Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hunting Wikipedia's Pedophiles: Flyer22_Reborn

"And so shines a good deed in a weary world." - Willy Wonka, misquoting William Shakespeare

There are people - Wikipedians - who actually are disgusted with The Project's laissez-faire attitude toward pedophiles and Flyer22_Reborn is one of them. She was originally Flyer22, claimed to be a Wikipedian since 2007 (making her one of the Essjay-aftermath people) until she was blocked in March of 2012. The block cases went on to May of 2014, and involved (among many others) BWilkins, SarekofVulcan, Boing! said Zebedee, and Alison, who wrote the following:

Your account is blocked. Yes, again. You've been repeatedly using Singaporean proxy IPs to avoid detection and to set up sock accounts, all abusively. There are too many IPs to enumerate, but this, this and this are just three samples. Fireflies36 (talk · contribs) is you, Fireflies35 (talk · contribs) is you, as is MikeFromCanmore (talk · contribs), just for starters. There are plenty of others - lots of them. It's hard to even know where to start. But they're all you,  Confirmed by two checkusers now. This time, given the subject matter and how the edit times sync with your own, nobody is going to accept the "younger brother" excuse this time. You've gone to great effort to cover your tracks to avoid being detected in your interesting LGBT POV-pushing spree, but you're done now. Once I get the time, I'll likely to to AN/I and push for a site ban, something I rarely do - Alison 23:57, 12 December 2012 (UTC)
 There were repeated blockings and un-blockings. In October Flyer22 dropped the old account to become Flyer22_Reborn. But from the previous account to now, Flyer22_Reborn has a real hatred for the pedophiles:

If you post anything on Wikipedia about your belief that sex with children is fine and dandy, similar to this guy's post, then watch out; unless you are discussing a complicated age of consent matter involving post-pubescents, then I will instantly have no respect for you and I will instantly want you off Wikipedia. You either follow the WP:Child protection policy, or I will very likely see to it that your presence is removed from this site. Create a new account and spread the same garbage, and I'll get rid of that account as well. Further detail is at Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Sexology.

Regarding my edits to the Pedophilia article, I do not care about how you personally want to define pedophilia or that you want to go by the imprecise dictionary definitions as opposed to accurate medical definitions. I do not care if you think editors watching and editing the Pedophilia article are pedophiles and/or child sexual abusers because they do not subscribe to your lay (non-specialist) definition of pedophilia. People should put aside their ignorance and learn something; if that means learning what pedophilia actually is and using the terminology accurately, then good. This helps people not be so oblivious as to what type of perpetrators may be sexually abusing a child; in other words, child sexual abuse is far more common than people think. And so is child-on-child sexual abuse; it is not always, or even mostly, the man specifically interested in prepubescents. It is usually a relative or someone otherwise close to the family. Do I sometimes use the term pedophile broadly? Yes, I do (not too broadly). But on Wikipedia, an encyclopedia, I want to get it right; I should get it right.

As for the Wikipedia people who take care of "pedophile talk" and similar, it turns out that the WP:WMF have taken over for WP:ArbCom in handling all future WP:Child protection matters. So the WP:Child protection policy will need updating "once all the new arrangements are finali[z]ed" with regard to the WP:WMF handling WP:Child protection and other matters. From what the WP:WMF have told me of their potential to handle WP:Child protection cases, they are well-equipped and have significant experience in the area. Their investigations can take weeks or months, however, especially if gathering more evidence.
And, yes, I am of great interest to the pedophiles and child sexual abusers who infiltrate, or try to infiltrate, Wikipedia.....(Taken from here.)
So in order to expose these people she took to hunting Wikipedians with sockpuppets.

 Running the Pedos Out of Town (We Think?)

As the reader can tell, we know very little about who Flyer22, reborn or otherwise. She claims to know things about psychology, science, "social issues", and so on. In fact we have no idea if Flyer22_Reborn is actually a woman, which is why the first use of "she" and "her" in this post were in quotes [Alison Cassidy has confirmed that Flyer22_Reborn is what she claims to be]. One of her recent sockpuppet investigations was for Cali11298, the ringleader account for a sockfarm that included Jhamilton303, Cavalierman, 21 other confirmed accounts while around 15 others were accused.

