Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Short, Open Post to the Administration of Wikipediocracy's Messageboard

I've been hearing some things indirectly and I want to address them on a point-to-point basis.

1. There's a leak!! No there isn't. I've had the material on Ed Fitzgerald for months and I've now decided to use it. None of it is confidential information; in fact the Beyond My Ken = Ed Fitzgerald link was discussed openly here (the only problem was, most of you still thought he was the surgeon!) Your Sekret Treehouz admin forum is safe; I've never been "inside" it, nor am I wandering around the board under another handle.

2. Inside Wikipedia information is eternally good! Dead. Fucking.Wrong. You don't think like spies or journalists; information is only novel for only so long, so either use it now or watch as it becomes history. Ed Fitzgerald should have been exposed YEARS ago. You have guys like Dan Murphy and Greg Kohs; the Wikipediocracy blog should be exposing the paid editors, not dodging the issue because it makes people uncomfortable. When Encyclopaedia Dramatica is updating its Wikipedia articles and Lila Tretikov is giving various WMF incompetents their walking papers, Wikipediocracy should be doing a lot more. Finally, I know that there has been some ranting on a Facebook group, but I'm not joining that bullshit to be screamed at by Wikigoobers; they want to rant at me, they can come here and scream like a Japanese rubber monster.

More to come, in time.


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  2. No-one showed up to object? Strange..

    1. I've been told they can't comment for some reason that I'm looking into.