Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Cults That Screwed Up Wikipedia; Future Tumblr Nonsense

Recently I have been sent a trove of documents on Wikipedia, and some of them relate to the two major battles that went on from 2001 until people stopped caring in 2008 or so - Scientology and the LaRouche movement. Both of them are cults - the former quasi-religious, the latter purely political, and the funny thing was that there was far more drama from the people opposed to these two groups than any supporters, save for Herschelkrustovsky, and that was due to open attacks from SlimVirgin and Will Beback. So that is what we will be doing either through the end of July or beginning in August is revealing how the anti-cult movement warped Wikipedia, because it's going to take a number of posts to cover all the material available.

I have decided that Tumblr blogs run by lunatics will be the next side target of this blog; pieces on some of the craziest ones will happen from time to time because I got 1180 views on the "Logic'd" post alone; that article I did on Reddit didn't even break 100 views.

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  1. There was copious Reddit coverage.

    Looking forward to your fresh angle.