[post under construction.]

Friday, January 20, 2017

Aftermaths and Proof the Internet Eats Itself (Plus: DeviantArt Trump Rage!)

No-one is really interested in the How to Get Thrown Out of a Wikipedia Conference piece; I sent it to a ton of San Diego area publications, tech sites, other limited-run publications - no dice. Wikipedia either bores or scares a lot of editors - some people found the footnote on child groomers hanging out on Commons disturbing and wanted me to call the FBI (!), as if the Fibbie cybercrime people don't already track Wikipedia and others for image trading and finding out which scuzzos are active. The Wikipedia people are trying to act like the video I shot of the conference isn't disturbing them, but I know it is, and I think the People in the Know on the Internet are embarrassed as hell that Wikipedia has come down to being that paranoid and controlling. I will probably have to rewrite it, make it longer by sticking in a load of background information, and then try to sell it to some publications I didn't hit the first time around.

We can't say much about the Amorrow mess except that people have been notified, specific things are being done by a number of people, and Andrew Morrow really needs to be institutionalized.

 Proof the Internet Eats Itself

There is a "guy" who uses this very platform to run a series of blogs reviewers from the Doug Walker stable of That Guy With The Glasses/Channel Awesome "internet personalities"; i.e, Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones, "Angry Joe" Vargas, Noah "Spoony" Antweiler, possibly others. We stumbled across the Brad Jones one looking up why Jake Norvell was no longer appearing in Jones' videos....and found this blog which reads like a Mexican soap-opera. Literally "Dirk Diggler" has taken the Encylopaedia Dramatica articles on these people, snooped through Facebook and 4chan, then reformulated it into these slam-blogs. Not that the people don't deserve the nasty mockery that ED gave them when was still a thing, but at the end of the day the Channel Awesome people are doing something reviewing all this pop-cultural crap; meanwhile "Mr." Hillock can only give us blogging's US magazine alongside translations of Japanese comic books.

Bonus: DeviantArt Trump Rage!

Even though Trump "won" the Presidency some of the GOP artists are still frothing on DeviantArt....a good example is CaciqueCaribe, who gives us such gems as:

TheyCallMeDeanWormer is happy about Trump, but a few weeks ago he was giving us stuff like:


Also angry is LiberalLaxatives, the most incoherent of the bunch:

The image above was the most coherent one. Literally if you took one of those crazy emails your uncle was forwarded and then forwarded to you in the late 1990s, but updated all the references and then made it into "visual art", that would be these DA accounts. The trick is, these guys are out-numbered on DeviantArt by the anti-Trump artists 9000 to 1....and those guys have the talent as well.

(Thanks to E. A. Barbour for the tip.)


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Andrew William Morrow has returned to YouTube....

This guy is one of those creepers that comes lurching out of the swamp to look through the windows at "th' purty goils", except A.W. Morrow does this through the Internet.....and now the creeper is back on Google's biggest profit black hole, YouTube.

Amorrow on YouTube

Above is his first video, posted on New Year's Eve; he talks about Alison Cassidy and Rebecca Watson in vague terms in this creepy flat yet sing-song voice, like a movie pedophile enticing a child. Viewers should be warned that he takes off his shirt (the thumbnail photo is him in the middle of taking off his long-sleeve dress shirt) to show off some tattoos, says he is going to conduct "brinksmanship" to get a Wikipedia BLP by 2019. At the end of the video he addresses Alison Cassidy directly, wants a meeting, even one moderated by a lawyer. Complete delusions of grandeur.

