Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stuff that has Nothing to Do With Wikipedia: "You just got logic'd" of Tumblr

For those people who think that Tumblr is mostly niche porn and My Little Pony fanpages this post is the rude awakening. You just got logic'd is a long-running Tumblr blog (February 2014 to now is very long-term for that website) run by a nameless dude who is referred to by his fans as Logic'd. He started off going after Internet feminists and has been running toward becoming the blog equivalent of AM radio ever since.

I can buy the "straight white male", just not the "wealthy" or "educated" part.

Notice that it's a picture of Joseph Smith. Above that is a meme picture with the legend "Proud Owner of a Penis."

Here he is on Dylann Roof, the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shooter:

"Fucking lel

The plot thickens..

So the Rhodesia and South Africa flag patches look funky and might be shopped. Suspiciously we have his manifesto out of nowhere. He was angry over blacks raping white women and taking the country over but decides to kill elderly people at a church after sitting with them for an hour. Talked about how “In seven days…I have seven days..” and during the shooting “I have to do it” Friend also said media is wrong about him being racist, never said anything racist or treated him differently. And his manifesto is hosted on some Russian website thats been up for months but this guy has no job?

Oh man how crazy would it be if the media took advantage of this to fan the race war flames they have been pushing and spun this into a race thing and outright lied about his character to do it, then altered some pics and put a fake manifesto lmao. Not like they have never been caught lying and photo shopping in the past, look at the Zimmerman audio and and Trayvon pics. Hell the woman from the church may have lied too about the quote “raping our women..” to take take advantage of the shooting. We see people lie all the time, just look at the Michael
Brown witnesses or that one women from the Trayvon trial lmao.

Not that im endorsing the tin foil here, but its interesting so far how the media who has a history of lying, manufacture, bias, and deceit, is covering the story. 2 friends gave interviews. 1 is white and said Dylan is racist etc, the other is black and lived with Dylan and said he is not racist, and yet the media focuses primarily on the comments of the white guy “southern pride” “racist jokes” etc"

(All typos left in place.)

He also goes international:

Note that is a framed picture of the "scheming Jew" meme originally drawn by "A. Wyatt Mann".

 I guess skinheads, Klansmen, and neo-Nazis aren't clean, shaven, and pressed enough like the Obergruppenf├╝hrer on the left to meet with Logic'd's high standards of National Socialism.

Logic'd wasn't the first far-Right Tumblr I ever ran across, that "honor" goes to the French or Italian Amour, Absinth, Revolution which I stumbled across looking for websites on Lars von Trier's 1992 film Zentropa (aka Europa.) There is now a list of fascist/white supremacist/neo-Nazi Tumblrs and it has to be over 100 blogs. To steal a Harper's article title, "the kids aren't all right."


  1. When the Web was just beginning in the 1990s, people like this were still putting out screaming newsletters that only their equally insane friends read. Or paid for. The ones who could manage to get a paying audience were really special. It took them 10 years or more to figure out that the Web was a global audience. Still insane (stupid!) though.

  2. On the Faggots side the guy with the White Power T-shirt Fat and wears glasses what group is he apart of and what is his name. I know the rest of the Faggots are the Ku Klux Klan, National Socialist Movement, Neo-Nazis and Skinheads.