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Demiurge1000: Another Pedo Trainwreck

Demiurge1000 is another Zanthalon*, and was thankfully globally banned from Wikipedia on December 3, 2014 (though he may still be on the site in sock form.) He was exceptional at hiding who he really was; a lot of people on Wikipedia and Wikipediocracy thought he was Chris Owen (ChrisO) or Derrick Coetzee (DCoetzee); nobody really knows still. Don't confuse him with this Demiurge, who was on the site five or six years prior.

 Why People Thought He was Chris Owen

Demiurge1000 showed up on Wikipedia in 2010 when Owen was in an Arbitration over the Climate Change article (the article was a massive editwar), and he abandoned the ChrisO account for the Prioryman one.  Demiurge1000 edited (early on anyway) in the same field as ChrisO/Prioryman, i.e., military history (Chris Owen is a former British Ministry of Defense employee and was awarded a Member of the Order of the British Empire medal for his work as a historian.) What is known of Demiurge1000's physical location is that when he appeared on the Wikipedia IRC (internet relay chat) channel in 2010, he was using the IP, which puts him in Cardiff; he was also using a Virgin Media/NTL account over a cable modem. Prioryman lives in London, allegedly Rotherhithe; he keeps his private life hidden because of his pre-Wikipedia life as a Scientology protester. Owen likes to use sockpuppets; besides the ones we have mentioned he is also Helatrobus, L'ecrivant, and CaptainAhab (the last only on a couple of anti-Scientology forums.) So you can see it was natural to assume that Demiurge1000 was just another Owen appearance. The only problem was that the editing patterns overlapped between Prioryman and Demiurge1000. A summer 2013 edit study of the two accounts' work was done by a Wikipediocracy member or members (I'm guessing Eric Barbour and/or Peter Damian, maybe Tarantino); from late May 2013 to early June 2013 Prioryman was hacking away on the Gibraltar article while Demiurge1000 was arguing over the Wikipediocracy article and giving certain talkpages grief.

His Fetish: Victorian Schoolmaster

He likes the idea of hitting young boys with a cane, and he spent a lot time trying to groom teenage boys when he wasn't pretending he was one himself. In expressing his caning fetish he became a friend of Alarics, a fellow creepy pedo who only edited articles on British railways and private schools that use corporal punishment. Unlike Demiurge1000, Alarics is still on Wikipedia; it's hard to track his non-Wikipedia doings because his real name is the same as the famous actor Colin Farrell. He has a creepy caning website. They both edited the Caning article. Some more edits he did to that article:

08:30, 29 May 2011 Demiurge1000 A headmaster's caning of a 13-year-old schoolboy at an English grammar school in 1987—five strokes for poor exam results—left "severe bruising", and, according to the family doctor, five separate weals. The headmaster who gave the punishment was cleared of the offence of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, with the judge commenting "If you get a beating you must expect it to be with force."

21:28, 26 February 2013 "Comparing the cane with other methods of corporal punishment in the twentieth century, one recipient's widely reported conclusion was that a belting on the bare buttocks was "relatively painless" compared with a caning through trousers and underpants; the latter hurt much more."

His attempts to attract boys were similarly creepy, as can be seen on his Simple English talkpage:

Forget about emailing me. My stupid parents just went through and deleted most of my contacts. Instead, I'll be at Playcrafter sometimes. See you. Loudclaw (talk) 21:19, 8 January 2011 (UTC)
Well, don't worry, this sort of thing happens sometimes. I'm sure you realise they are just being careful of your safety.
Technically speaking, someone not being in your contacts, doesn't stop you emailing them (if you know their address), or them emailing you. But it's better if you agree with your parents about who you should and shouldn't email.
Another good thing is to discuss what you do online with your parents - when they're not busy - so that they know what's going on. Did you remember to ask if they would agree for you to create an account on that chess website?
I don't think I will use Playcrafter much, the games aren't that great and the chat interface is pretty annoying.
Now, back to Wikipedia things. How is WikiProject Warriors going? I see there are still a lot of articles to create. --Demiurge1000 (talk) 00:32, 18 January 2011 (UTC)
Well.....Look on the talk page of WP:Warriors. Loudclaw (talk) 23:24, 14 January 2011 (UTC) (I left a little treat)

Well I did find a new member. That member can be found here, at User talk:Silverspirit. Loudclaw (talk) 01:53, 18 January 2011 (UTC)

Hey, uh.... I can improve Metroid Prime 3: Corruption because I now own the video game. I'll also use GameFAQs. Loudclaw (talk) 20:51, 1 February 2011 (UTC)

Sorry, Demiurge, I'm not allowed to IM anyone or I'll get into trouble. Sorry, Loudclaw (talk) 05:35, 7 February 2011 (UTC)

The Demiurge1000-Loudclaw issue was even discussed on the Wikipedia IRC channel on March 22, 2011:

05:29:17 sonia Demiurge1000, what's the deal w/ you and Loudclaw?
05:29:48 Demiurge1000 sonia: He complains to me about U.S. legislation
584 05:29:58 sonia heh, okay
585 05:30:08 sonia just saw your talk page pop up in my feed of simple
586 05:30:09 join/#wikipedia-en (Delta!~Delta|awa@unaffiliated/betacommand)
587 05:30:26 Demiurge1000 At one point, he had my email address
588 05:30:48 Demiurge1000 And now I think he still has my email address, but he doesn't have access to *his* email address
592 05:31:27 sonia heh
593 05:31:49 sonia Demiurge1000: if he says anything on-wiki that compromises his safety- or yours, for that matter- do let me know
594 05:32:08 Demiurge1000 sonia: Indeed
595 05:32:37 sonia I'll hide it at once and ring an oversighter if it's particularly egregious
598 05:32:58 * dcoetzee can revdel if it helps
599 05:33:09 sonia dcoetzee: not on simple
600 05:33:12 dcoetzee Oh
601 05:33:15 * dcoetzee mixed up
602 05:33:17 sonia haha
603 05:33:20 dcoetzee But you can revdel on Simple;-)
604 05:33:29 * sonia revdels dcoetzee's face
605 05:33:47 * dcoetzee revdels Sonia's hidden fears:-P
606 05:33:52 sonia o_o
607 05:34:09 emoquit/#wikipedia-en (UncleDouggie!~UncleDoug@wikipedia/UncleDouggie)(Read error: Connection reset by peer)
608 05:34:18 join/#wikipedia-en (UncleDouggie!~UncleDoug@wikipedia/UncleDouggie)
609 05:34:29 sonia so you're wandering around faceless and I"m wandering around flouting every law possible?:P
610 05:34:31 Demiurge1000 oh god, they call RevDel "hide" on Simple? Figures:)
Notice that nobody is truly repelled by Demiurge1000's obvious games with an adolescent, and this was early as 2011. It took them three years to decide that he was enough of a moral hazard that he needed to be dumped.

Finally his weird attempts to impersonate a child:
"My parents have a Mac too. Parental Control is set on it to stop them breaking things by accident. (After all, the Parental Control feature is provided to allow you to control parents in this manner, right?) This confuses them greatly when I change the desktop background to be a surprising picture and they can't change it back. --Demiurge1000 (talk) 01:07, 2 January 2013 (UTC)"

"I keep my own parents well informed about my activities on the internet, and they often have useful advice. --Demiurge1000 (talk) 05:35, 1 August 2013 (UTC)"
Back to the Beginning, Which is the End

The longer he was on Wikipedia, the more obnoxious he became; he harrassed Fluffernutter (Karen Ingraffea) on IRC in December 2013 and it carried over to her talkpage. He was asked by an IP ( in January, 2014 if he was fond of caning boys. Demiurge1000 removed the question and had the userpage protected. He gave Viriditas trouble in June. He started a fight with Sitush in September which got really violent verbally. He kept screwing with Jimbo's talk pages to hide his identity; the Loudclaw business had been noticed by the top-rung people (Phillipe Beaudette had shielded Demiurge1000 from Mila "Mbz1" Zinkova's jabs in January of that year; somebody must have had second thoughts.) Out of nowhere he and DCoetzee** were put on the global ban, joining Beta M in the outer darkness. The Daily Dot's questions to the WMF went unanswered.

I can't write anything about this that isn't cliche; they knew what he was pretty much early on, and yet they let him get away with it for years, until he became too obnoxious to handle and they kicked him to the curb. Was the post-Essjay fiasco editor drain so bad that they would keep anyone, even creepos like Alarics and Demiurge1000? The moral lapse in all of this speaks volumes.

* The photo on that website looks like the man in this video, but I have no proof that the site's information is correct.

** Because they were banned together, there is the easy belief that Coetzee and D1000 were the same person. Another possibility, though not spoken of much, was that he was Paul McCue, a British military historian who used the sockpuppets Tykelad and 58apr18 to do work on his own BLP and work on military subjects.


  1. I can state with good certainty that D1000 is still socking on WP, and not to actually edit articles. Numerous socks do nothing but use the PM function to talk to other users. And you will never find any discussion about this in "official channels". Because embarrassment.

    Thanks for the nice summary, S. Wikipedia remains wide open and tolerant of pedos, so long as they take precautions and keep a low profile.

  2. Wikipedophilia could torpedo the free encyclopaedia if there were more proof of it. The reason for the lack of proof is there in Sonia's cheerful willingness to employ oversight to hide incriminating evidence, based I suppose on blind trust in an anonymous colleague. Hopefully a law enforcement agency somewhere in the world is conducting a sting operation, relying on entrapment etc, which will blow that place to pieces. Wikipedia gives scope and encouragement for corrupt behaviours of all kinds and only a covert operation would unmask it enough to register with the public. Articles like this hardly see the light of day.

  3. It should have been mentioned that Jimbo was personally notified about demiurge1000 activities. He did nothing, except believing demiurge1000 lies. Mr. Whales inaction allowed a paedophile to use Wikipedia for his sick purposes a few more months. On the other hand theWikipedia that one more, one less who cares. Otherwise you are right