Next video is thirty minutes long; rambles about Catholicism, Mormon missionaries he met at a McDonalds, going after Ayn Rand, advising Jimbo Wales to go to church, mentions Fred Bauder, mentions "Wiki-Luv", Aaron Swartz and his suicide, "going to church because they're nice guys" even though he has no real faith that the Bible is true, Alison Cassidy mentioned, Rebecca Watson mentioned, threatens to out where Watson lives. And all this is in the first five minutes! Claims he will hunt down Sydney "Redshirt" Poore....he's doing all of this because he wants to be unbanned on Wikipedia, thinks that if he can scare Cassidy and Poore into relenting from "search and destroy on AWM (meaning imagined endless sockhunts for Amorrow)" that he can go back. He gives out his social security number "because he has LifeLock and insurance". Rebecca Watson is called "honeybunny" and is told she isn't a child anymore. Claims he has tattoos of daughter's and ex-wife's names and titles on separate shoulders. Explains that he has these names permanently written on him as ID "in case I wash up on the shores of Japan or something." Daughter won't talk to him because he is "a weirdo." Claims both ex-wife and daughter are in medicine. Rants about a female chemical engineering teacher at "RPI" which might be Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a private science and engineering college in New York state where he got a Bachelors of Science in the early 1980s. We are now thirteen minutes in. Uses the RPI rant to tell Jimbo that Wikipedia needs to foster a "boy scout-girl scout" tradition of editing excellence. Talks about eating restraining orders. Reveals that he stalked a girl at the age of thirteen, blames his (self-diagnosed?) autism.....

And that's where I gave up, after nineteen minutes. Pretty much he is telling all the people that he had restraining orders or issues with that he hasn't jumped into the void of real life and forgetting all the online horseshit that he was involved in, that he's returned to be the creepy stalker weirdo that Encyclopaedia Dramatica wrote about years ago. And yes, both videos look like they were filmed in a creepy back closet inside Morrow's probably creepy-looking house.

The Background

Andrew William Morrow (Amorrow, LegalEagle2, Amorrow2 [on ED]) was banned from Wikipedia, from Wikipedia Review, from Facebook, from Encyclopaedia Dramatica (list not chronological). He has served short stints of jail time repeatedly since 2007 for assaulting his now ex-wife (whom he had battered when they were married in the 1990s - his first jail stretch was in the Clinton years), then a probation violation in 2008, six months in 2011 for stalking the chief of police in Mountain View, CA, and a 2013 stint for stalking and harassing the police again. Proving the ineptitude of Facebook security, we have been told that Amorrow still has an account on the website, because he is using it to keep creepo tabs on various female CEOs in Silicon Valley.

What Now?

He will keep this crap up forever because he is an intelligent person, but not a wise one; his obsessions with women as objects are dangerous and his expanding-contracting delusions of grandeur might result in some sort of kamikaze run to make Rebecca Watson like him. He reminds me of a number of assassins; both John Warnock Hinckley Jr. (the failed killer of President Ronald Reagan) and Mark David Chapman (the man who gunned down John Lennon) stick out because both men were living in their own partial fantasy worlds; Hinckley was trapped inside the 1976 film Taxi Driver, allegedly wanted to impress Jodie Foster. Chapman had a series of fantasies both revolving around the novel Catcher in the Rye and Chapman's own God-fantasy of being the all-powerful king to a nation of tiny people. It would be best that A.W. Morrow lose his American citizenship, be granted a Swiss one, and never leave a Swiss mental hospital. He needs to be kept away from the Internet at all costs. Facebook and YouTube need to cut him off - now.


This is all part of some crazy plan that is growing on the Internet day-by-day, because Andrew Morrow is a narcissist bisexual who loathes his own bisexuality. He has released another ranty video talking about his immortality and the President of the US and Wikipedia. At least this time he turned the lights on to his creeper lair. He now has a creepier "bounty list" on a webpage I can't link to because it has personal details of "the target's" life; he will pay people to somehow get used tampons, snip hairs off Alison Cassidy's head, other super-creepo requests which prove that he is too far gone to be allowed to live in the same area as her. Rebecca Watson needs to be warned before Amorrow starts sending her sticks coated in raccoon blood and ranty "love" letters with ASCII drawings. People need to save those videos before Google yanks them; they are now documents in a future sanity hearing.

