Thursday, March 24, 2016

Stuff That Has Nothing to do With Wikipedia: Tumblr Nazis

I decided to go back to the topic of Tumblr Nazis because You Just Got Logic'D has been dead for half a year now. As with all Tumblr blogs the reason for the collapse is never stated and that infuriates me because I like to know the fates of the things that anger me. Tumblr will shitcan any of their users' blogs for nearly anything, which I why I am expecting Eric Barbour's Shit Planet!! site to vanish at any moment, because "rules."

                                                From another website Logic'd ran.

So there are lists of these blogs, but the problem is the names change and because many of the more open blogs have been deleted by Tumblr, so they now talk in code. A good example of the fringe of this "movement" is Lord make me an instrument of thy peace aka "the-yawner." If you didn't look closely it's just an odd Catholic blog run by "Billy", who describes himself as "18, Traditionalist Roman Catholic, Monarchist." Go to the first month he was in operation (March, 2014) and we get a picture-quote of Julius Evola "Traditionalism is the most revolutionary ideology of our times." Who is Evola? Only the most dangerous Italian Fascist intellectual, the one who was not on the Grand Fascist Council but who kept goading them to higher levels of tyranny, who after the war was still writing about extreme absolutism and who supported the Right-wing combatants during the Years of Lead (1968-1982). Why use Evola? Because he is obscure to most Americans; this is "dogwhistle fascism" the same as how skinheads use the Celtic cross instead of the Swastika, or talk of the "14 words."

There are people trying to stop these guys on Tumblr, but it's a fool's errand because so many of them vanish anyway; Operation Highlord is trying to name and shame, but how can you shame a douchebag like Right Wing Resistance?

Here is a list of Nazi/Traditionalist/fascist Tumblr blogs that are operating as I write this. I expect most of them will vanish within six months.

Wake Up with Vlad ("News" of inter-racial violence. Pro-Trump.)

h8generation (French or Belgian straight neo-Nazi. Likes the Romanian Iron Guard.)

HappyAcres (More pro-Trump, Catholic-right, openly anti-black.)

Fascionistki (Polish, straight Nazi.)

Europa Veritas (Possibly British, pro-White-anti-Syrian refugee.)

Roxy the Republican (Republican, anti-Israel, Anti-Zionist. Has Republican elephant with Confederate stars and bars flag, which makes her a walking contradiction.)

Riding the Tiger (Name comes from Evola book title, more marching Fascist photos, etc.)

Sturmbannfuehrer (German or British site run by an "ex-investment banker." More Nazi guff.)

WHITEREICH (More of that wonderful Holocaust denial crap, skinhead goonery.)

SS-girl (Crazy Spanish-language blog full of Hitler photos.)

Sir Krieger Von Berlin (More of a Gothic horror blog shot through with Nazi photos.)

Clerical Reaction (possibly Right Catholic and Right Orthodox; French and English.)

Armed Liberty (Not really Nazi, just ragingly anti-Obama. Stopped updating in 2013.)

Aberrant (Nazi Viking Uncle Skinhead streetfighter loonie.)

Argus Panoptes (Ranting Nazi lunacy, stopped updating in September, 2015.)

Unqualified Reservations (Not a Tumblr blog, but a necessary read. Mencius Moldbug [Curtis Guy Garvin] helped create the monstrosity that is the Dark Enlightenment.)


Let no-one say that Tumblr didn't give the Right a space, because for each one of the blogs I listed there were four or more also on the lists, not counting the defunct ones.


  1. Interesting collection. Would like to know more about SS-girl.

  2. Heh heh.

    Well, the shamers managed to force Collowrath off Tumblr, though you can see some traces in the archive:

    I get the feeling this was just a very confused teenager. Tumblr seems to consist mostly thereof. The primary product of Tumblr is half-formed dingbattery of various flavors. (God, all those stupid teenaged-girl blogs. Endless pictures of makeup, sparkly nail polish, Fendi and Gucci shopping bags, ugly/chic clothes and shoes, ice-cream sundaes, plus duckface selfies and moronic babble about the virtues of being a "spoiled princess", etc. All of it bearing a badly-concealed undertow of misery and depression.)

    And blog platforms purge themselves of outside views mostly by silent backstabbing. The loud public shrieks only confuse the casual reader--like Wikipedia the real decisions are made in a dark hole in the ground by faceless worm-people.

    The most terrible crime of all: pointing out the platform's own shortcomings: Evidently you can say anything you want about what a wonderful fellow Hitler was, but if you start criticizing Tumblr itself, oops that's a bannin'.

    1. I always assume with Tumblr that the poster is a high school sophomore or a college near-graduate unless it's a fetish blog* of some sort. The kids give themselves away. The Nazi blogs are like the teenaged-girl blogs, except it's Hitler photos, old Nazi propaganda photos, etc. The only stylish one is the French/Italian Casa Pound site which I mentioned in the original "logic'd" post a year ago; it looks more like a fascist copy of Vice magazine than anything else.
      * Fetishes including spandex, large bellies, large breasts, large asses, orgasm faces, etc. Those always seem to be run by a guy who claims he is thirty-something.