more than four people @ your domicile?
[12:07] <JamesonTai> lol
[12:08] <JamesonTai> unless you do... most likely a Wii may not be the best platform for you
[12:08] <Cream> i now play Mario Kart Wii on Gecko OS now.
[12:09] <JamesonTai> lol
[12:09] <Cream> u know what is Gecko OS?
[12:09] <JamesonTai> i have a 360 and a ps2
[12:09] <JamesonTai> it does what i need to do
[12:09] <JamesonTai> i'm not getting a ps3 any time soon
[12:09] <Cream> cheats :P
[12:10] <JamesonTai> espcially since when i have a bluray player that cost me less than half of what it costs for a ps3
[12:10] <JamesonTai> oh... and ps3 games are... meh not that great
[12:10] <Guinea_Pirate> Obligatory Simpsons Treehouse of Horror quote #2: "I look forward to an orderly election tomorrow that will eliminate the need for a violent bloodbath"
[12:10] <JamesonTai> i mean there are a few... but it's not a common platform yet
[12:11] <JamesonTai> Guinea_Pirate: lulz i doubt that's gonna happen
[12:11] <TenPoundHammer> JamesonTai: No, I don't have more than 4 people
[12:11] <JamesonTai> TenPoundHammer: if you like to do jumping jacks on the Wii
[12:11] <TenPoundHammer> hehehe
[12:11] <JamesonTai> you might as well do them without a Wii... that's FREE
[12:11] <JamesonTai> think of all the money you save
[12:11] <JamesonTai> lol
[12:11] * TenPoundHammer isn't much of a gamer
[12:11] <JamesonTai> TenPoundHammer: me neither
[12:12] <JamesonTai> i still have a > 2500 gamerscore on my xbox gamertag
[12:13] <JamesonTai> US residents: Remember Sunday @ 2am - Change your clocks... you get an extra hour of sleep! :)
[12:13] <JamesonTai> ^_^
[12:14] * Guinea_Pirate (n=BrianMcC@ Quit ("Leaving" )
[12:15] <Cream> Yep :D
[12:15] <Cream> JamesonTai, don't forget Canada too :D
[12:16] * Neurolysis ( Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) )
[12:17] * TenPoundHammer should really remember that, especially since I play keyboard at church
[12:17] <TenPoundHammer> I got screwed by that last week, since my clock is old and it reset automatically
[12:18] <TenPoundHammer> and THEN mom couldn't find her keys
[12:18] * TenPoundHammer is surprised that he's not named Murphy, considering how often Murphy's Law applies to me
[12:21] * Cream is now known as Scary|Cream
[12:22] <Scary|Cream> toodles <3
Session Close: Fri Oct 31 12:22:01 2008

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

This has been a pretty dead summer for new Wikipedia news.... you haven't seen a lot of posts from from this website since April. Yes, I know that Fram was/is a thing, but it blew right past me. People I was hoping would reappear on the Wikipedia Sucks forum did not, and as the summer rolled into September, that video once again became relevant:

So now I have to deal with Fram and his endless motherfuckery, which will be an eyerolling task. At least let's have some music beforehand.

I have nothing else, so this post is finished.

Friday, June 28, 2019

LuxOfTkGL: The overlooked pedophile editor buried by Wikipedia

This was one of the creep editors I missed back when this website was examining the whole phenomena of pedophiles deep inside Wikipedia.

He didn't last very long....LuxOfTkGL edited Wikipedia from May 11th to September 9th of 2005. However, before that he was creator of the long-since demolished GlWiki
("Girl Love" Wiki) which was a "girl-orientated" version of the still-operating BoyWiki. Lux also ran the similarly defunct TkGL, which was pedophile forum with a gallery of little girl photos among other elements. (Both of the links above go to the "" website pages that have been turned into an wiki inside the wiki of Encyclopedia Dramatica.) Off the Internet, LuxOfTkGL was Darren Cresswell, a 23-year-old Sunday school teacher at the New Testament Church of God in Wolverhampton, England. He had been going to that church since the age of 12. Because all the websites were wiped clean off the Internet we have no idea how long they were operating (we were totally dead wrong, more information below), though it is known that Cresswell had taken a number of computer courses at the local university. Lux's downfall was in late 2005, when the police raided his apartment and found 1100 child porn photos on his hard drive. The computer was seized. At the time Cresswell thought the woman he was having an online relationship with turned him in, but knowing the British police, probably one of the users of GlWiki or TkGL was an undercover cop. During the time between the raid and the trial more that a year later, Lux met with Sorrow, who was an administrator on both of Darren Cresswell's websites. Of course they hung around with Sorrow's four year old sisters. Somewhere along the line before the raid Cresswell had taken his own child porn photos and had sexually assaulted a small boy, which along with the porn in his computer added up to a three and a half year prison sentence, according to the Birmingham Mail. As for Sorrow, he kept Lux's websites going until his own arrest in 2006, and between arrest and the trial beginning he began a sex change, becoming Damien Walker. Probably because she never molested a child or took her own photographs she did not get jail time, just a supervised 2 year "community order" and 5 years of being on the Sexual Offenders Register (UK).

Darren Cresswell has kept an extremely low profile since his jail time ended - no photos online, and he has stayed off Wikipedia. Aside from the page and the Birmingham Mail story, he was mentioned in Sarah Good's 2011, Paedophiles in Society: Reflecting on Sexuality, Abuse and Hope, beginning on page 35. At time of writing he runs a wedding photography business in Leicester, U.K.

The Ruins Online is run by a bizarre sort of completist, the sort of people who collect rubbishy garbage knowing all the while that it is rubbishy garbage. So of course they have copies of Cresswell's site, with all the offending images removed. Here is what the site looked like in September of 2004, and what it looked like in February of 2006, just before it was shut down. The 2004 version has a messageboard and this wonderfully creepy section called "In my Eyes" where Cresswell compares small girls to angels, and he tries to work out how to reconcile Christianity with cis paedophilia. The 2006 version has a revolting section on "Pedo Parenting", while the forum and the other fluffy but sinister Christian-pedo gibberish is still up at that point. If it weren't about having sex with small girls, this would be some sort of Protestant Christian site about "overcoming sin."

Final Words

It's bizarre that you can get records of a small paedophile website online, but all the information from the pedo-hunting websites of the Bush II era have be utterly deleted unless they are part of a bigger site like Encyclopedia Dramatica, which went down more than a month ago (August 2019). This was hard to write about because we have actual names and people who aren't living off the dole or who have vanished off the internet forever. This is why I have elected to not publish the link to Cresswell's wedding photography business. If you want to go after anybody, go after the Wikimedia Foundation, who allowed this situation to happen in the first place.

("Published" on June 28, 2019, actually finished on September 28. 2019.)