Bonus from Feburary 2017: Morrow yanked the two videos. Above is one he posted after we published this installment of the blog. He's now wearing a tie and a better shirt, but the creeper lair is the same.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Talkin' Future Plan Blues

Unfortunately we ran out of year to drop bombshells on Wikipedia, but then this in an organization that gets to fundraising goals and then won't shut down to please Jimbo, an outfit that has a category for users who DGAF (don't give a f--k), and a category discussion thread to keep or delete the "Wikipedians who DGAF" category....I think at this point they can't be humiliated/shocked/bullied into realizing that they are wasting their lives on a project that is too byzantine to ever be completely finished because the unpaid bureaucracy that has sprung up around the project never wants the thing done - a finished Wikipedia means a dead bureaucracy.

So what is the future of Wikipedia Sucks?

Some of it will be the Wiki-biographies we've done before, but the more important parts are trying to explain to outsider readers (including this writer) how the various branches of the aforementioned bureaucracy work: who started them, who were the victims, who staffed the boards, and so on. I loathe the perverts with a passion,  but we need to hit more of the pedophile Wikipedians, the child-groomers and people passing porn through Commons....what we have written is always the tip of the iceberg, never the chasm underneath the floating ice mountain. A lot of it was deleted, or hidden, or lost when Wikipedia crashed in the early 2000s. We need to talk about Essjay, the faker who pretty much began the decay of Wikipedia. We need to review the genius book The Myth of the Britannica, the first book-length examination of an encyclopedia set that had gotten long in the tooth.

Finally, we need to thank Eric Barbour and Peter Damian, because without them, this blog, the messageboard - all of it would be nothing. Thank them if you have to thank anybody.

Thanks to some Russian guys or Tor users spoofing through Russian ISPs or 'bots trying to steal the site, we are nearly at 7000 views for one month. Thank you 'bots or guys or spoofers!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wikipediocracy today....

.... is a very sad place. The last blog post they did was in June. The board is being dominated by the guy who allegedly owns the domain, Greg Kohs (thekohser), and some of the key people have walked away to join another forum.

"It's like watching Mussolini run the Salo Republic in 1943!"

Wikipediocracy's message board (WO-MB) originally was a "survivor's group" made up of the personalities that made up the Wikipedia Review forum (that board had been sunk by a crazy sysop, comedy recounting here), then it stated collecting everybody and anybody (this author included). It has been slowly collapsing since 2014 as people like Peter Damian and Eric Barbour and Mancunium decided that Greybeard (Steve McGeady) and Zoloft (William "Monty" Burns) along with thekohser were not worth the time. Since then Andreas Kolbe (HRIP7) has vanished and Alison Cassidy bailed. They have people, lots of people, just not the people whom the journalists will be clamoring to interview when Wikipedia dies hard or explodes like a supernova. All those people, plus irreplacable voices like ilvadel and the WO-banned Internet Warrior King Daniel Brandt are now out in the snow or have joined this blog's forum*.

Kohs has left such an ungodly stench in the minds of ex-WO members, we now have a thread about him....that runs 15 pages. It has taken most of a year to get to that point, and I'm not ever locking it, because we need to document when he finally crosses that last line and Greybeard or Zoloft finally cans him, somehow.


Implosion seems to be a real problem with Wikipedia-criticism boards and websites; the people running them are mostly ex-Wikipedians who lack journalistic training, so it isn't about writing news story-like blog posts, just a lot of shop-talk and ranting. WO-MB has people who could bring down, or at least badly cripple Wikipedia, and yet they hold off because they still love the place. I have no love for Wikipedia, and I can easily see the site winding up as a series of thumbdrives key-ringed together and sold in piles on tables next to bowls full of jade necklaces in souks and bazaars across the developing world. Wikipedia will not end well, and it is our duty to transmit the knowledge of its failures to future generations.


