Saturday, January 13, 2018

Short Post: Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump's AWAY!!

On the Wikipedia Sucks! board we have a thread on Donald John Trump, a thread that now runs to 20 pages. I bring this up both to promote the board (natch) and because it's finally, finally, FINALLY painfully obvious to everybody with even half-a-brain that Trump's mental circuitry is shorting out and that he must be removed from office, the quicker the better. The "shithole countries" remark seems to be the last straw, though noted bastard James Woods decided to conmigle "shithole" and "sanctury cities" on Twitter to goose Trump for some Executive Orders of Nazi Ruthlessness or whatever.

What's really gotten things moving is the new Fire and Fury book written by political gadfly Michael Wolff, who spent nine months watching how things went (badly) in the Trump White House, mostly the constant battles to run the leaky lifeboat in bad seas that is the Trump House, with the true "winner" being deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh taking over the real work while Bannon and Priebus and Gorka tangled and clashed and bellowed like gorillas. I haven't read the book and the reviews are mixed, but it seems to confirm everything I've been picking up from news aggregators like Alternet - a confused, shapeless presidency working around Commander in Chief who is indecisive, really wanted to lose so he could promote his kids into new TrumpCo schemes, and when you get down to it is not really a conservative/right-wing/Nazi guy at all - he was a rich-dude NYC Democrat for decades and only got into this fraud castle because he thought his Max Bialystock-Leo Bloom scam would work and it failed and now.....Hail to the Chief. Fuck us.


  1. Whoa nigga this shit is hilarious. You're a real manhole