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Vladimir Mozhenkov: an Overview

Unlike my sources, I don't want to get in too deep with Mozhenkov, whom I will mostly refer to by the Russian diminutive "Vova" (though he deserves the title "Prestupnik") because it's shorter. On Wikipedia he was Beta m, then Beta M, signed things "VolodyA! V Anarhist" - as far as I know, he is the only anarchist child porn enthusiast on Wikipedia. Or possibly besides Hakim Bey, who has never been a Wikipedian so far as I know.


Vladimir Mozhenkov is a Russian national who once attended Montana's Carroll College in the late 1990s; in 1999 the exchange student was arrested for collecting child pornography using the college computers he was lab monitor over. He was sentenced to 51 months in 2000, but only served 23 months, a fact that shocks my source, but my response is: the Feds were far more worried about Islamic terrorism than a Russian nonce they were going to deport anyway, which they did in 2002. Vova had left the Motherland under the bleary-eyed Boris Yeltsyn; he came back to the new Russia of the other Vova, Vladimir Putin. In 2003 he was writing about his prison time on a forum called PrisonTalk (he made 73 posts), in 2006 he was a fan of the defunct "Pedologues" podcast run by Rookiee (Damian Roberto Andres Cole; we will get to that guy, don't worry.) Then came his time on Wikipedia....

Living in Jimbo's Jungle

Vova started on Wikipedia in 2004, three years before the "Essjay affair" badly wounded the Project. Like at the Catholic college, he began packing WikiMedia Commons with all the non-copyrighted porn (possibly because he was afraid of starting legal issues between the WMF and the claimants, or between the claimants and himself) he could suction off the 'net. He also constantly propagandized for allowing child pornography on Commons, besides importing tons of anarchist podcasts and recording himself pronouncing names of Russian historical figures into Ogg Vorbis sound files for various Wikipedia articles. After involving himself in a number of "Wikipedia cannot be censored" anti-deletion/change fights (Sukumizu Girl image, Donkey punch image, Simulated Forced Fellatio in Bondage Scenario* images, etc.) Geni (true name unknown) blocked him on the 6th of March, 2012 because Tarantino (ditto) leaked Beta M's history on the Wikipedia Review forums. There was a lot of drama that spring, in the middle of which Vova created the "Hot sex barnstar" (NSFW) for his friends who supported his pornification of Commons, along with asking if Wikpedia could expand it's BDSM coverage. I kid you not.

The end came on the 16th of March with a "global lock" handed down by the WMF office and posted in ANI/U by Robin de la Motte (Rd232), who had been involved since Tarantino's disclosure (there was some side-stupidity involving mattbuck.) After the decision came down, there was a lot of squealing and screaming and teeth-gnashing, but it went nowhere. In 2015 the lock became a global ban, and Vova was truly exiled. He joined Demiurge1000, Dcoetzee, Amarrow, Leucosticte, Poetlister/Quillercouch, Russavia, Meco, Irada, Francis Kaswahili, and Scalhotrod as part of the list of globally banned users, the ten people not even Wikipedia could stomach anymore.

Don't cry for me, children in kiddy porn....

Unlike Daniel Brandt, Mozhenkov has been able to make his case unhindered online, he has two YouTube channels, one where he teaches people computer software tricks in Russian, the other with this rant on it from 2011. He also has a porn site called "freedom porn" (dot org), and he is involved in the anarchist wikipedia, Anachopedia. Speaking of which, the following is something he wrote on that wiki in 2008:

Pedophilia (or paedophilia, originally Greek παιδοφιλια; paidophilia) is a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. While the exact definition varies by context, it commonly refers to the medical definition defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association. The correct term for an attraction to adolescents is ephebophilia.

Those who meet the criteria set above are classed as pedophiles. Common usage do not follow the strict medical definitions of an adult or teen who is attracted to prepubescent children, but often refers to any adult who is attracted to, or has sexual contact with, any person under the age of consent, or the age of majority (often 16-18 in most western countries).
In many societies and cultures, the term pedophile is highly stigmatized and represents an image of an evil, callous monster. This spurs many self-identified pedophiles to adopt names such as boylover, minor-attracted adult, girllover, and childlover, among others, to assist in differentiating themselves and their values from this stereotype.

While pedophiles have made great contributions to past societies, their influence is often ignored or their attraction to children is greatly played down.

One of the dearest fantasy held in the paedophile sub-culture is that of the fantasy island - the secluded island community where paedophiles and children roam free, enjoying total sexual freedom. The idea behind this fantasy is the suggestion that away from the oppressive teachings of these organised religions, those who feel a sexual attraction towards the pre-pubescent can indulge their basest desires and, in doing so, also achieve some form of enlightenment... that the freedom to establish their much maligned and negated altruism will result in some kind of mass overhaul of opinion amongst the general population.

However, that's why it's called a fantasy. Because it'll never happen. The irrational hatred felt towards paedophiles is something that few are prepared to even acknowledge as being irrational, let alone try to combat.
He always was single minded.

Completely off topic, but this website has now had 30,215 views. My thanks to the readers within the Russian Federation, who kept the views up in January. Спасибо товарищи!


* Actually from a  dot net website called "Adorable Teens", this was a photoset of a young-looking actress and actor doing what the title describes. The images are no longer available from that website, they probably leaked onto Tumblr if they were pleasing enough to the bondage-lovers.

Yes, that last section title is a mockery of that song in Evita.

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