* Truth in advertising: I didn't start "Wikipedia Sucks!" the board, that was Mutineer. Barbour and I administrate. What there really needs to be is an unauthorized oral history of Wikipedia, journos asking the heavy-hitters real questions, no dealings with the WMF people - they can write their own book.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Short Post: Link to Full Story on Wikiconference San Diego

Because it would mean very little if we posted it here, our account of what happened on October 8th has been posted on Storify. The link is here: How to Get Thrown Out of a Wikipedia Conference in Three Easy Steps.

We will have more posts forthcoming.


Jury-rigged add-on:

All the video footage shot at WikiConJob Nord Amerika. If you have a YT account on are a Vimeo-nik or on Ru.Tube or that Brazilian Green Frog YouTube knockoff or the mainland Chinese YouTube knockoff, please mirror this video. The WMF or any of the goofballs shown will try to yank this down when they find out it exists.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Yet more Reddit: The_Donald Subreddit in the Aftermath of the Election

I didn't want to talk about /r/The_Donald again, but reality made that an inevitability - their candidate won, and from the looks of it, that subreddit is not disbanding, though it might start falling apart when Donald John Trump's crazier campaign promises prove to be utterly impossible.

The Cabal

What I have found endlessly interesting with that subforum was the huge number of moderators, right now they have forty-nine people, the same amount they had in the summer, but many of the names have changed. Here it is today:

And here it was in early October:

And in June:

As I said last time, it is damn easy to buy Reddit accounts, to use Tor to have multiple accounts, and other tricks we don't know. I think they are changing mods constantly after the October jcm267/tehDonald bloodbath to somehow keep the Reddit admins from knowing who is really in charge, because the "head moderator" keeps shifting; richmoms was allegedly in charge at one point, then that changed. Then "she" was dropped and then picked up again. To be truthful, it doesn't matter; if corporate Reddit were to remove the head moderator, the mass would sprout a new one. And of course, that person would be yet another renamed "curated" sockpuppet.


 Jcm267 had been a Digg user before Reddit came along, then changed sites. The subreddit /r/NoLibsWatch thinks that he was also nolibs, who had somewhere north of forty sockpuppet accounts. Until a raft of background drama of some sort forced him off Reddit, jcm267 became TehDonald, the chief of /r/The_Donald. Vice's Motherboard website has an article, How r/the_donald Became a melting Pot of Frustration and Hate, where they actually interview jcm267. Pastebin has the email interview, which looks like this:

What were you envisioning when you started the subreddit?

I was handed the subreddit when the creator of it decided to delete his account. This was within days maybe weeks of the announcement. This individual liked me for my anti-Bernie Sanders posts. We didn't have the best name for a Trump subreddit so I actually figured it would just be a nice place for a small group of supporters to have fun triggering anti-Trump people and, frankly, laughing with Trump at the same time.

>When did the_donald take off, in your mind? When did you know it was resonating with people?

It really took off when the primary season  was about to get under way. You can see by looking at our subreddit's statistics both at /r/the_donald/about/traffic and at The subreddits with the best names (/r/Trump, /r/DonaldTrump, etc) were either run by non-supporters or just plainly not managed very well.

People saw that we handled brigades from trolls really well. The current top mod, /u/lil-z, was brought in to help when we were being brigaded by /r/politics.
Left wing trolls have been getting banned really quickly for the longest time, going back to 2015. There was a /r/politics thread from a time we were being brigaded early on where a lot of people shared screenshots of their ban messages from me. The community really apprecited that I was banning these people with messages like "morons aren't allowed to post here".

We were basically the best game in town, despite not having one of the best names for a Trump subreddit.

/pol/ found us and has given us a tremendous amount of energy and some fantastic content. The people from /pol/ who can behave, which is probably most of them, stay. The people who don't behave usually wind up getting banned for rule 3.  

Yeah, the algorithm change had an effect on our traffic and number of new subscribers. I really don't blame reddit for doing that, though. We were taking up 2/3 of the top 25 of /r/all and it looked like this was a "new normal" and not just a quick bounce from the Orlando event.

>Would you say that the subreddit is *just* about Trump and his candidacy or has it become a mishmash of all of these different groups and their cultures, etc.?

It is a mishmash that was only made possible by the candidacy of Donald Trump for President of the United States. There is a kind of energy behind Trump as a candidate that has not been seen from the right since probably Reagan. Trump's not Reagan, of course. He drags the party towards the middle while Reagan pulled it to the right, and immigration and trade (the issues that Trump is winning on) are issues where Reagan/Bush ultimately proved to be harmful. Reagan was a great president but like any person he was not perfect.

>As I mentioned, the subreddit was much less ... militant in the early days. Why was that, and do you ever long for those days?

I don't think we're all that militant. We have rules but those are needed to keep left wing SJWs, concern trolls, and 1488ers out of the subreddit. In the early days it was just a sub for a small number of people. Now it's a large community. I was involved in /r/Romney which was a failure back in 2012 because it tried to be too serious. I also created /r/Conspiratard. That subreddit became popular because it was "fun" and not a serious place. Most of us didn't like a lot of the people that /r/conspiratard attracted and put in a lot of rules that effectively killed the subreddit, inevitably pushing the insufferable SJW posters to the point where they formed their own community. When Cis pushed for stuff like using the sticky to push shitposts to the front page I was able to buy into it because I've seen first hand that easily digestible content and a fun culture do well on reddit. "Serious" does not. The way that /r/the_donald is run simply works.  

>Though you've always banned outright racism, r/the_donald skirts the line in pretty much every post.

"Skirts the line in pretty much every post"? That's ridiculous.

>Are you comfortable with what the subreddit has become?

It sounds like a loaded question especially considering your "skirts the line" comment. It seems like you want to portray the_donald in a certain way and then get my reaction to it in order to make me look bad. /r/the_donald is a "safe space" for those who support Trump. This is a community that promotes the candidacy of a great candidate. No candidate is perfect but Trump is the best choice we have for 2016. We need immigration reform that does not grant amnesty to illegals and puts and end to end illegal immigration once and for all. We need to end the abuse of H1B and H2B visas by employers. We need to look into renegotiating or pulling out of every free trade deal, especially those that were signed with developing nations. The establishment from BOTH parties have fucked over the American people on immigration and trade, these issues unite people from all over the political spectrum. These issues are why Trump won the GOP nomination and why he will win in the general against Crooked Hillary Clinton, who is probably the worst possible candidate for the Democrats to put up against Trump. She represents everything that is wrong with politics in America today.

>Do you consider the_donald to be a place for free speech? Why or why not?

No, it never has been a "free speech" subreddit. We have rules that are necessary for preserving our culture. "Free speech" applies to governments, not subreddits. This isn't /pol/, this is a place that is intended to reach a wider and more mainstream audience.

>In your mind, who is a poster at r/the_donald i.e. is there an archetype?

It's hard to say that there is an archetype. Again, big tent. It's pretty safe to say that nearly all of us agree on trade and immigration. We are pretty much all against multiculturalism. The rest is as you put earlier a "mishmash" of people from all over the political spectrum. We even have a lot of active posters who are from foreign countries! What unites us is a love for America
 Having actually dealt with jcm267 online, that interview makes my skin crawl.

No Exit

If they hang around on that subreddit as November slips into December slips into late January, the "centipedes" will discover what it is like to be in a campaign victory party that cannot stop, like
Buñuel's The Exterminating Angel, but online. After a certain point the trolling and idiot racism will no longer seem "daring" and "an exercise of our first amendment rights" or whatever low-rent excuses they are willing to make to cover for their shitty behavior. So they will go off to "/r/MAGA-PREZ" or whatever they will call the sequel to The_Donald and it will all fade away because Trump the Reality will never match  Trump the Possibility. I encourage all my readers to screen shot as much of that cruddy subreddit as they can before time and "good taste" wipes it off the internet. Nobody involved should get out of it unscathed.